Folding Firebox 5' Campfire Wood/Multifuel Stove Introduction

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Folding Firebox 5
Folding Firebox 5" Campfire Wood/Multifuel Stove Introduction
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Debbie Holland: where can I get the accessories? Thank you for the great info. God bless.

: Iam just starting out on utube and bushcraft.i use an ikea hobo stove which has served me well.but it has nothing on this baby.where i live in n.ireland the woods are small so large fires are a no no.this would be an excellent upgrade.dont you just love santa.gby stephen

Jeremy Sanders: Wow, whoever designed this stove left no conceptual stone unturned. Amazingly well thought out product. I definitely want one.

NewHampshire Bound: Great product. So many options.

Zathras: What is the make and model of the pot and pan set in some of your videos, seen here at 2:15?

The Scamerican: hi im from the uk, i was wondering where i could buy one of these stoves. I cant seem to find one on amazon etc.

Patrick Smith: ps I will report more things that I find that I can do with the fire box at a later date.

Patrick Smith: this was a very big pot .  lol so I know a camp pot would be maybe 2 or 3 min .

Patrick Smith: hi steve I just finished using my fire box stove with a 20 litter pot for making veg soup .  it worked great.  it took some time to boil the water but it was because it was - 11c plus wind .. so I think it was a passing test. thanks again.

generationdumbass: Could this be used in a tent? I'd assume not, but I'm looking for something to help keep the temperature up in my tent since my BSA troop is going to Alaska in late December.

Steven Kim: Brilliant. Simply brilliant. I am totally sold.

Bob Wampler: Awesome vid!

Bushcraft Archer: Hi steve will the evernew ti one fit in the same slots thank you

IonicOverdose: Does it have a door that opens or a way to put more firewood in without having to remove whatever your cooking, boiling etc.

numan Ngasewan: Very inovative. Its simple but functional. 5 stars!

Firebox Stove: Great, Let us know how you like it. Thanks.

David Fletcher: getting customs now

Firebox Stove: Thanks for helping spread the word!

Living Free Forever - Melody & Ric Schafer: Thanks :) You have some nice products. I'll be sure to share your links as well :)

Firebox Stove: I haven't been doing anything differently. I think they changed the default settings. Yes feel free to remix any of my video's. if they need to be reset let me know. Thanks, Steve
Folding Firebox 5" Campfire Wood/Multifuel Stove Introduction 5 out of 5

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Folding Firebox 5