Add, Modify, And Delete Video Transitions In Final Cut Pro X

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Kelly Brown: Thank you for this I like your voice also and you are a natural born teacher!!!

Elena Musician: Just found you here Larry and just want to say thank you! Wonderfully clear, concise and even humorous directions. You also have a really nice voice. 

Ryan Zahrai: Brilliant. I'm also having the issue where I can't add a transition for some reason between clips. I have an audio track under the main video layer. Wondering if you would know the reason why I can't insert a transition. Love your tutorials - thanks again. 

WhoIzHe: +Larry Jordan for some odd reason I can no longer add transitions to my edit, can you please tell me what this could possibly be?

Larry Jordan: Saving sanity is one of my favorite things.

Larry Jordan: In the Timeline, set an In that represents the start of what you want to delete. Then, set an Out where you want the deletion to end. Make sure the Selection (Arrow) tool is selected, and press the big Delete key.

aniorg: omg Larry, Thank You sooooo much, this has fixed the problem and you have saved our sanity! We appreciate your quick response. You're awesome!

Larry Jordan: Here's a quick trick. Select the transition so there is a yellow box JUST around the transition. Then, type Control+D. This switches the timecode display in the Toolbar to Duration Mode. Now, type in the duration you want the transition to be and press Return. Or, press Command++ (the plus key) to zoom in so the transition icon is larger. Once it is really big, drag an edge to change the duration.

Larry Jordan: I may have a YouTube video that talks about filters in Compressor. Basically, H.264 in Compressor desaturates the image. This means we need to re-saturate it during compression to compensate. I know I've talked about this in multiple webinars, but I don't know if I've pulled a specific example for a YouTube video. The filter is the Color Correction - Midtones filter.

rick starr: Very Nicely done Larry. Thx for sharing the knowledge. Save alotta ppl alotta time.

Hannah Frey: Hi, I read what you said about editing the duration time of transitions but my transition won't edit for me. I typed Control+D like you said but when I typed what I wanted in, the duration of the transition just became default again. Thanks, Hannah

Linn Ahlborg: How do I delete a youtube video that I have uploaded from final cut pro? Please help me.

Larry Jordan: Make sure ONLY the edit point is selected, not the clip itself. FCP X adds transitions to the selected edit point OR the selected clip.

Tyson ZarrinkelkVEVO: I like your voice.

lifanek: Dear Larry! Your videos are really great, but I have some problems with transitions in my FCPX (v 10.0.7). When I want to add trans. between 2 clips and press cmd+T it adds also a second one at the end of the second clip ;/ (and it always telling me "there is not enough extra media..." no matter where I'm doing it ;/), also when I select the transition, I cant see on screen controls! Please help! :)

SquaredIntervention: its backspace for some. :D

FullmetalZo: I'm having the same problem

gpcovers: @luuuuuuukee same here :S

David Kelly: this sucks, anyone can sit and read a book, show how to do it, freaking weak

tasheafinally20: Maybe this is a dumb question but what is a cut transition and how do you do it

Larry Jordan: @duveholm3 The easiest way to change a lot of transitions at once is to hold Command+click to select all the transitions you want to change. Double-click the new transition you want to replace them with in the Transition Browser. While this will change all the selected transitions, you'll need to manually change the duration for each transition if it is something other than the default 1 second duration. Larry

Larry Jordan: To fix transitions: Make sure you are running the latest version of #FCPX. Make sure you have the edit point, or clip, selected. Then, the keyboard shortcut will work.

MeMyselfAndJoycee: I have no delete key on my MacBook! What should I do now?

streatcarp: Thank you for taking the time to make this, Larry.

Bradd Theodore: I guess I'm doing something wrong with the transitions. I'm using the Star Wars scrolling letters effect with a star background pic and trying to cross dissolve into my footage. When I select either the end of the effect clip or the beginning of the footage and press Command-T, nothing happens. The cross dissolve does not apply for some reason. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

aniorg: Hi Larry, when videos are created through final cut pro X, they look great when played on quicktime but washed out when uploaded on youtube. We have used the .mov file type with h.264 codec. We've also tried using compressor and all different types of settings. Nothing seems to be working and we are frustrated. Please help!

lifanek: In my case when point is selected and transition is added gives the same result as I would select clip on the left side of this point - two transitions on both sides of clip ;/ And on screen controls still not visible - does something change in newest version?

Ribal Rayess: Hey Larry thanks for this tutorial! it seems that my transitions are turned off? I type command T but nothing happens!!! Why lord Why!!!!!?

Hannah Frey: Thank you very much Larry!

Larry Jordan: All MacBooks have a delete key in the upper right corner area of the keyboard. If you're using a keyboard cover, it may not show. What you don't have is a "forward delete" key. To do a forward delete on an Apple laptop, hold down the function key (the key labeled "FN") in the lower left hand corner of the keyboard AND the delete key to get a forward delete.

Larry Jordan: Hi, Linn. You delete a YouTube video uploaded from Final Cut Pro the same way you delete any other video - go to the Video Manager of your channel, click the box by the title of the video you want to delete, click the Actions box, click delete on the pull down.

Larry Jordan: @PeterKeuneVideos First, if it is a connected clip, convert it to a connected storyline - Command+G Be sure to select the edit point where you want the transition added. Finally, type Command+T to add the transition. I hope this helps. Larry

Peter Keune: ah i figured out how to do it...had to do something else which u didnt mention ( idk if mine is just weird )..but now i cant do a cross disolve..I try clicking in any place and it will only let me put a transition on either the beginning or the end..what am i doing wrong

Brent Ross: Most concise and organize tutorials I have ever seen on youtube. Keep it up man. You are helping me transition from the fcp7 keyboard shortcuts.

Larry Jordan: Two transitions means that there is a gap between the two clips. Make sure the clips are touching before adding a transition between them.

Deejay Amrish: how to delete or erase a particular area in (fcp)?

Juan Carter: could you put text in the transition

UnitedByPhotography: Hi Larry see in you in UK @BVE 2012 - Shurwin

flyingchimp99: @NewEndProductions it just means you have the attention span of a potato you retard.

Matthew Moores: i have a problem.... when i drag a transition into my video place move type thing... it goes to the start of my video........ the first thing i done was add music then i selected clips and added it to the audio...... i dont know what to do please help?

Peter Keune: @LarryJordanFCP I am working on a movie where I detached the audio from it,and added a song of my when i try to add a transition in any way ( Apple T or right click or dragging ) it always goes to this 1 audio clip...anywhere on the video I click on it goes there.I delete the Rendering files and the audio track and still the same problem...Please help

luuuuuuukee: my final cut is not allowing me to add transitions, I have no idea what's going on. i pick a clip or an edit point and press apple-T, nothing. I drag a transition between two clips, it gives me a "no" signal (circle with line through it) and does not place the transition in. any idea what's going on?

Larry Jordan: I'm not sure what you mean by "a view frames." Normally, using #FCPX 10.0.3 or later, deleting a transition should remove the transition and store the cut. What frames seem to be missing? Larry

Douche bag: Same here I even Deleted the audio ( and in my case I detached the original audio from the movie scene and put a song to it..) if i delete the music song i added it also deletes the movie even though they arn't attached. so i finally deleted the audio clips and it STILL didnt let me use transitions NOR IS THERE A COMMAND T ( I even checked customize where the only thing under T is transcode... ) i have a legit copy too and this crap is happening...

MyVideoproductions1: Hi i accidentally added transitions between speeches which was cut, when i delete it on my Macbook pro by deleting with the tab or fn & tab it delete the transitions but then i loose a view frames of the video. Is there a other way of deleting it without the lost of a view frames?

tamy lucker: ur awesome

Larry Jordan: @itsJFusion I'm confused. If you apply a transition to a clip on the primary story line, it applies the transition to audio and video. You must detach the clips to apply the transition to video only.

Dauruleo: i press command+T and nothing happens?

MajorLungeGoats MLGs: I want this guy to read me bed time stories :P

MeMyselfAndJoycee: Thank you!
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Add, Modify, and Delete Video Transitions in Final Cut Pro X