How To Fix Car Cigarette Lighter

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Did this video help you?

Jerry Romero: crap to down it worked for me 🙌🏻

joe shmo: this helped my cancer too

JoceyVDV: My car charger got stuck in there

Jakob Felan: Hey man awesome video! Much thanks to you sir this fixed my outlet in less than 5 minutes and now it works like a charm #WhoNeedsSafetyFeatures haha

Jay Tarro: This problem happened on my 95 Camry. The 12V cigarette power suddenly went off while using an air compressor. The problem wasn't a blown fusible link. The link wasn't making a good contact with its crimped connector. The plastic insulator on the link looked distorted like the link might have been melted but it wasn't blown. I re-crimped the link and it worked ok.

The link is silver colored and appears to be aluminum. It's about 0.04 inch diameter and is solid, not stranded. I bent the end of it twice and a short section of it cracked off. This is consistent with aluminum which lacks ductility compared with copper and is known to not make good electrical connections.

The problem with such a fusible link is that it can fail when needed the most, such as when using a compressor on the roadside or trying to run a cell phone, It's not easy to fix on the spot. Bypassing the link and relying on the 15A cigarette fuse seems to be a more reliable approach.

Soonmush: why you didn't install a fuse?

Pravardhan Udaya Simhaa: You could have installed a small fuse between the metal connections...?

bogeytu: Did this on my 97' Lexus LS 400 ashtray lighter and center console power port inside arm rest. also had to replace the burnt out 15 amp fuse from the fuse box under the hood labeled (TEL). That's the one for the center console power port inside arm rest. I guess it stands for telephone for when they had car phones.

Russell Ngataki: Thank mate! My car lighter hasn't been working for 3 years until now. One big Thumbs Up to you

NYFMA: Thanks for the video. This fix (removing insulator) is exactly what they recommend on toyotanation.
I have successfully removed the lighter trim assembly (thanks to this video: ) but now have to find a tool small enough to remove the nut. You are lucky you had such a small socket, I will have to use a needle nose pliers. Either way I should be good soon. BTW I fried my link by running a tire pump air compressor with the engine running. Bad idea as this is a bit more than 12 volts - usually around 13.4.

Cesar Saldivar: mine looks exactly like that one but I can't find it anywhere to buy it

merlin72572: My god your voice is so boring and thanks for showing people how to burn their car out,

butchtropic: Great vid IF your issue is with a Toyota, USELESS for GM, Ford.

Touring life: Thanks for sharing, didn't work for my camry. Both my cigarette lighter and 12v plugs are out. All fuses are good.

NaysayersGonnaNaysay: Great video. your voice was irritating as freak during some parts. but thanks

Fred Corey: Thank you for taking the time to share this fix! It worked perfect to repair my cigarette lighter. I also blew it using a portable air compressor.

Jay Gill: Thanks man, very clear and descriptive. I was going to replace the fuse with a wire which would've done the same thing except 10x the work.

Ray Wright: okay great, but how do you get this part OUT OF THE CAR??

Unknown: Looked like that wire was serving some type of safety purpose. Not sure what since it looked like only a wire. I'd just replace the socket. You can buy those sockets pretty cheap. Mine are 4 dollars OEM. To each his own I guess.
How to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter 5 out of 5

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How to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter