Icom IC-7600 Vs Yaesu FTdx-3000

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John Adams: You title this a comparison?  This is a waste of time.

C.E. Vaughn: Both are excellent rigs, I like sitting on CW myself.

Steve Ellington: CW on these scopes looks like a wide, slow, fuzzy blob....Almost useless. On Flex you can see a distinct, sharp, clear peak moving as the code speed. I suppose I am spoiled. 

Phill Robinson: boring

johnnieace45: I wish my qth was that quiet with such a low noise floor!

iz0gus: Icom IC-7600 is set CW-R , why?

Rj Th: I like the ftdx3000 over the icom 7600

neil eyre: why get  a radio like that to sit on cw get a life u fk sad o

maciej wrotek: what is the difference between ft 3000 and ft 1200 ?

kd8opi: Nice video. Its always tough to compare great radios, but it seems that the last 30 sec of your tests the 3000 seemed to pick up that very weak cw signal a bit better. Having said that, its not much of a surprise. The 3000 has a much tighter roofing filter, and it seemed to produce a better s/n ratio than the digital narrow filter on the 7600. If I had to buy one today, it'd be the 3000; if I owned a 7600 I'd keep it and save a few thousand bucks.

PR7RC/ZZ7Z: Both radios in the same config: 3000 - IPO Amp1 - Filter 300 Hz (narrow) - AGC fast - G3SJX @ - S6 (peak) 7600 - Pre Amp1 - Filter 300 Hz (N. A.) - AGC mid - G3SJX @ - S 4-5 (peak) "Yaesu did it again"...

Gary K: I think both are super radios and anyone would be very fortunate to own either. I think in order to really get an idea which is the best one would have to have an operator very proficient in each radio's operation to get the best out of them and do a very critical comparison. For my part I cannot seem to find enough reason to part with my FT-1000 MkV Field for it has awesome performance and the best receiver that I have owned and frankly my budget is limited so I'll stick with what I have.

P Grimmo: You need to have both receivers on top of each other with a clear view of the screens and audio...PLUS a clear view of switching the antenna to each radio so to see the immediate difference. Signals can change in seconds. And the radios must be on the same frequency with the same filter setting. I can make a $300 radio sound better than my 7600 if I don't have the same filters selected. Unless you do this you are comparing apples with oranges. Have a look at the G0KSC and TH6 comparison Vid

Mr6Y1X: I suggest when you test it again you turn on the APF feature on the IC-7600. It's amazing what it can do. There would have been no comparison had you used the APF and say adjusted the 300hz BW to 150hz BW.

xxmrrickxx: I also have been comparing the FTDX3000D with the IC-7600. After a few weeks I ended up selling the IC-7600 and have decided that the 3000D is a slightly better value. The IC-7600 wins in terms of ergonomics and a more logical menu system but it is $1k more. What solidified my decision was that the Contour configured as a peak filter pulled out the weak ones on CW noticeably better than the IC-7600.

Hugo Almeida: The Icon please I prefer the Yaesu 1000 times'm very sorry to have purchased the Icon 7600, the audio from the Yaesu is much more refined, clean and high, while the Icon is in my opinion the audio ghost, because as soon appearing on Good as suddenly disappears. 73´s Good Look

Serge Zimin: It is not simple question. I prefer something from 3000 and something from 7600... Now is waiting for ts-990)))

Michael Parker: Which do you prefer?

Serge Zimin: I think equally.

iparivaddiszno: Which has lower selfnoise, whis has better selectivity, which has better SNR, in your opinion?
Icom IC-7600 vs Yaesu FTdx-3000 5 out of 5

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Icom IC-7600 vs Yaesu FTdx-3000