Ekol ASI 9MM Blank Gun Disassembly

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Josue Guzman: Good weapon

Adrenalin Russian: Is it full metall?

THOR KILL: The store I bought my jackal dual from told me the safety lever is for decoration. The fire control lever above trigger is used and has safe, semi, full auto settings

THOR KILL: You should only use qaulity tools. It is worth buying new tools to work on this gun.Craftsman or some other name brand of american made tools would work better.I am going to order some screw driver bits from snap on in a couple weeks for my EKOL jackal dual magnum.

Nee Guerre: But, you didn't disassemble the gun...you just took it out of the casing

dissappointed >:(

mike west: that's a first. does the real gun have the same thing on the inside

Peter Leon: Do you know what size threading that barrel extender is?

Jeffery Scott Barton: You do know they have electric screwdrivers right

TheJames2929: Do you still have it? Is it working good ?

GPC - Gunpower Community: Thanks for showing!

günay demir: telephone ?

Dorsalico: wtfffff

Kendal: Doğuluya kaç kere silah gördün diyor, bak hele eşşeğe bak sen. Senin askerinde olmayan silah doğunun çobanında var amına koyduğumun salağı. Sen o kimliği döndür allahına sok.

Praise Kek: WHAT? xD Its a gun inside a gun?? I never knew that!

Mücahit Bozkurt: hayatında kaç kere silah gördün looo allahın kimliksiz piçi :) eline benim yarrağımdan başka bişey almadın yalancı götveren kürt :))

Kendal: Bu ne lan ? Plastiğin içine tabanca koyup milleti uzi diye kandırıyolar.

Noeland: @10mthomas These guns won't load beretta mags, taurus mags, or any mags except the PAK blank mags made for them. Mags made for real firearms are way too big for these.

Mark Thomas: If normal ammo does't fit in this magazine can you use normal 9mm berreta magazines.

Nick Mitro: Nice video, I've been waiting for someone to strip down the ASI
Ekol ASI 9MM Blank Gun Disassembly 5 out of 5

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Ekol ASI 9MM Blank Gun Disassembly