HK45CT (Compact Tactical) Review/History

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Alabama Saint: My aac tyrant is quite, sounds like a pellet rifle

Michael Huitt: Im going from fnx 45 tac to the hk45c tac, I regret getting rid of my usp for the fn.

Trae UCity: If H&K would offer the Compact Tactical, with the P30/HK45 grip texture; I would buy TWO!

Poe Performance: Nice video. I became an HK owner just over a week ago with a USP9c. I'm already a fanboy looking to add HK #2.

Mr. Pineapple: So what ever happened to the 96A1 you were planning to get in your P30L video? I'm just wondering because I am currently planning on getting the 96A1 but I just recently discovered H&K and was wondering about your thoughts between the two. I know a lot of the time it's preference but I'm looking for a concealed-carry gun that is accurate and reliable. Whether or not it's all metal doesn't really concern me, I just want something that feels solid.

jonathan retzsch: Man I'm really a sucker for the usp in compact models.

Fugettaboutit: O-ring helps keep thread protectors on. Use one for my Glock 21SF with threaded barrel. I also have an HK45C, but keeping that as is. Perfect for carry but especially during Winter. And for grip, get some rubber material from Talon Grips and put pieces just on the side. Huge help but doesn't add much to the gun or wrap all the way around. You could also shape the pieces to look 'factory' when stuck on, too.

Average Spaceman: This or p226 tacops they are both nifty just one is a different caliber but it's for open carry

Bbzije1: Consider this set up for the hk45c. Lem trigger, medium backstrap, talon grips. I dont know your reason for owning this firearm but from what you say and what I see from this video, you may benefit from these simple mods.

ajfam871: Nice vids. I debating getting an HK soon I just cant decide which to get. If you could only have one which would it be out of the HK45, HK45c, and the the P30?

JACKSONLEWISOFCANADA: for smaller handed shooters which grip do you recommend?

SerenBeatz: finally after 4 mins you put the proper mag in it.

dillon sanford: also how do you like your p2000 thinking about picking up one of those as well for conceal carry 

dillon sanford: great review, looking to pick one of these up, i just wish they put that spiderman grip on there like the full size but none the less i will take your word for it on the CT

SURE SHOT: Great stuff!!!

01AceAlpha: I see an H&K 45C, but where is the CT..... Looks like you just added a threaded barrel. Not the same as an actual CT, different slide, slide release etc.

PolarBearCO2: At 2:52 you say this has a right hand twist. states "New HK German 45 Caliber Tactical Thread Protector fits all HK 45 full size & compact barrels threaded 16mm X 1mm left hand twist."  Cheaper Than Dirt also has the thread protector for $12.xx and states "New HK German 45 Caliber Tactical Thread Protector fits all HK 45 full size & compact barrels threaded 16mm X 1mm left hand twist."  So, you have the handgun in your hand.  Is it really a right hand twist as you say or is it a left hand twist as CTD and HKP say?

jeff steeve: The HK45CT grip is way better for IWB carry in my opinion.

Bradley Rogers: Great vid. If you ever find yourself in the Grand Rapids area I own you a cold one.

Jeenius IAMa: is it a p30 which uses .45 acp instead of 9mm ?
HK45CT (Compact Tactical) Review/History 5 out of 5

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HK45CT (Compact Tactical) Review/History