How To Fix Car Cigarette Lighter

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bunkerbuster: $15 part, i'd rather buy a new one.. unless you have nothing else to do lol

George Allen: Thanks I have the same problem on Camry, I dont smoke so dont need the lighter but I do use a small compressor, so rather than dismantle I think I will get some crocodile clips and attach to the battery, good informative video pop in for a nice cup of tea if you are ever in nelson Bay!!

sivaraj palanisamy: i thought it is a kind of resistance and not fusible link.

Jeramy Martinez: You're forgetting the fuse that's located on the drivers widen kick panel... ALL modern cars have them.

Addy S: Thank you for the video it really helped me i was having trouble with my car and charging my phone but now it works because of the video.thanks

Terrance Hedrick: I'm SO glad I found this! I have the same problem, and the OEM part can no longer be found. Thanks, whybbob!!

Rich H: When you sell the car I hope you tell the new owner.

Volumptous Bousseum: Thanks. After going crazy trying to figure out what it was i finally gave up and than I saw this video and now it is fixed.

Jay Potterfield: Works perfect, thanks!!

bigdumbdaddy: Also worked on my 05 mazda mpv. Thanks for the information.

L J: Thanks kindly. It worked fine.

dpl1108121: what is a "radar detector"?

Stephen Jackson: On my accord it was a little different behind the lighter there was a plastic housing I opened it and the power wire was supposed to be touching this piece metal on the lighter but it looked like the soder broke or something. I bent the wire so it touches the lighter and it works fine now.

iiTechno: I bought a radar today and my cigarette lighter isnt working..

blackey negro: His car later cought fire for that one little pices xp

ScopeyeZ: You have to first get off the dash "fascia". To do this, unclip your smoke tray (if you have one) and there will be 2 screws there, then the rest just needs some clipping out, be gentle! Then just figure out however to get out the cigarette lighter, make sure you don't break the seal that's on top that blends with the dash, you can destroy everything else though :) Once you do that, go to super cheap and buy a new one, re install and plug in!

Saderdanjiel: Great video. I had the same problem, caused by a portable air compressor. The link was melted between two of the bronze clamps. Checked the fuse and it was good. I removed the insulating washer and it led to the fuse being blown right away. I had to replace the washer, the fuse, and insert a bent paper clip to bridge the link. Annoying as heck but it did the trick.

whybbob: try behind the coin tray (left of the steering wheel). you will have to pull the tray out completely.


chris23pao: Do it! It's exactly the same! (I own the same car as you...)

Khayal ALiyev: thank you very much . It worked...Saved trip to autoparts,money and more important my time... appreciate you

hmoobtejnthxais: this fix is so sweet! took me a total of 10 minutes to take a part and put back together. works like a charm! thanks. anyone have issues with this fix yet?

trancendent: Thanks for the vid. My cigarette lighter stopped working and kept burning out the fuses in my car. Removed the little washer and it's working just like new. Is it still safe to use a splitter to power my devices? Just a cell phone charger and radar detector.

Derek K: Use a flathead screwdriver and gently but firmly pry up in the top two side corners about an inch down from the top. You may have to go back and forth until the clips spring free

ScopeyeZ: Go buy a new one from SuperCheap - If you're aussie that is. If not, any automotive store

whybbob: @spokes121 - remove the slide-out tray that's next to the cig lighter, then pull at the plastic trim and the clips will pop loose. A good place to start pulling is the hole where you just removed the tray. be careful not to break any clips, there are no screws. last step, disconnect wire harness to cig lighter.

whybbob: @will9630 you can connect higher load appliances than before, however, you run a higher risk of damaging your wire harness, circuitry, or causing a fire since the fusible link has been bypassed (by removing washer). I use the lighter socket to power my radar detector and charge my phone. If you want to run a power inverter or portable air compressor, I highly suggest that you connect them straight to the battery using a socket to clamp adapter.

JayT Myhre: @mikpugz no what?.. the tom tom?

Eric Boston: I can't thank you enough for posting this! Great video!

whybbob: no problem. forgot to mention, make sure you open the tray first before you start pulling at it. good luck.

EliteDekaronA9: or go to auto zone and buy a new one for $4.96

HUSTLEBANE: What is a Car Cigarette Lighter used for and why is it inside the car? I mean couldn't you just buy your own.

kevin chan: thanks for the video, my lighter just broke from air compressor, going to try fixing it, hopefully I wont break anything else.

crystalbluep: Fixed my Acura RL using this technique! I can't believe it! Thanks a bunch! Removing the trim around the cig lighter and shifter....use a credit card to slip under the trim a bit and pry it up a little with the cred card; then slip your fingers under and lift little by little carefully.

whybbob: stephjax93 - take a look at the amp rating printed on both chargers. if the laptop charger is rated significantly higher, i wouldnt recommend using it in the socket. instead, try a battery adapter like the one in my response video. either way, please update us on how it goes, very curious if this fix works on other makes and models besides Toyota. Thank you!

Jay Alvarez: my 09 corolla doesn't work.. no short.. everything is connected.. an fuse is good.. maybe the entire socket is fried

iwRULEZ: lol my one wasent working so i put my thumb on it to see not the best thing but it dosent hurt only leaves a maek

whybbob: never had any problems with this fix, sold the car last year tho

lonjetemoco: this fix works lilke a charm, i fixed my 97' tacoma and saved $45 plus labor the dealer wanted to charge me for this job, thank you dude...........

deadlyfretbuzzz: Thanks for posting. Your story is nearly identical to mine. I used my cigarette lighter on my 93 Toyota Camry to pump an air mattress while camping a few weekends ago. Apparently its somewhat common knowledge that using an ordinary cigarette lighter to power an air mattress pump can overload the circuit, but i didn't know. I bought a replacement lighter but it was missing the parts that you replaced in your video. I did exactly what you did and it works great! Thanks again!

Kelly Olivares Gonzalez: Thank you so much! I have a 96 Toyota Celica and couldn't figure out what was wrong. Seriously I'm a chick and it was really simple. I appreciate your post.

amanda kissnhug: what year of corolla? i have a 1993 model and debating whether to do it or not?

JayT Myhre: I have the same problem... 95 Camry.. burnt by air compressor... go firgure.. lol.. Connecting a new wire or paperclip will do no use.. I tried both with no success.. So I removed the Insulator and ~Voila~ Thank you for that... now my question is.. do you think A "Tom Tom" would excess the voltage capacity of the "jerry rigged" connection?¿

whybbob: @oxgon hi, I'm glad it worked for you also and I'm really glad people found the video useful. Just like you, I went for years with the busted cig lighter. I couldn't believe how simple the fix was. I wish I had done it sooner! cheers.

htfrankie: Thanks so much. Same exact thing happened to me. Toyota put this link there for a reason and I don't wish to find out why so as you mentioned I'll only use it for my cell or GPS. I'll snip the adapter off of my compressor, put some alligator clips and connect directly to the battery from now on. Thanks for your help

Pey Luster: VERY VERY VERY my cig lighter has been out on my toyota supra for months I changed it like 4 different times all the same until I found this VERY helpful sir thanks

crxracer805: How do I pull it out without breaking it?

whybbob: @EdBoonSucks - I really like that idea, splicing in a standard fuse would be a good replacement for the low tolerance fusible link. One thing I forgot to point out in the video is that most cars do have a fuse for the cig lighter circuit in the kick panel fuse box. Hopefully, this fuse would blow before the wire harness overheats. However, a second fuse wouldn't hurt. Thank you for the input!

Robbie Robinson: Remember they're been in cars for at least 50 years. Everybody smoked in the 50s and 60s, so that's why cars havw laways had them. Like Bob, because most people have given up: the ash tray became a drw to put coins in, etc The ligher socket is now used as a power point. Adapter for to run TVs, electric jugs and a million other things have been around since the 60s, especially for campers.

crxracer805: Oh sweet, thanks for your help
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