Set Alfa AWUS036H To 1000 MW In Backtrack

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Set Alfa  AWUS036H To 1000 mW in backtrack
Set Alfa AWUS036H To 1000 mW in backtrack
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Crack WEP key with aircrack on backtrack 5 and alfa AWUS036H 1000mW
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Crack Wpa key whit aircrack on backtrack 5 and AWUS036H 1000mw
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Review of the Alfa AWUS036NH USB adapter and Backtrack 5
ALFA AWUS036H 1000mw v2 İncelemesi
ALFA AWUS036H 1000mw v2 İncelemesi
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Alfa AWUS036H 1000mW (Wireless Adapter USB)
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How To: Crack Wep using Backtrack 4 Final
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Alfa AWUS036H 1000mW vs Gsky GS-27USB
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WPA/WPA2 Handshake capture with the Alfa AWUS036H USB adapter and Backtrack 5

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leerman22: I just made this a terminal script. My wifi card is always wlan0.

AWUS036H: Set Alfa *AWUS036H* To 1000mW in backtrack.

Tom Shabangu: Mines always goes back to 20 dBm after a few minutes can you confirm your dose not do this ? im on ubuntu 2.6.35-24-generic divers : rtl8187

azapp4: @tonygien p.s.s. make sure your alfa has the (1) on the front of it (the number 1 in a circle)

ZHAUSQ: then you need the extra power on both sides, router and laptop

Xyndicate: I ordered the Alfa AWUS036NH it says its 2000mw and it says its Compliant with FCC Part 15.247 for US, ETS 300 328 for Europe

mnlh3b: hu. i have the AWUSO36NH but my one has 2000 mW. it is the same way to set it to 2000 mW

JAYSTAR: just got my alfa 2day and i have 2 say its one of a kind with the stock 5dbi i am able 2 pick up atleast 12 networks with the 9dbi that came with part of the package deal i am able 2 pick up atleast 22-25 networks fast cracking this works like a charm good work well down

zimtower: Yea, as long has you have a fast machine. It's preferable to have the attacks in realtime to reduce errors.

azapp4: @kr4zyman what db is it starting on, it should be 27, and just to check does your alfa have the (1) on the front of it, and does it have the hologram sticker on the back. if not you may have a fake alfa.

todd j: @somosdominicanos1 heres how i set mine to highpower in BT-3 (slax) airmon-ng stop ifconfig wlan0 down iwpriv wlan0 highpower 1 iwconfig wlan0 txpower 25 airmon-ng start wlan0 iwconfig shows tx power at 25 dbm ( if you go any higher than 25 your injection rate drops quickly, using aireplay-ng -9 wlan0 to test injection) txpower 25 seems to be the sweet spot for the 1 watt alfa awus036h " make sure your channel is set to where AP`s are available to test it ( ch 6 in my case)

PajamaSnake: here is the trick, if it does work, replace every mon1 with mon0

jokergd: actually BT is based on slackware

Jah Bunny: hello, great vid! my txpower is set to 20dBm in BT4 r2, i'm using a 5dBi antenna that came with it! i can't set it over 20dBm, it come back with an error. is it the antenna? i live in the uk. thanks.

Anderson Stuart Carredias: To hack

JAYSTAR: so do u belive this is the best card for range and everything else period 2 use for wep cracking see i used a netgear wga111v2 problem is that it only picks up about 2-3 networks sometimes if im lucky more but any how will this card help solve my range problem on picking up all the networks in my range i see post of that rockland guy on ebay he now has it selling with a 9dbi antenna? will it do i asked and is it the best u know of? thanksz!

azapp4: @tonygien i cant remember if i ever used this on bt3, i think maybe ive used it on bt4+, im currently using the R1 version of BT4 (latest version), and by password, the default pass for bt root user is toor. another thing ive herd round the net is there is alot of fake alfa products out there, but we wont go there. try get the r1 version and try logging in using the live cd option only to test your alfa. if it works, (and if you wish to) install bt4 r1 instead of bt3. (i dnt know how tell a fake

Myles Booth: Thanks for the video. Worked great on Backtrack 5. Is there anyway to do this on Windows 7?

Matty P: Google is your friend

azapp4: @darkodin14 Probably, but its 1 extra step to setting up for pen testing anyway, (iw reg set BO) it would be easier to just type it then to write a script. its only 4 ("words")

Bloodyfisted: So can this card be used for WEP cracking?

zheliapov: Same...

Mike Malach: that was a good help thanks for that by any chance do you know how to change the power management to off my card always shuts off after a bit if nothings going on its real lame

MancyCRO: Any way to set Alfa AWUS036NH to 2000 mW.. mine doesnt work so well :///

gocajuric: Respond to this video...

azapp4: @DavidsNascarFirstRun OMG dude you have made like ten comments on this video. please make your own video with any corrections you may have

animefreak873: I got an AMD quad core 8 gigs of ram windows 7 Alfa AWUS036H

John Paul Anderson: first set the wireless regulation Bolivia root@bt:~# iw reg set BO then set the tx power to 30dbm root@bt:~# iw dev wlan0 set txpower fixed 3000 check the wireless tx power root@bt:~# iwconfig PS : try to unplug the device then plug it back again if its not working or keep saying invalid argument. good luck.!!

MOTIVECODEX: Nice i tweaked two of my wlan adapter one Netgear WG111v2 before 0dBi after 24dBi Sitecom WL-534 before 0dBi after 24dBi I ordered the alfa AWUS036H 1000mw with 5dbi antenna and am waiting for it to arrive.

Thesiebenburgen Dagon: i cant use wlan1 only wlan0 why . i have an alfa 8187l ?


ufo meh: good

ctopslegaltube: Don't work in Ubuntu v10.4 :-( all I get is 20 dbm

zimtower: If you need the AP to get a clear packet to initialize a connection, this is useful for all sorts of attacks.

azapp4: @JAYJAY1787 i think it is the best as long as you get the 1000mw one and not the other versions. alfa is the best brand for wifi attacks, there are other wifi adapters that have better range but they might not be able to packet inject or might not be compat with backtrack. if wifi attacks is your aim, get an alfa AWUS036H with your own choice of SMA 7 Dbi omni antenna or more then 7 dbi. ( but those antennas can get expensive), a yagi antenna can be connected to it, but look at the size its OMG!

Laurent Claurent: found it! iwconfig wlan1 txpower 20 (set to 100mW / 20 dB)

azapp4: @tonygien p.s. it rly shouldn't start running on 5, t should be 27, maybe it didnt have full support in bt3.

Michael Valentine: How do you turn power management off?

azapp4: @Bloodyfisted yes it can be used for any type of wifi attacks or even just to use to connect to your own wifi for everyday Internet use. i chose the Alfa because of the high power and its antenna slot where you can put any size antenna that has an SMA connection,

MrTony1691: Hi I am new to the linux thing. Anyways, I am using back track 5 and i just bought a alfa awus036h and it(linux) will not let me download it. It tells me that it cannot run this type of executable file so it has it blocked. So now i am woundering if the alfa is even compatible of if I should enable something on linux? Your help would be appreciated Thanks

change1378: backtrack 3 is the version i use with this exact ALFA. works pretty damn well; thanks for this video

Tony Fernandez: WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

Tony Gien: @tonygien Update,im using BT3 The only thing that seems to work is the iwconfig wlan0 txpower 1-5 ONLY it wont let me go higher.. It shows 5dbm.. HEEELP. I tried to download BT4 but it wont load nor accept password.

azapp4: @ryanperry90 im not sure with bt3, (remember the alpha 1000mw has the (1) on the front) but i do know that it is well worth downloading bt4 then just downloading extras for bt3, bt4 not only has ready to go drivers but it a lot more powerful, and if you have an nvidia GFX card the cuda drivers that you can add to it makes it even better, My Recommendation: use bt4, well worth the download :-)

Tony Gien: Thank you! I got BT4 and followed your steps, It worked like a charm! I could retrieve some info from far away! thnx again.

Osama Rashid: That's a bit odd. I did it exactly as you showed in the video (thanks btw) and it went back to 20. I'm using BT5 R2 with KDE, 32-bit (running off a USB stick, if that makes any difference). Does this mean my Alfa AWUS036H is fake, even though it has the RTL8187 chipset and is able to monitor, inject, etc.? It has the hologram and all.

somosdominicanos1: Please do you will send me a email address, need talk with you please i have an trouble with my alfa network AWUS036H, will be easy for you. I hope your comprehenssion thanks.

Jut Shanahan: oh wow. 27dBm = 500mW. 50% of the advertised the power. 20dbM = 10mW. Just 1% of the advertised power! That's like someone buying a car that goes 100mph. But when they drive it off the lot, it tops out at 1mph. Wahhhh-wahhhh :(

Tony Gien: Hellow, Mine runts at 5dbi!!!!!! How do I set it? I of course have the AWUSO36h.. I have done what you do and get eerror... What should I do?

ryanperry90: i have a alfa1000mw usb wifi antenna and i have backtrack 3 it did not work 4 me do i have to use it in bt4 only or do i have to download a driver if so can you put up a link and my tx power was a 5 dbm ? thanks good video
Set Alfa AWUS036H To 1000 mW in backtrack 4.8 out of 5

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Set Alfa  AWUS036H To 1000 mW in backtrack