How To Make Cannabutter

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Topspeed350: Camera is in the wrong place man. Can't see what you are doing. You are way too stoned.

CartoonrBOY:  Hmm - it's not terribly useful to see your back for 8 minutes...

Willy BillyBoB.B: I use 10 to 14 grams of trim per half pound of butter.  I always get a good glow to nice high depending on potency..  24 grams of good bud for a half pound of butter? Wasteful.

NeverEnough: I like your shirt man.

Jared Meadowcroft: is there any way to make this without 20+ grams of weed

John F. Magee: What happened to your weed church videos? They were great.

xNxDx: Hell yeah appreciate it man!

josh escobar: LOL


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The Dude: Lol

Woody Swenson: cause thc and fat cells go together like bud and fire my nigga

rangindude23: Deven Clark you dumb freak it was grinded.

Deven Clark: how is that 24 grams of weed that u poured in there? that was like 3 jays max

Pete G: It's not usually enforced for medical, but the Controlled Substances Act, a federal law, makes it illegal to possess marijuana in any state. That's why there have been raids on dispensaries before. Federal laws can only be enforced by federal agencies, so local police will leave you alone for weed, but technically a DEA agent or state trooper could arrest you, even if you have a medical card in a state with medical marijuana. Look up the conflicts between state and federal laws about marijuana.

DAHmunchCraft: There are some states where it is legal for recreational use. I do "kind of understand" what you are saying about medical cards but for the most part you will not go to jail if you stay within the state with your medical card.

702Blunt: This is the only thing guys will cook lol

Rossana V: use a crock pot instead..simmer on low while ur doing chores,etc..then stick in fridge or freezer.. u green butter

Mickeym1a2n3: YES WE CANNABIS!

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how to make cannabutter 5 out of 5

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how to make cannabutter