Marlin Model 882 .22 Caliber Magnum Rifle Review

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don stromberg: Beautiful rifle.

Bzapp725: No, it appears that your scope mount base is misaligned. Can you hit the center of your target even though your scope appers to be of? If so, I wouldn't worry about it and just use the scope instead of the sights. If you can't hit the center of your target with the scope doped all the way to the right try sending your gun back for a replacement. If you bought it used take it back to the shop where you got it. If none of the above is possible you will have to get a new gun or receiver.

zero m: i have the same gun, are the sights (both scope and iron sights) supposed to be pointed to the far left? i cant adjust the iron dove tail sight laterally and even when i dope the scope as far right as possible, its still aiming left of the center of the barrel. is this normal? and if not how do i fix it?
Marlin model 882 .22 caliber magnum rifle review 5 out of 5

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Marlin model 882 .22 caliber magnum rifle review