Tiny Camper: 6 X 10 Cargo Trailer To Camper Conversion

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Rawbot 420: What kind of fridge is it?

Rhonda Armstrong: Really KOOL wall treatment? wall paper? laminate?? great job how much does it weigh and what do you use to tow it?? good job a fan called Rhonda

David Moulton: Nice job is that a sink underneath the cutting board . Does your fridge run off propane as well jus t ac or ac and dc

Cargo Camper Rob: I started the build and the video is now up

Cargo Camper Rob: I'm build a 24 ft. v-nose cargo trailer conversion on my channel


Nelsonfamily7519: I love seeing different ideas for a cargo trailer camper. I've built 3 so far....the best part is being with loved ones in nature. Away from all the ugly. xo.

bob woerner: ..i currently have a 6x10 haulmark transport cargo trailer.reg says 2990 gvwr. it has 205/75d14 tires on it.,,,,,my problem is my garage door opening is 84 " high .but the trailer measure aprox 86 1/2 inches high. i was able to get it into my garage just barley by flattening the tire. but makes it very unpractical to use having to re-inflate and deflate with every use. have to keep it garaged due to HOA rules i'm thinking of changing the rims and tires from the 14 inch to a 12 inch in the homes of gaing the clearance i need to pull it in and out without messing with the tire inflation...... but can my trailer run safely on a 12 inch tire with a d rating ? also will the 12 inch give me the additional aprox i need to clear the garage height ?.......any thoughts or recommendations?

Ty Brady: Awesome! I really like the stealthiness of it. One could live in something like that, you could retire early and live on BLM land out west. Stay south in the winter, then move north a bit and higher elevations for the summer.

chud327: Brad, great job, I love it.  I was going to do this same thing, but I have 8 kids.  Here is what my solution was, Homemade Camper . I need to add some of your stuff to my camper; kitchen, bath, front porch, etc.  I also love that no one even would know that it is a camper.

Kraka069: i did a lot to my trailer conversion, Installing electrical and such.. 
My solar panels quit working . i don't know if the panels went bad or of the charge controller broke..  BUT im diggin the awning ...  thats on my wishlist


Savage New: nice

Harold Cokayne: Brad, Very Nice Job.....
I have been checking out making a bug out trailer, I was looking at 6/7 x 12/14 size range however the $$$ 3K-4K price range here in Maine is out of my budget right now.
I have recently bought a HFT 90154 folding 4x8 trailer and I will working on making it a multi-use trailer.. 
I am interested in how the wood stove functions. I also had not considered magnets on the table !! ....

Daebak Dez: How did you do the plumbing for the shower/toilet? I have a small camper that I'm going to put a shower and toilet in, so I'm looking for ideas on what I will do.

Prepper Dino: I was thinking about making a small sewing room/bug out trailer,ours is about 8x18 ft long I think. I do have some older trailers we don't use anymore and thought dang we could reuse some of the stuff in them. But we do move slow cause we are old.. LOL

Doublenotminer: Very nicely done.

Backstabbedforward: cant wait for the updated video it is crazy how much you fit into such a small space... really makes me rethink a trailer for its size

sweetnlow42: Would love to see the bed system when you get around to updating. Yes...I've been watching a ton of videos and getting lots of great ideas and I decided on insulating the roof. I have seen some with windows added and some without. Would like to add but I'm not seeing any vids of actual installation process in a cargo trailer.

Brad Long: @ sweetnlow42: The widows are just side-sliders, like in a fiberglass camper top. You can use any windows, really. I'm thinking of adding a porthole in the door, too. Good luck!

Brad Long: @ sweetnlow42: I really should post an updated video soon to show my new bed system - so much more useful and easier to deal with. It folds up out of the way, and would be perfect for motorcycles or an ATV (which is what we will prolly get) You don't lose any space by insulating. If fact you gain some, because when I insulated with foam board, I replaced the thicker interior boards with thinner, thus gaining about 1/2 inch or so in width. At the least, you should insulate the roof or you'll fry!
Tiny Camper: 6 x 10 cargo trailer to camper conversion 5 out of 5

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Tiny Camper: 6 x 10 cargo trailer to camper conversion