TF2 How To Get The Lugermorph FREE! (not Really Free) Poker Night At The Inventory

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A macska csatorna: Well... It's helpfull because when you win the games you can requerest a refound and it's easy. Thanks for valve.

Petre: what a game name?

Peter Kowalski: Can I use steam achievement manager?


Ilikegames: one problem I have know idia how to play poker

Ivan Pejić: where you go to play poker night

Replay Value: cant play this since im muslim... Drat!

The Slam Dream: it cost money

Ferenc Toth: ? game

Denizsnower: Houston we have problem i cant play poker......... crap no nazi gun me :(

Pedro Colaço: I got the lugermoprh achiv but diddnt get the gun,what to do?

Himan lick: how do u get to this game?

{Dark} Phantom: ไม่ฟรีนะต้องซื้อเกมก่อน

IHazQuarentine: I forgot that red guy is from. Sorry.

Morphz3: If I was in a knockout with max and someone else beat max can I get the item again even though I got the achievement already because i didn't get the lugermorph.

Cole Jenkins: The Engineer's secondaries aren't very good. Only two of them a actual guns, and the cool one of those two can't even be obtained unless you spend $5 on a poker game. :(

DecentYoutuber69: u no help maggot

Connor Kenway: Whats this game s name??!

GoldTheAngel: music's so jazzy! thanks for the tip

Fox Wynn: Got it! :D
TF2 how to get the lugermorph FREE! (not really free) Poker Night at the Inventory 5 out of 5

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TF2 how to get the lugermorph FREE! (not really free) Poker Night at the Inventory