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Best & Worst | ELF Cosmetics
Best & Worst | ELF Cosmetics
ELF COSMETICS | Faves & Hates
ELF COSMETICS | Faves & Hates
ELF Cosmetics | Faves & Hates
ELF Cosmetics | Faves & Hates

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Miiawalshx: Omg I have that brush at the start and i can say the same thing the bristles are really pointy and I hate it omg aha

Lydia Joya: the elf total face brush is not at all what you said it to be😂😂 yours must have been fake because mine is really sturdy and super soft

Randi Honstead: I'm so glad I'm not the only one that brush sucked for

phuong vo: She is totally right. I think the worst product is eye colors at 4:52 in video. It is itchy and uncomfortable. But i love ELF concealer , violet face primer for brightening and ELF HD blush. They are really nice and effective in makeup  daily

Valentina Rueda: obsessed with your accent!!!

Gillian Mogab: My all over face brush broke too and the bristles always fell out ! Worst brush ever

Julia L Martinez: the cream blush works reallynice if you use it with e.l.'s sipple blsh brush woks wonderfully if you know how to blend it.  Good luck

colette2345: I was going to by the complexion one from the studio range, and I was going to get that all over complexion brush to. You know you can return makeup to target if you're unsatisfied. I 've returned a concealer that was the wrong color and got my 7.99 back.

Ashley V: I've never liked any elf products, most are sold for $1 in the US and made in china so there's hardly anything good

Raquel Ferreira: I agree with you regarding the brush, it's really bad. As for the blush, I have one (another shade) and I actually like it, it lasts all day and unlike the other powder blushes I used to wear, this one is visible. You could try it like Wayne Goss explained in one of his latest videos (blush before the foundation), who knows? It might work better ;)

Hilary Mendoza: really, I love the nail poilsh

OviyaLuvs: wierd, i thought the all over cover stick was amazing. i hav like 3 backups

Athena1992owl: I love your eye make-up!

Jacqueline Schings: The Cream Blush is supposed to be stippled on and the multi-colored powder 'complexion perfection' is supposed to be used by selecting a color to neutralize redness/ under eye circles etc.  not swirled and applied all together.

Ivy Lory: I think that the elf 'correcting concealers' work best on very fair, dry skinned people :P I love them, and you're supposed to apply foundation over afterwards, so thank God that they are very lightly tinted since I apply very light coverage foundation over-top (so I don't look like cake xD), I tryed Benefit's 'lemon Aid' yellow concealer too, but it was too thick for my dry skin, it just creased and didn't blend and all you would see after my foundation, was a big white spot under my eyes ==' That one might work better for someone with a normal skin tone and oily skin (it's a lot more expensive though). 
 I don't have the one in this video though, I have the green, blue, yellow and pink one, it's awesome :D 

Erika: .. How can you consider yourself a beauty guru? You should consider doing some research on HOW TO USE the products. Lol.

MsRadicalReviews: Use the "Elf small stipple brush" with the crème blush! Makes it so much better! A lot of people had the same complaint as you. :)

Alberto Rodriguez: Oh crap, I just realized I'm accidentally using my bf's account LMAO!!! On the comment below....opps!

Alberto Rodriguez: I actually love the all over sticks, they work well as highlighters. My favorite is persimmon which is a dupe to Nars Copacabana, a great pearly champagne color. I have spotlight as well but not my favorite....on days where I'm barely wearing makeup it add a little shimmer. Hopefully you find something to do with yours :)

Bridget Stephenson: For the cover all stick it is blush or highlight, lip color, eyeshadow
The WORST ELF Products! ♡ 5 out of 5

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