How To Set Time & Calendar On Citizen Eco-Drive 8700 BL8097-52E

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How to set Time & Calendar on Citizen Eco-Drive 8700 BL8097-52E
How to set Time & Calendar on Citizen Eco-Drive 8700 BL8097-52E
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ggryg: thanks for the awesome video!

MegaRemlap: Thank you so much. I use this video every time there is a time change lol

Steve Bircham: Thanks for the video. I would have never worked it out on my own.

Kevin B: Bro, I appreciate your effort at explaining this watch, I've had it for nearly ten years. But to be honest your video was almost 12 minutes long!!! And I still don't know how to change the day of week! As you weren't really clear on how to do that, so someone looking for a simple answer to just change the day, should not bother wasting the twelve minutes, also the video quality was also. Wry dark ...... This comment is purely constructive, please do not take it personally 

Adam Simmons: Cheers man 

Art Holder: Great job. Nice walk through. 

Marc Smith Sr.: Great Video tutorial. Thank you.

Seeley Booth: i got one as a gift. how long it should take to recharge under a lamp? its seems not working. thanks

dieckmannccp1: Great video. Very helpful. 

David Ruzicka: hej my date is changing with cca 13 hours delay and i dont know how to fix that, any ideas ?

Sabin Mihai: wrist size ? 

Joey Davis: Thanks for the help bought the watch and got the wrong box with no instructions . Thanks

Ricardo Rivera: Thanks! Quick and to the point.

Alina Mihaela Popescu: I have a problem :( when you say to pull and that sniny line has to be on 30 or 12 , mine is in 25 or 50 :( i don't know how to set it :(( 

mike brice: I have the identical model, that I bought new. It's been sitting and had no power, so I sat it under a lamp to recharge. When it came back to life, it needed to be set and I had no idea how to do it. Your video was awesome!!! Many thanks!

Evelyn Gugliotti: Very well done video, even if you aren't a professional videographer as you said up front. It's the content that counts, and yours is superb. While the watch is nice in appearance, it is the most complicated to set of any I've ever owned. A couple of other posters said there was an instructional CD inside the watch box. I didn't get one with mine. I don't know about the other posters. Thanks for your help.

Noor Ahmed: very helpful, thanks buddy!

Parth Jhaveri: Thank you very much for this! It was insanely helpful! Really great video! Would you by any chance be able to make a video explaining the "on" and "off" section by the days of the week, the alarm, and the local time sections maybe?

wiitele: that's the truth - thankfully once it is set you you don't need to change anything for awhile.

dragonswordkata: Thanks very much for the easy to follow advice!!! 20 minutes of ready summaried in 5 :)

wiitele: You're welcome my good.... sir :)

Faku Boss: You didn't get CD? in every box is CD with instruction

NoKough12: Thanks for making it nice and simple.. had this watch for a while let it go dead recharged it and forgot how to set it. Thanks

Brian Wong: most confusing watch ever to set!!!

Daniel Dossiter: Thank u help me out a lot

Pottigol: Thanks man. I tought i never figure out how it works.

Marin Karlos: GREAT VIDEO.. perfect

wiitele: me too bro me too - I have to readjust my calendar date; so I am returning here to watch the video to remember how :)

wogs: Awesome. I was getting so frustrated trying to set my watch back. Thanks!

wiitele: I appreciate the positive feedback, glad I could help.

clorangeable: thankyou for your help.

Leonard Ionescu: I got it than you I will buy this watch next week :)

wiitele: Thumbs up!

Michael Beninato: very good it is confusing

ghostwraith76: Thank you I love this watch and now I know how to set it. Thanks again

wiitele: Hope Santa brought the expected gift. Thanks for the nice comment - glad I could help ya out.

atyl1972: thanks man as i believe santa is bringing me the calibre watch from citizen, great help dude

Carmen Damiani: Great video. Thank you.

wiitele: My pleasure to help where I can.

wiitele: Thanks for the positive feedback - I will need to re-watch (no pun intended) this in order to reset my calendar date as it got missed up somehow and I cant remember how to do this. lol

wiitele: My Pleasure

ThePats: massive help thanks

sooraj solanki: Massive help...thanks a lot

wiitele: You're welcome my friend

Pratish Dayalji: Many thanks. Saved me hours by avoiding having to read the manual. Managed to set the time, calendar and switch off the alarm! All the best, pratish

Matt Broom: Excellent and very clear thanks very much I was having a nightmare figuring it out.

nguathanhtroy: Thanks you so much for making this useful video. I just ordered the watch and this video will save me time from reading the manual. Thanks again

wiitele: Glad I could help - My condolences on your loss. The watch seems like a perfect gift as you can reflect on the good times you had with your father and also remembering that though it may take awhile; time heals all wounds. Happy New year - be blessed.

swygart2: F'n awesome man! Getting it to Tuesday was the tricky part for me thanks for doing it even tho your was set correct already.

wiitele: Great gift - My wife got this for me and I love it. It's fancy, it works, it's sturdy, and the battery supposedly never dies. Awesome gift well worth the money. Thanks for the positive comment :)
How to set Time & Calendar on Citizen Eco-Drive 8700 BL8097-52E 4.8 out of 5

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How to set Time & Calendar on Citizen Eco-Drive 8700 BL8097-52E