Ralph Lauren Polo Vs. USPA

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Future: I thought this was gonna be a video of people roasting each other lol

Joseph C: Locoste, and Ralph Lauren died for this reason.... Lmaoooo. The minute i seen thugs wearing Ralph Lauren was the second i donated everything.. Now It's Brooks Brothers, and Vineyard vines for me!

David Leon: Damn who cares what you ware.

Trell Clark: Niggas bragging on this regular degular ass crap. Get u some purple label and then make a video. That's that low end crap y'all rocking nigga

Suicideboy Tohav: Good ol days

Xion FVM: but I wonder where they live lol

Lucifer Wright: this is True Okay let
Me break it Down Thank You to Every last Black Successful African American in this Video These Blacks are very Smart uspa is not Fake per say it's Just Not Expensive as Ralph Lauren If it doesn't Have Ralph Lauren it's Cheap!!

Ali Al-Amin: These are some ignorant project bound children trying to discuss fashion, something they dont have a clue about. The U.S. Polo Association brand was MADE IN 1890 and it deals with the sport of POLO not the fashion prospective of POLO created by Ralph Lauren. Technically U.S. Polo came our FIRST ( Created in 1890), Mr Ralph Lauren replicated The ORIGINAL CONCEPT of U.S. POLO that was worn by POLO PLAYERS. Ralph Lauren even went further by trying to sue The U.S. POLO ASSOCIATION FOR USING HIS BRAND, WHAT? Of course the case was THROWN OUT OF COURT due to the fact Mr. Ralph lauren DOES NOT HAVE A PATENT PENDING on the polo symbol AND he came out centuries later with his concept of POLO. THE OWNERS OF THE POLO SYMBOL ITSELF ARE THE BROOKS BROTHERS (They make clothes as well) not Ralph Lauren or U.S. Polo Association. These children really dont know what theyre talking about stick to being a child and graduating from high school on time... I wear Ralph Lauren Polo and U.S. Polo and from time to time both brands work together these are things people dont know about , there is NO FAKE POLO BRANDS ON EITHER END....

asantos128: Ask these people how much money do they each have in the bank? or even in their pockets??

GoodDayNilssonAyee: uspa is real just different brand (polo) Ralph Lauren and uspa are both polos jus like lacoste. uspa has been out way before Ralph Lauren do your research!

asantos128: Never seen so many people in the hood rocking so Polo.. People are ballin' like that? ?

gotmypearls: A POLO is simply a type of shirt.

Akida Yates: This is some sad, ignorant bs! Ralph Lauren don't give a damn about your misguided, overpaying for clothes assess, and never will!

Fady Barsoum: This guy in minute 2:24 looks kinda like Lebron 😂😂

tony guanatos: Not to offend anybody but this video is gay as hell,I would rather wear some cheap ass walmart polos.before wearing the same crap that everybody,their momma.and great grand momma are wearing just cuz "it represents a lot of money".Ralph Lauren used to represent quality and class but now the crap is as played out as fubu was back in the day...enough said.

Daniel Valdez: Although USPA is the official brand for United States Polo Association since 1890, "U.S POLO. ASSN" became a public selling brand in 1980 after polo ralph lauren's clasic designs and style, therefore paving the way for the otherwise unknown USPA liscensed brand, so yes most of the designs and branding style are very much similar to the ralph lauren look wich became a selling brand first since 1967. In otherwords my employer Mr. Ralph Lauren has invested millions to promote his brand and style and yet USPA brand U.S. POLO ASSN wich was then unknown is now benefiting from Polo Ralph Lauren's Designer Corporation's fame and success.

StormedFilms: mine has 2 horses 2 men #3. is it RL polo or..??

MindOfNoe: bruh he said real ass niggas wear real polo but these real ass niggas were whatever because they dont give a damn

briagadaress: People obsessed with a brand, makes me sick. Enjoy struggling to pay your college long term debts so a billionaire like Ralph Lauren can get even richer every day. Good job, folks!

Mychal Davis: I put $1,000.00 at 3:01 has a fake Gucci backpack..his dumb ass need to be exposed lol along those cubic zirconia earrings
Ralph Lauren Polo vs. USPA 5 out of 5

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Ralph Lauren Polo vs. USPA