Ruger MK III 22 45 Fieldstrip ( Disassemble & Reassemble ) Made Easy

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Claude Boileau: The best demo on this topic ! Clear and simple ! Congratulations Johnny !

Jesse Harris: So simple, I love it.

Can I request that for you next video, you make an how to on quantum physics?

me me big boy: is there a way to do it without dryfiring?

Rustedblade: Some people are born to teach, its a gift and you sir have it, I bet your children are high functional as a result

Brian Enos: Thanks for this video - straight forward, no b.s.  the way it should be.

Tim Burke: nice job man !

Mark Chagaris: Thanks for this video. Great job-- a real time saver.

Steve Dube: Loved the video Johnny. Straight to the point and simple. Great job.

Carlos Sandoval: ok you are the man i stopped cleaning mine as often and just spent 30 minutes trying ti get it right thx for the video,,,,ps getting a mark 4 lol

Carlos Sandoval: you are the man thank you soooooo much

danodbdb: Thank you!

13noman1: Certainly more streamlined than many videos of this otherwise great pistol. I sold my Mk III Hunter today because I just got tired of the assembly/re-assembly hassle and now the much simpler Mk IV is out. I might've stayed with my III if I'd only seen this first! Such is life.

caleb cotter: Great Video!

Alan Allen: I put it all together ok, but when I too pull the slide back, it only goes 1/2 way and stops, what am I doing wrong.

dahlski: Thanks. I have postponed taking it apart for awhile since people say it is hard but with you video I got it on the first try.

hector cardona: Best one I have seen, thanks!!!

Jason Holland: It has been said many times in the comments probably but I'm adding my two cents worth. Thanks for making my disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly a piece of cake. Great video.

Scott O'Malley: Fantasic strip down and video,always wanted one of these but the word was hard to strip down.Watching this video it couldn't be easy and people telling me how hard it was to strip down put me off. This video makes it look alot easier than my GSG 1911 .22. Thanks for taking the time share your knowledge and doing the video now i just gotta go get one.

Sensei Owens: And to think that there was actually a time when I would not use this fine pistol because I was concerned about breaking it down and putting it back together. You did an awesome job here. Thank you kindly for sharing your knowledge with us.

Colette Molyneaux: Excellent video! This is the first time I field stripped, cleaned and assembled. No problems. Thanks so much!
Ruger MK III 22 45 Fieldstrip ( disassemble & reassemble ) made easy 5 out of 5

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Ruger MK III 22 45 Fieldstrip ( disassemble & reassemble  ) made easy