HK45CT (Compact Tactical) Review/History

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HK45CT (Compact Tactical) Review/History
HK45CT (Compact Tactical) Review/History
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Heckler & Koch HK 45 Tactical at SHOT Show 2013

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01AceAlpha: I see an H&K 45C, but where is the CT..... Looks like you just added a threaded barrel. Not the same as an actual CT, different slide, slide release etc.

PJR380: Would you go with a USP 40 or 45?

♠Ripley♠: What do you mean we can have silencers on them now?

PolarBearCO2: At 2:52 you say this has a right hand twist. states "New HK German 45 Caliber Tactical Thread Protector fits all HK 45 full size & compact barrels threaded 16mm X 1mm left hand twist." Cheaper Than Dirt also has the thread protector for $12.xx and states "New HK German 45 Caliber Tactical Thread Protector fits all HK 45 full size & compact barrels threaded 16mm X 1mm left hand twist." So, you have the handgun in your hand. Is it really a right hand twist as you say or is it a left hand twist as CTD and HKP say?

puresureshot: Did you purchase your HK45c from firingline in Westland

It's a SURE SHOT: Yes and it comes with the AAC suppressor, Bad ass lol.

HKmanlp1: If CCW is your main purpose I would just buy the standard HK45c and add nite sights. Why screw with trying to conceal the extra barrel length. For me the grip is okay, but I did end up adding grip tape to the sides. Makes a night and day difference in my opinion. This gun is meant to be used for a suppressor/duty purpose. It would make a great home defense gun as well.

Vito Calo: Advance Armament Tirant 45s all the way!!!!!!!!!

702CitizenArmory: hum... very interesting, I knew that there were still using the P226 thats why I was a little confused for a second, Thanks !

DailyChannel: I just wanted you to know. If your trying to get a Triant AAC or EVO-45 there sold out for the non-standard thread pattern on your HK45. The standard pattern on the 45acp guns is 578x28mm thats what my FNP-45 tac had, My glock wolf barrel & my Sig p220 elite TB. So FNP-45 Tac $1399.00 Higher Sights, Barrel nut, 15+1, Optics Plate, HK45 Tac: $1368.00 No Suppressor sights, No Barrel nut, 11 Rounds max,

aychkay: I just got my hk45ct today! I love it. Good review

HKmanlp1: Yeah mine is an actual HK45ct, not one of the dubbed ones. You could make a regular HK45c into one like mine, but you will end up paying more than buying the HK45ct straight up in most cases. My HK45ct was made in 2009.

DailyChannel: are you getting the silencer for it?

HKmanlp1: Variant 1 is the standard safety/derooster HK setting. It has a lever on the left side of the pistol. With this lever if you push it all the way up it puts the weapon on safe. When the lever is flat it is ready to fire. When the lever is pushed all the way down it deroosters the pistol. On a Variant 3 you no longer have the ability to place the weapon on safe. The lever only acts as a deroosterer. The nice part of the V1 is it gives you the ability to carry roostered & locked like a 1911.

HKmanlp1: No I have a place in the grand rapids area I use for all my gun purchases.

DailyChannel: Also that crapty green letters TRU DOT! I put black sharpie on it

Dubtak: Any more video? You still there?

HKmanlp1: Well I still am not a huge fan of the stock grip. But it is a very reliable pistol. And it exudes HK quality.

Sip Angutti: Beauty! I love airsoft and ordered the mp7 didn't like the mag release but guess ill suck it

kowa45: Nice Choice...Navy Seals just went to that gun.

Iñaki Klutch: Dude you gotta post more videos with the silencer. EPIC gun... my dream cannon

Imdefaninja: If you decide to sell it let me know. I don't executive protection in Vegas and I run an M&P45 would like to upgrade abit

skatepunk71: Thank you.

Stu Bur: I like both the HK45 and HK45C. I have the HK45 and I find it is even compact enough to conceal with some care. If I were to buy the HK45C I would put a slip on Hogue grip on it although it feels fine as it is. I am looking for a LEM kit for my HK45 but the Variant 1 lever is okay. Both are great guns. I prefer them over the also great USP.

navyman8903: mmmmmm. I love that gun. After the money settles from the group buy and a few other things I am working on, I will probably get one.

HKmanlp1: Yes they are using it. It is called the Mark 24. It virtually replaced the HK Mark 23. Seals are still using the sig P226 as well.

HKmanlp1: I have submitted my suppressor paperwork to ATF for my tax stamp. We'll see how long it takes!

ROUGHNECKROGERS: Great vid. If you ever find yourself in the Grand Rapids area I own you a cold one.

yamrz500: Awesome looking H&K and i love the standard .45 the only draw back i don't like the night sights! When the H&K USP .40 came out i put some tru dot night sights on and they are lit all the time when i pull out the 45 in the dark you have to use a light to charge them,But i'm like you and really love H&K as you know ! Keep that suppressor in Michigan and away from Illinois your laws go forward and we go backwards!

HKmanlp1: Well I am never selling this pistol, but I feel your pain. Just about anything would be a better option than a M&P imho.

HKmanlp1: Yeah I'm hoping to get in on that group buy myself

hyzerponix: Great video! Fellow native Michigander here, been looking at the 45 Compact for my first venture into 45acp. I currently have a P2000 V3 in 9mm and hell yes-- HK all the way indeed!

jeff steeve: The HK45CT grip is way better for IWB carry in my opinion.

HKmanlp1: Yeah still here, had a daughter recently and she consumes all free time. I have plans to make some.videos. I will be doing one on recent pickups I've had. P7M8, P7M13, HK45T, and a Springfield TRP 1911.

Jeenius IAMa: is it a p30 which uses .45 acp instead of 9mm ?

misirloupowerslide: 1 guy doesn't know what H&K stands for

skatepunk71: Great video man! I was curious on what you think of the Mark23? I'm either going to get that or thisHK45CT for my next purchase. What do you think?

702CitizenArmory: are the SEALS really useing this gun ? this is the 2nd time I have heard someone say this on youtube.

TheSololobo: I had an expensive learning curve when it came to pistons, finally settlling down with H&K. Now I'm finding myself replacing my guns with H&K's of the same caliber. And I completely agree about the mag release, once you get used to this platform its hard to go back- as it lend itself to a smoother reloading procedure IMO.

ksk583: ugly mag

jack: what is the best suppressor for these?

Bryce from MO: The short answer is yes. They do have this in their arsenal (they also have a suppressed Buckmark in their arsenal). The fact is, the Seals can pretty much carry what they want as a side arm. They can also customize their M4 however they want. They are issued the p226 as he said. I know a Seal that used a USP40. He told me there is basically a list of approved side arms. They don't exactly get to choose from it, but if they have a custom gun of their own, it might be OK'ed by the CO.

SprawlnbrawlFFA: Seals use whatever they want lol, I read in various books written by different seal members use Glocks, Sigs, HK's and even PPK . But their official issue side arm is the Sig 226

BCandD73: nice! Wish they put out a fill-size hk45 tactical too.

HKmanlp1: The seals use the AAC tirant from what I've been told. However the Osprey is also an option. I think the osprey flows better as far as appearance goes. And the AAC sticks up more than the osprey.

Justice3O5: I wanna sell my G21sf for this..

HKmanlp1: I picked up an HK45T in OD green a few weeks back. Still haven't shot it yet. The HK45 and P30 series are the best grips out there of any manufacturer. The 45CT is an excellent pistol but the grip is lacking. It can be easily fixed with grip tape or stippling however. If u want a green or tan colored HK45T then get one. But I would just get a threaded barrel for a HK45 instead.of buying a black HK45T. Glad u like my channel. Gonna do some more vids soon.

thedogwearsred: GET THE MARK 23

yamrz500: I might have to retire in Michigan,Because Illinois is going down hill fast! Wished i'd known you were selling your FN I've been looking for one but all those guns are gone here i somehow managed to get lucky and pick up a SCAR 17 just before the prices went to the moon! Now can't find a tactical model at all!! Nice little H&K you added there as you always do!!

HKmanlp1: It is awesome for sure. If I were you I would just get a threaded barrel for your HK54c. Only other difference is the night sites.
HK45CT (Compact Tactical) Review/History 4.8 out of 5

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HK45CT (Compact Tactical) Review/History