How To Fix Car Cigarette Lighter

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How to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter
How to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter
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Diya Zee: My question is what tipped you off that you need to remove the entire thing out from your car, and also where did you get the correct tools to disassemble the socket? Thank you! Very informative

5000nate: you must have your lighter is working but it's not producing enough power into my phone right now it seems not to be working correctly since I got my stereo installed

Mani Rajaram: say anyone with a pontiac montana...have problems with the rear cigarette light charger..?

Noah Barnhart: theres a fuse protecting you from too too high of a load. that fuseable link is for over heating. you should be fine as far as using too many amps as long as there is a fuse. i wouldnt trust that outlet with a lighter in it.

Jose Miranda: yo instale un cigarette ligher socket universal en la parte de atras del descansa braso de una toyota tacoma. y cuando le pongo el USB CHARGER me funde los fusibles de 15a. Que estoy haciendo mal

Tyler Davis: I have a 1991 Chevy s10 I was messing with the cigerate light and it messed up my lights in my dash and messed my radio does anybody got any solutions I already checked the fuses

Joseph Wolchak: I can't find that battery adapter remedy you show in the vid, How can I adapt something / lighter socket to attach to battery ?

Evan Wenneman: Probably wont get a response but worth a try. i have a 96 Saturn Sc2 and when i plug my phone charger in i have to wiggle it/ move it a certain way for it to stay on but if it gets bumped by the slightest thing it turns off. i want to go get my radar defector today but i dont know how to fix this.

Oscar Crespo: today I was trying to fix my cigarette lighter on my friend's car it is a Camry 1997 4 cylinder. During my work the two terminals got touched by an accident and now bought of them are showing ground signal. The pink color supposed to be the positive but now is ground signal. Do you have any idea what to do to fix it. Thanks for your help.

Jonathan Snead: Man I just wanna know how to actually use a cigarette lighter. I've searched a lot of crap and i can't come up with any answers. Is there ANYONE who knows how to make the cigarette lighter actually heat up the coil to light the damn cigarette

Jose Cano: ummm maybe speak the freak up.

Scott Cupoli: Hey! very helpful tip there. My Lexus RX300 has the same design cigarette lighters. Probably really nice if your in a pinch. But would be safer fixing it with the wire fuse. Peace!

Allison Jung: anybody have any advice on why my light in my ashtray went out at the same time my lighter did?

Russell Adams: Tried a paper clip fix up today. Worked like a charm.

mister leeds: renault megane3 dynamic 1.5 dci cigarette lights fuse replacement . anyone else to help

Treaos Serrare: while getting the proper parts from a dealership will more or less guarantee you functional parts from the manufacturer, you could just as easily find a replacement part like this at any junkyard for significantly less money.

Jak Hussain: hi
i accidently tapped the cigarette lighter with a screw driver and blew the fuse after replacing the fuse now the lights back on but doesn't fully charge the phone and the charge keeps dropping, any ideas?

BIG OH: whybob, you are the MAN!  Was doing the compressor thing to keep the spare properly inflated a day before heading on a road trip and yes compressor screwed things up.  How was I going to charge my phone on the road, or use my portable Magellan navigation?  But of course YOU and YouTube had me covered.  Did this on BOTH the cig. lighter (stopped working a long time ago and now I know why) and the power outlet.  Now my phone and I are ready (and my navi too) to hit the road.  Thank you so MUCH!

Arz2003: I forgot to post. When i plug the cell charger into the cig lighter outlet the charger lights up but wont charge the phone. I was wondering will it work if i just swap another washer instead?

Arz2003: Thanks for the vid! I have 85 Corolla Sedan and the cig ligther just gave up on me. I replace the cig lighter fuse with another 15A fuse still nothing. I am going to try what you did in the video if not i ll just drive to the junkyard to pick up the whole cig lighter part. 
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How to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter