Folding Firebox 5' Campfire Wood/Multifuel Stove Introduction

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Folding Firebox 5
Folding Firebox 5" Campfire Wood/Multifuel Stove Introduction
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Debbie Holland: where can I get the accessories? Thank you for the great info. God bless.

Silverbear Bushcraft: Iam just starting out on utube and bushcraft.i use an ikea hobo stove which has served me well.but it has nothing on this baby.where i live in n.ireland the woods are small so large fires are a no no.this would be an excellent upgrade.dont you just love santa.gby stephen

Jeremy Sanders: Wow, whoever designed this stove left no conceptual stone unturned. Amazingly well thought out product. I definitely want one.

NewHampshire Bound: Great product. So many options.

Zathras: What is the make and model of the pot and pan set in some of your videos, seen here at 2:15?

Jamie Mccormick: hi im from the uk, i was wondering where i could buy one of these stoves. I cant seem to find one on amazon etc.

Patrick Smith: ps I will report more things that I find that I can do with the fire box at a later date.

Patrick Smith: this was a very big pot .  lol so I know a camp pot would be maybe 2 or 3 min .

Patrick Smith: hi steve I just finished using my fire box stove with a 20 litter pot for making veg soup .  it worked great.  it took some time to boil the water but it was because it was - 11c plus wind .. so I think it was a passing test. thanks again.

generationdumbass: Could this be used in a tent? I'd assume not, but I'm looking for something to help keep the temperature up in my tent since my BSA troop is going to Alaska in late December.

Steven Kim: Brilliant. Simply brilliant. I am totally sold.

Bob Wampler (Wambo): Awesome vid!

Bushcraft Archer: Hi steve will the evernew ti one fit in the same slots thank you

IonicOverdose: Does it have a door that opens or a way to put more firewood in without having to remove whatever your cooking, boiling etc.

numan Ngasewan: Very inovative. Its simple but functional. 5 stars!

FireboxStove: Great, Let us know how you like it. Thanks.

David Fletcher: getting customs now

FireboxStove: Thanks for helping spread the word!

Living Free Forever: Thanks :) You have some nice products. I'll be sure to share your links as well :)
Folding Firebox 5" Campfire Wood/Multifuel Stove Introduction 5 out of 5

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Folding Firebox 5