How To Replace The CV Axle In Your Subaru

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inthefreytoo: Where is the video showing the removal and replacement of THE REAR CV axles 2008 Forester with drum rear brakes? THANKS!

Jacob Bowers: THANK YOUUUUU!!!

Robert Gwinn: thanks brian....seems i have to replace. i know i watched this vid yrs ago. odd you said backing plate. i had ntb put on struts 2 yrs ago so will check that plate first. i know i got took too while there but it was winter and close to my gf's house. wk before xmas so i thought just let them doit... had to replace all plastic clips and some other stuff they neglected. along with bolts were all not tight. wheel almost fell off. lucky i got 2 blocks from ntb.

Ronald Cruz: I have a 2012 subaru forester is it pretty similar process to this? Also question im hearing the noise on the cv axle but i checked and non the covering boots are broken could my subaru have another issue?

Uriah Graves: If I donated how much money you have saved me, you'd be able to make a few house payments. I LOVE the Subaru repairs. The 2nd and 3rd gen fixes are so helpful. Thank you so much.

manonedge66: Do you have a video on the rear cv axle? is it similar or completely different?

Allan Chow: hello, i have the persistent front right axle seal leak on my 2008 outback MT. replaced seal twice professionally both aftermarket and subaru seals but tranny oil still leaks. currently using aftermarket cv axle. Do you have a solution for this issue?

TheWallacePro: thanks

Clearanceman2: Just pop the hub off the ball joint and that way you don't need to worry about camber at all. Also, your idea of Utah rust is charming. I live in the rust belt and you don't realize how rust free you have it. Nice tip about the dowl, starting in the car sucks although if you put the punch in a vice grip, you can tap the vice grip pretty well generally.

Clearanceman2: Honestly, this isn't bad. I've done it a few time. I've found if you take a digging stick AKA spud bar and put it over the lower control arm and put the flat end under the unibody square are behind the wheelwell, you can pull the ball joint out of the hub with one hand. The thing is six feet long and it give you ridiculous leverage. Here's the tool I'm talking about

Logan Gibbs: I've watched a few videos for changing cv axles on older subaru's, this is by far the best I've come across. You just made my dyi job way easier, thank you.

rwalt7: Saved me more money again. Thanks Brian, your awesome!

Primavox Solutions: Do you (or anyone reading) have a video or instructions on how to do this on a 2011 and newer Forester?

house ofmasquerades: ditto the others suby keeps movin along thanks to brian.

Bobby Wheatley: I've been turning to your videos for the last 3 years when I have issues with my Suby---You're the best!

Keli'i Aoyagi: Mahalo for your help! Helps me to catch mistakes

Nelson Chua: good info, thanks for doing this. Although I got dizzy watching it....

Scott Smith: This guy is my go-to youtube source for all things wrenches and Subarus. Got a 2001 Forester that keeps me busy. Using Brian's help, have done head gaskets, both front CV axles, oil pan reseal, etc. Buy him a beer!

Senthil Kumar: Yes, easy to follow videos! Thanks
How to replace the CV axle in your Subaru 5 out of 5

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How to replace the CV axle in your Subaru