Official January 2014 TCG Yugioh Ban List (Welcome Back Magician Of Faith)

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Yugioh TCG Banlist January 2014 Magician of Faith Returns
Yugioh TCG Banlist January 2014 Magician of Faith Returns
December 2013 Banlist Discussion
December 2013 Banlist Discussion

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Mkohl40: Its Ban List Time!

BlackMist: Konami, how about Gold sarc at 3?

NJS2011: Best Banlist ever! (even if my dragunity deck is now dead, sadly)

ljaquos: Ravine Banned? Thats....unnecessary...I feel bad for Dragunity players...caught in the dragon massacre of condolences


zygas25: Hm, juding from this list, is the plauge synchro engine back? Mezuki at 3 means zombies gonna go meta. Faith at 1 nothing to worry about

Zologe: Tenki Back at three! Oh Hell Yeah Konami! Best thing ever! Oh, and Tour guide is back. That's cool too

CardGamesTV1: we have Tsukuyomi, magician of faith,scapegoats and BLS they might as well have given use metamorphosis and thousand eyes restrict back too.. LOL

Kenneth Scars: This video was terrible...All you did was read off the banlist and called it good. You should have atleast discussed what that means in the meta of 2014, or at the very least said which decks will be hindered by this. I would much rather watch that one yugioh channel where the girls read off deck profiles while touching themselves. Way more entertaining than this

Waldo Thegreatbananaman: Yess fire fist ftw

edwardo dejesus: Not even worth playing anymore...

Grade2efficient: Anyone still think Stardust/spark-Vanity's emptiness is still a threat next format? The good thing is that decks other than dragons can do it but just not as fast.

BlazeNarutoShippuden: Time to edited my side deck, I'll now side deck three light-imprisoning mirrors

William Mundy: Why do I get the feeling that this is going to be a Bujin vs Constellar format..

Verz Waddle: Saw the ban list earlier... just had to call my doctor about my erection lasting more than an hour.

Elizan Iglesias: freak this game! Lmfao

Aussielicious: Magician of Faith <3 It's been SO long, ironic in a way, as she now puts our 'FAITH' back into Konami and their list. :')

Keichi kun: well time for evilswarms and constellars to move up a tier

Crossplay10: M7 is back at three? Welcome back, Hieratic Gishki!

The Phriendly Duelist: ihate to be "THAT" guy.. but you should check my videos out (: i been working on my channel more and im hoping to get some more support (:

xBlackwingDestiny: How come when I check it,it still says oct. 11 - dec. 31 2013? I check the list three times already

dmscimo: Ow I think dragons got hit too hard 

Robert Riley: 3x Tour Guide lets goooooooooo

TheNewCards101: Happy they killed dragons...WHERE'S STRATOS?!?

Andynic12: And the virus cards are still a thing.

Nadhir Mazouni: Should've made ophion semi to be honest. Glad to see chaos sorcerer up to 2 to give twilight decks a bit of a boost again.

Michael Laurion: BYE RULER!!! :DDDDD now guys, we can play yu-gi-oh!

Saki630: All right! M7 otk/ftk here we go!

Wslasher: Wish we had that list here in the OCG!!

dannyd Alcantar: Dragunity will go in my box of dead decks #2 next to hero paladin; my main 5 decks are darklords, constellar zw, fire fist , malefic skill drain, and either harpie rabbit or blackwings

leroy sopacua: flip faith, summon tsuki and repeat for a one day of peace stall deck

Flare RJ: PhoenixFlareX's deck RIP

Vader tan: Three tour guides but no sangan... :(

Rirgul: Bestiari ;'(


Night 0wl: Dragon Rulers are dead. With that new banlist, they are 100% finished. There's no way to help em out this time. I'm positive on that

IxXpabloXxI: I'm calling it now, spellbooks are going to win YCS Atlanta.

Corn on de Cobb: So FF, Bujins, Constellars, Fire kings, Zombies, and Plants are going to be good :)

Team bodokai: Why is stratos not at 1

zero itac: Ravine dus nog desirve a hit niether did debris stoked about lonefire at 2 hand The death of rulers sad about stratos nog coming back

Doom Lord RKS: T.G. Striker, Mezuki and Plaguespreader,to 3, the dragons to 1, Sixth Sense and RftDD purged. I am ok with this.

Joshua Barra: Ravine to 2 would have done it now that big dragons are at 1. This makes the Redox I need for my Karakuri dirt cheap xP bye bye dragon ruler infested locals, hello chaos plant/stun deck fair format!

erty3125: And bujins get 6 rota's but heroes cant get stratos. And rota stays at one

jordan2724: WHY NO STRATOS?!?!?

ReneBrain: i like that list, although stratos needs to get unbanned :D

TrueAbs0luti0n: and JD still at 3... guess I'll just be killing myself then.. fun ride guys!

Pratesh Ramjohn: If Dragon Rulers were hit so bad, why the hell would you also hit Ravine. Damage Dragunities IMO.

holden artis: Worried about lightsworns? Play battle fader.

John Vargas: Looks like its time to whip out my Agents!

Svetozar Petrushkov: Realy nice ban list! Im only sad about stratos still banned :(
Official January 2014 TCG Yugioh Ban List (Welcome Back Magician of Faith) 4.7 out of 5

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Official January 2014 TCG Yugioh Ban List (Welcome Back Magician of Faith)