Sony LCD TV Blue Dots Blue Fog Blue Stars Repair KDF 42 50 55 60 WE WF XS XBR 655 955 950 610 620

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hemiramtruck prowler: Have a 60" version that had blue block problem. This video was instrumental in helping me repair mine. A couple of things worth mentioning. When you change the blue optical lenses you WILL have to adjust it. There is also the filter /polarizer next to it that might also have to be changed so make sure it's not burnt. Having a pattern like his is not the only way to adjust. Here's what I did. Unhook cable signal, there will nothing but snow for a picture at that point. With the light engine assembly out, turned on and resting on something(i used a card board box), have light engine turned rear ward so it will project behind you. Behind me, I had my brother hold up a large piece of white paper and then I accessed the TV menu. The TV menu has all the letters and details that you need. With the projected menu on the white paper you can perfectly see the alignment. The blue will be off set. Follow instructions loosening the three tiny screws as instructed. Now here's a big tip. The alignment block has very small amounts of movement. Just moving it a tiny amount will move the blue cross pattern all over. I got a small Phillips screwdriver and fit it next to the side(s) of the block, slightly moving it from side to side. You might need a small hook to raise block if necessary. It'll be trial and error at that point but after moving block around for 15 minutes or so I nailed it. Pull out light block assembly, tighten 3 tiny screws, recheck pattern and at that point reinstall everything and your good to go. One other order to turn on the light engine assembly while making adjustments EVERYTHING electrical must be re-connected. All disconnected wire plugs need to be plugged in or the TV will sense it and not turn on. One final item. Having this much disassembled gives you access to the fans. Pull them out and blow them off as they will have tons of dust on them. This TV cost me over $3000 and to throw it away when the only problem was replacing the blue optical area would have really angered me. Getting parts is getting harder and it really angers me worse to see Sony no longer supporting these TV's which was their flag ships at the time. Unfortunately this blue optical environment is a flaw in ALL of the Sony projection TV's from that time period. The more on time the TV is used, just starts the clock over regarding the life span of the blue optical block. It will fail again at some point requiring the same fix. If your a home body and you have the TV on all day and into the night you can expect a much shorter life span. But if you mainly use it at night you should be able to get several years of great picture. When I hooked mine back up, the picture was as fantastic a new!!

Tom Kovar: God bless people like you who take time to make videos like this. Very helpful! 😁😁😁

Jim Dailey: why does my sony rear projection tv picture keep blinking every 2or3 seconds

samantha Slade: So our Sony Sega has been sitting in the garage for awhile now and we are trying to decide whether to sell it throw it away or keep it. it has blue dots all over! what are the chances it just needs a new lightbulb. or do we have to do what this guy did too. I don't have alot of money. let me know please.

WTC7WasPulled: How to fix reddish 3 inch line on top and blueish line on bottom of KDF 55E2000? What's involved?

Alexander Jose Sotomayor Ospino: este es un video propio

OldJunkDodge: ok, i'll be back in 6 yrs after getting a masters degree in engineering from MIT. ..

aceyorba: Looks like it would be Easier to throw my worthless Sony Wega big screen off a cliff.
I think it may be time to get a New Hi Def flat screen.
I will post the video of the Wega cliff jump after it goes.

Leon Parker: What about LED tvs?

Angelz Oyervides: I have a Sony wega Kdf 42we655 and it has this blue circle thing going on but it also has this lemon green tint to it all and I'm wondering if u know how to fix that?

Roman Haro: can you come fix my sony wega please

Glen Zabriskie: You should be wearing white gloves

WizardsMagic007: I have a Sony KF-42WE610 with blue vertical lines across the entire screen. Do you know what causes that?

Leandro Daniel Cezare: Do you have a polarizer KIT for Sony Kf60we610? Thanks

Tyler: Will this fix also work for the KDS-R70XBR2?

Jean-François Vary: Hi norcal715. Thanks your for this video. I have a KDF-60XS955 which I've successfully repaired following your instructions. It's been a 2 years project done in spare time since the tv was in storage at my mother's place. Bought a set of LCD on tri-state module (#LCX043Axxx) and followed your procedure. My TV now works flawlessly! Cheers!

Note : The problem was the blue LCD. Polarizer was in good conditioni.

Tipit0008: I checked your parts store suggestion (Jimmy), but there are no LCD panels like the one you replace in this video. Any idea where else we can get one ???

Karl Farmer: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS, GETTING THE PANELS TO ALIGN BY HAND IS IMPOSSIBLE!! I figured replacing the panels would be easy enough, which it was thanks to the video, but the problem comes when you have to align the panels, which is a near impossible feat unless you have proper equipment. After wasting over 2 hours trying to align them, I called a repair shop and they told me that alignment cannot be done by hand, that you HAVE to have a jig in order to align the panels properly, and that THEY don't even attempt to do it by hand, and they're professionals. Everything is put together and running fine, NO BLUE DOTS, but now all of my colors are misaligned and I have no idea what to do next. The repair shop told me I might have to just send the entire optical drive to Sony since they have the right jig to do the alignment, but I don't even want to know how much that will cost. :(

Richard Farris: I can not access the color adjustment mode on my sony KDF-50we655.I see the word voidio and blue is out of line

Rashid albania: thank you sir , you explane very nicly .
Sony LCD TV Blue Dots Blue Fog Blue Stars Repair KDF 42 50 55 60 WE WF XS XBR 655 955 950 610 620 5 out of 5

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Sony LCD TV Blue Dots Blue Fog Blue Stars Repair KDF 42 50 55 60 WE WF XS XBR 655 955 950 610 620