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troympayne: Not a big fan of recoil? Are you scarred of the kick? My cousin is 5ft and 60ibs and he shoots 30-06, 30-30, 12 gauges, 16 gauges, etc. all damn day and with better accuracy then most people I ever shot with. I would recommend buying a older model 30-06 with a wooden or steel plate butt. Shoot it all day and get used to the recoil.

troympayne: Pulling on the sling causes you to jump when you fire in most cases making you miss your target. Other than that decent video and information.

biggyrat57: I have one in .22 hornet with a Bushnell 10x40 fixed mil dot. A real spanker.

huntinguy532: @SumthnfancyProject No I talking of out in the woods id be givin a c7 if I went to war

SumthnfancyProject: In the field? You went to war with that thing?!!?

huntinguy532: @Roflzmahwoflz Yes a very good Idea for a new or expericend shooter single shot hammer to pull back on helps keep things safer when your starting out (Not bad mouthing your abilities as a shooter or your saftey practices)

Jordan Buechler: I'm looking at getting one of these for my first gun. Good idea?

sweg biggums: @705Ibanez it does affect accuracy/ range if too hot

705Ibanez: bull barrel for longer ranges? They are made to not heat up as fast so they stay accurate while target shooting, nothing to do with range

huntinguy532: @chasest123 My dad had that rifle since I was born it was all he had at that time and likes how its set up

Secluded mang: why do u have the under sight scope mounts that doesnt help you con also fix the hammer issue by moving the scope forward a bit

Peidmonte89: I am getting a gun like this but with woodstock and in .243. Where can I get a but hammer like the one you had? Cuz Im gonna be using it for deer hunting and using a scope. I got big hands too.

Peidmonte89: I have bought H&R products be4. Their are no better quality guns for the money. As a matter of fact they and Savage are my two favorites for rifles, and H&R makes my favorite shotgun, The Pardner which I have in 12 gauge. I am actually going to be buying a Handi-Rifle in 30-30 so that I can get used to having some recoil but not paying alot for ammo. Also I will be using it for whitetail so I really cant wait.

huntinguy532: Thanks for helping me clear up this issue that has been happening in my comment box,now I take it your a U.S. marine and I usally shoot winchester 223 ammo lol,thanks cant go wrong with one of these rifles.

gnigged68: 5.56 in either the M193 or M855 runs at about 60-62k psi. SAAMI specs for .223 run at 55k psi. SAAMI does not regulate 5.56 pressure. Some of the Malaysian M193 loads run at 67k psi. They are also dimensionally different. You probably buy Remington Green box .223 anyways so it shouldn't be an issue. I've been in the Marines for 7 years, and not ONCE has anyone ever told me the difference between .223 and 556. I doubt soldiers know either. lol Nice rifle btw. Looking at one myself.

huntinguy532: They measure the exact same around one in metric and the other in standerd

02lb72500HD: @huntinguy532 they arent the same round. they measure almost the same but the 5.56 does have higher case pressures than a typical 223

Sono Guap: I got one in .30-06

huntinguy532: Check the new england firearms website call them or look at local gun shops you well most likley have to call them if anything is wrong with it.

huntinguy532: There the exact same round one is mesahured in metric and the other in standard ask any canadian or american solider.
review of the handi rifle 5 out of 5

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review of the handi rifle