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Brian Davis: Sweet... didn't quite get how it worked completly, but have an idea... should be put into use where ever needed, since it's so simple!!

Tunahan İmren: Ssçma

Jose Benitez: Is this similar principles to hydraulic ram pumps?

Carlos Villa: im very interested in building one of these for a project for a poor comunity in Colombia. This looks like what I am looking for

Stefan Sulzbach: As a scientist I can confirm it works, like Bernoulli's principle. Its not of industrial interest because of the low efficiency. At remote places it can be useful, though.

firstname lastname: fascinating application of atmospheric energy in action, thanks for posting this, as well I enjoyed looking up more information on this interesting subject.

Alen Combs: I went to this site and understand the principle. It is a bit easier to understand, at least the uptake of water and air in the middle (the part I didn't understand before).

Alen Combs: I am looking for a simple water pump for an aquaponic system that doesn't use electricty (or fuel). Do you think it might work for an aquaponic system? I have seen this system used for compressing air for cobalt mine work in Ragged Chute Air Plant in Ontario to run their drills (I might make it one for to run machinery run by compressed air, refrigeration etc). I am not sure why, and I honestly cannot wrap my head around using it for pumping water. But I hope it can.

sixmagpies: You're a very rare and intelligent man Mr White, to be thinking totally outside the box like this.  Such clever stuff. And it's self-evident that your 'organic' pumping system can so easily be leveraged to, either,  improve delivery height/pressure, or the total volume (larger number of small pipes feeding from the plenum chamber.)    This makes ram pumps look positively over technical!  

cebolaloco: at 2:00 i felt like playing Super Mario

nick0sav: The "bubble lift" part of pulse pump was widely used (at least in SU in 1970-s and earlier) as a  pump for aquarium filters. The obvious advantages were that it utilized the air flow of cheap air pumps anyways used for aeration... and was stupidly easy for DIY. 

Greg Simonson: Pistons? in the oil industry we call them rabbits, when a gas well is getting old and pressure wont lift the water to surface, we will set up a timer and catcher on the wellhead, drop a steel rabbit down the hole, well will shut itself in for a specific amount of time to let pressure build then valve opens and gas water and rabbit come sailing up the pipe, up 1800 meters on some of our wells, then rabbit will stay up in the catcher for a specific amount of time then valve closes and it drops to repeat the process.
So yea a piston would work well for going long distances

Brian White: Hi Spgandau.  Yes it is better to extend the pipe up in the split process version.  Depending on your requirements, you might look at the pulser pump nano too.  Most people hate the idea of digging really deep like I have done. With the pulser pump nano, you do not need to dig so deep but I do now know how high the nano  pumps. 

spgandau: I just stumbled onto this page.  Very interesting!  I was looking at the split process pulser setup. 
The air delivery pipe is shown to go UP, and then horizontally, and then DOWN back into the water flow/source and enter the vertical pipe upstream.
I have a question...
Can the air delivery pipe be buried in the ground and go directly from the air chamber to the vertical pipe upstream?...or it is necessary to have it extend vertically above the top of the Head pressure before going back down into the water?

softtchtoo: I am trying to use a windmill to pump the air for a hydroponic system.
So are there measurements of how much air needs pumped and can it be sporadic?
length of pipe in water compared to lift?

Ken Lee: Subbed. So, a 15 foot deep lake,  a bundle of 1/4 inch tubes and a fish tank bubbler, how high can I go?

abu muhamad Mustafa: is this possible to be used taking water for dring or irrigation from narrow well of 90 meters deep? how this can be ddone ? tthank you

peter clemo: clever but the narrative was awful I had to work it out for myself

David Whiteley: Near Cobalt Ontario is an old pump of this form used to create compressed air for the mines.  I think the intake pipe was about three feet across.  When the pressure exceeds requirement it blows off water in a mighty fountain, a bit like Old Faithful.  The design might have come form Germany.
WORLDS SIMPLEST WATER PUMP!! Make a PULSER PUMP! (with Captions) 5 out of 5

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