Ruger MK III 22 45 Fieldstrip ( Disassemble & Reassemble ) Made Easy

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Did this video help you?

JayJay Trescincosiete: Yes. Thank you sir.

Richard Stevens: Great video! Wow!

Alan Bankey: This was easily the best made video of this type I've seen in a VERY long time. Short, simple, informative, and right to the point. Thank you!

mark bennett: It's very easy to disassemble, just take this out, put this in, twist this up, pointed Towards the Sky, turn this out, turn it upside down, shake it until you see fairy dust coming out, that point you'll be able to clean the barrel

Guy Worrell: Love it. Best field strip and reassemble video on this type of gun I have seen. I really like the fact that you didn't spend 30 minutes explaining every minute detail or everything that could possibly go wrong. Straight to the point. Keep up the great work.

H Owens: Great job you made the best video on assembly/disassembly on the Ruger 22/45.

Kevin Hammack: Excellent simple, direct video. Struggled on and off w/ reassemble for months, not anymore.

Joe Hayward: Thanks for making it so easy. Sadly in pass I half ass clean because getting apart and back together such a fight. Wow you made it so simple better than directions from Ruger

Roger Bowman: Great video I had to use a rubber mallet to break the barrel

Jamie Ficken: This is the best example of this process that I have seen. Great Job!!!!

Giovanni Menegon: thanks, you helped me so much.

137blackbird: Nice video. But my 22 45 did not come apart that easy to start with and it too is new. And when I went to put it back together I ended up getting help because it looked like the bolt wasn’t square and the pin would not go back in. PITA to say the least. But your video was awesome. Thank you.

蔡陰魂: sweeeeet!
thanks man

ateamNM: Thank you. After over 4000 rounds my Mark III really needed a good cleaning. I was successful thanks to you.

Brian Kloosterman: Thank you. John 3:14-18

Dan Brown: Great video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BobG127: I watched several other videos -- including Ruger's -- and could not get the thing to dry fire. I tried holding the dadgum pistol in every position imaginable (including following the Ruger video PRECISELY), short of having an exorcist praying over me as I stood on my head whilst trying to make sure the recalcitrant, possessed dangling pin hanging off the back of the hammer dropped into the depression on the inside of the spring housing pin assembly... I'd get it together, but could NOT get it to dry fire. I was about to assemble a fellowship and devise a plan to cast the gun into the fires of Mount Doom.

Then I found your video. Two minutes of watching, one minute of doing, and I had a working gun again. Sheesh. Thanks, Johnny.

richardoky: Instead of the instructions that came with the gun, they should of just put this link up. Probably would have saved several people from going to hell with all the cursing.

Claude Boileau: The best demo on this topic ! Clear and simple ! Congratulations Johnny !

Jesse Harris: So simple, I love it.

Can I request that for you next video, you make an how to on quantum physics?
Ruger MK III 22 45 Fieldstrip ( disassemble & reassemble ) made easy 5 out of 5

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Ruger MK III 22 45 Fieldstrip ( disassemble & reassemble  ) made easy