GY6 150cc Engine Problems

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TheRex2861: hello, i have a yerf dog spiderbox and it had the same problem and it is your timing. the rocker arm is too tight on the valve and is putting constant pressure on the valve making your engine want to fire but letting out the compression. Try taking off the valve cover and see if your rocker arms wiggle a little bit, if they dont, then loosen up your bolt on your rocker arm that goes to the valves until the rocker arm can wiggle a little bit. When you tighten it up, make sure it can wiggle still.

Usernameinvalid16: Yupp. Did you ever get that thing going that Gy6?

Usernameinvalid16: Yes I run 91 Octane on my GY6. But the ignition Timing is Supposed to be a little bit before the Engine hits TDC Reason being (Gasoline Burns and Takes time for those Expanding Gases to take Effect to Push the piston back down) But Make sure you Flywheel key is not stripped off or anything. Alot of people get that Confused with Gasoline engines they think it should throw a spark Exactly at TDC no Actually Right b4 the piston reaches TDC

Usernameinvalid16: 150 not 159

Usernameinvalid16: Its Normal My Baja dune 159 Used to Do that, All that it is is the Starter Clutch because the timing is a Slight bit off, Because the engine backfires and spins backwards causing the starter clutch to spin the wrong way and Clanking the Starting teeth together. Thats all You took it all apart for no reason bud.

The12Nurse: @latrays oh ok thats a big help thanks..I just cant remove the cover for the rocker arm, 1 bolt was stuck and I can't remove it..anyways thanks for the advice..

sebastian latray: @The12Nurse i dont know but i sold the go kart awile ago it worked ok when it was warmed up i think it was vapor locking and preignison was the problem maybe adjusting the valves might help but thats all i know for you the engine is probaly so hot after running for a wile so when you shout it down it vaporises the gas making it expand rapidly and shoving the piston in the wrong direction.

The12Nurse: I have the same problem to when I start my bike for sometime it stops then something just snaps like metal to metal thing...but it comes after the engine shuts down...what could it be?

maddmatt35: if you havnt tried it yet check your rollers in your variator usernameinvalid16 sounds like he knows what it is always check the easiest and cheapest things first

Usernameinvalid16: Oh hey and by the way is your friend named Kevin Misella on your other videos???

Usernameinvalid16: Hey don't worrie you did not have to take apart the whole engine man i had the same problem with my (Baja dune 150 go kart) all that it is if you talking about the lod "CLINK" and then the engine dies or you shut it off it's just simply your starter fly wheel is going bad oe it need's to be checked now since you got the whole engine apart take off the starer i bet that is the whole problem i hope that helps allot i have that exact same engine in my go kart buddy? :)
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GY6 150cc engine problems