Ralph Lauren Polo Vs. USPA

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Polo by Ralph Lauren vs. US Polo Assn
Polo by Ralph Lauren vs. US Polo Assn
The difference between ralph Lauren and uspa
The difference between ralph Lauren and uspa
uspa vs ralph lauren polo
uspa vs ralph lauren polo
Real VS Fake Ralph Lauren Polo!
Real VS Fake Ralph Lauren Polo!
Polo VS U.S.P.A.
Polo VS U.S.P.A.

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242 gamer: sexy as hell

tony b: wheres this at everybofy wearing polo and iced out. i wana go 2 dat school. it looks my kinda party 

antony6969: 4:10 do people really wear things like that in America?

Dmontez Kennan: Lacoste is the real polo it may not have the horse but they stoled the name

Demarcus Henderson: Dumb ass

jeremy williams: New slaves 

John Doe: First of all, im laughin my ass off that these niggas wherin ralph lauren polo they think they so damn frat...lmfao. Second of all, dumbasses think ralph lauren is the original polo cause its more expenive, but yall r all wrong. Uspa and ralph lauren have nothing in common, and if u find a connection between them, uspa is the original because ralph lauren pretty much took one horse away and but ralph lauren on it, and tripled the price, so really ralph lauren is the fake polo, cause they copied uspa by using their horse, but somehow ralph lauren got lucky and had more fans

Scott Hymas: Why is the guy at 1 minute 50 seconds wearing a polo shirt like a polo jumper? Did the Ralph Lauren run out of clothes that fit him and he just bought 3 sizes bigger?

Johnny Jefferson: Ghetto people do not deserve to wear polo and can by no means afford it. With their big logos trying to make sure everyone knows that it's Ralph Lauren.

Kiara Franklin: These are some uneducated ignorant people. Just sad. 

edwingutierrez344: Hahaha this niggas act like they never had a ralph lauren shirt hahaha cheap ass niggas buy som lv or gucci 

Albert Reyes: dumass if you ask me that what they are 

Derrick Cool: I personally own both.Mad props to USPA for being the original polo apparel and therefore by purchasing there product,you save major cash.....

felix salinas: I buy cheap polo all day long try something more like Robert Graham the only thing that I can afford so far it's just a tie they go for 300 dollars on sale for 200 shirts go for a lot more than that when I could get a shirt then I'll start brag about that shirt ! :-)

peep my sneaks: Uspa got to guys on the horse gay but Ralph Lauren the guy who made it is gay so idk

Demarcus Henderson: Uspa all day nigga we bout it put yo hands on me i'll kill you bitch

Brandon S.: They can buy polo? but can't get an education. lol Man fix your circumstances first then go and buy crap.

Diamond Mitchell: # polo on my body

Anthony Ruffin: Haris Ali Rana

Your bin laden people dumbass sell these ghetto fools these polo shirts and make money so why are you bitching. Also polo do come in tall and big men sizes clown. What you expect from ghetto people let the fools look like assholes

Guy Bouldin: Trash.
Ralph Lauren Polo vs. USPA 5 out of 5

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Ralph Lauren Polo vs. USPA