How To Make Hanging Paper Fan Medallions || KIN DIY

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How to Make Hanging Paper Fan Medallions    KIN DIY
How to Make Hanging Paper Fan Medallions KIN DIY
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sudha madhavi: its very nice

Michael Saka: You are going to need construction paper

Xinyi Teo: Nice

GlitterFreak94: Ahh.. This video makes me über happy. Thanks!

Dania Pierce: @charmaine roundtree I think u use card stock and this was really helpful I'm going to do this for my parents anniversary party and my bedroom!:)

08sundaisy: Your videos remind me to slow down, find beauty in all things and enjoy the small, simple things in life. LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos! DIY Fall Wreath please!!!

macbasil Adlawan: please do a meet up here at nyc like if you want

PrettyGirl13LMS: wow... simple and easy im going to make a few or more like 10 for my BEDROOM awesome idea...! <3 ~prettygirl13lms soon

Divya Sharukh: cool i enjoy watching it... goona help me for my col party...

tess2626: This is a GREAT video!! Thanks

adri mor: I did mine with 4

charmaine roundtree: Need some help! What type of paper used.?

sum227mer: Super cute!!!!!! For my son's christening party!! thanks for doing all these great videos! Such a great help! Keep it up! :)

Ashwini Shueb: What kind of paper was used. The colors were beautiful and I tried using both card stock and construction paper. does not come out so good, as in so sleak...

John316Christ: Good idea.

Chrissy Yi: What do you hang it from?

Jasmine Gravador: Love this! Can tape secure it enough for a day?

MyHumanLife2011: thanks super easy :)

Cheryl Hock: Nicely done. Very cute. Looks pretty easy too:)

MeggiePenguinFeely: What color of nail polish is that?

alkatr mm: ابداآآآآع ماشاء الله..،

neni2678: Nice

lissette nodal: how big are these?? and if i keep adding paper does that make them bigger or should i just use longer paper

keekee wright: thanks becuz of u my room looks better and just move to a new house prefer

SportyChlckl: song name? :)

bebkohjc: Wow so nice

Fiona Neiwert: That's so cool!

Ria Marjorie Gonzales: I love it!

charmaine roundtree: Need do

David Vargas: i just invited my friends to a party and they loved the decorations i that i made for the party ;]

Divya Sharukh: what type of paper??

RockQueen166: your awsomeee

humhum801: wonderful idea thanks

Mackenzie Lodoen: Totally going to make one

shrija mishra: this is so cool... i am going to make this for my room

FunnyLittleRedHead: looks like construction paper.

Afnan Namankani: i love it ,thank you ^-^

NeslihanNiks: Perfect for spring/summer

Katie Stang: that's like so cool

Nadia Syamira: i did it before watching the video for my class projects... might i suggest cut the edges into a semi circle.. the it will be more flower like.. i used 4 different colour papers for a single flower..

charmaine roundtree: What type of paper would I use?

Riaz Samo: NICE

dixdub: Easy peasu

Sara Abdullah: full theme for close friends gathering :D <3 Love it

smvideos980: DIY Fall Wreath, please? :)

dithdith111: thank you,,,,gonna make these for my son's one year old party!

hairtimesbeauty998: Hi, ive seen theses hooks before but how do you put them on, and how much could they price

Kin Community: nuROMANTICS, We used 3M Command Mini Hooks available at most hardware and craft supply stores. They are small, removable plastic hooks that will not damage or mark your ceiling.

mazas024: I love it. I'm going to make this with the little kids from my church for them to hang on in their rooms! :D DIY letter crayon monogram please!

oanaroxana06: I love it!
How to Make Hanging Paper Fan Medallions || KIN DIY 4.9 out of 5

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How to Make Hanging Paper Fan Medallions || KIN DIY