End Fed Half Wave Vertical Antenna

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The Marvelous 10/20/40 Half-Wave End-Fed Antenna.
End Fed Half Wave Vertical Antenna
End Fed Half Wave Vertical Antenna
End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna Tuner
End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna Tuner
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MYANTENNAS EFHW-8010 End Fed Antenna
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Stealthy end fed vertical

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Mike (KA5CVH) Urich: Hmmmm, this is one of the worse videos about antennas I've seen yet. Its going to lead a lot of newbies into a world of frustration. A properly designed half wave dipole would only be resonate on one band and would NOT require any tuner. Now ... if you want to refer to it as a multi-band vertical requiring a tuner ... fine. I essentially assembled something similar for a fraction of the price using a piece of wire taped to a 30' fiberglas pole that goes into a receiver mount on my vehicle. One side of my balun goes to the wire ... the other side to the chassis of my car. Feedline to a manual tuner (my choice) and 'voila. The mount to go into my receiver, the mast, wire and balun cost about $70 two years ago.

AMATEUR & 11M RADIO TIM: Doesn't look like they ship outside of the states that's a shame

RViscara: What a beautiful rig. I live about 7 blocks from Elecraft I just found out. I am a new ham and thinking of this type of antenna due to me HOA rules. I probably could get by with a dipole of its thin enough. I like to thank you for answer question I had if I used a umbrella stand base for the anchor of a antenna if it will effect signals.

1903A3shooter: Great rig, some tuners will match a bed spring but that does not mean that is a good antenna.

ELiTE_OpTiic: What about transmitting signal?

Ian Parsons: Just put one together and can't wait to get it up on a squid pole. Weather in Melbourne OZ is not great atm so I will have to wait.
Living in a restrictive 'heritage' area I am limited in what I can get up.

Dick Fageroni: what about the ground/counterpoise?

- Alexia Neal -: music is crap m0wem

Andrew Holman: Is this usable for 100w? I like the idea of the retractable pole and stand for an umbrella.  Just want to make sure that I can run 100W with it.  I am looking for a solution until the HOA allows me to put up a more stationary unit or just use this.

videosbymike: This is the best $50 I have spent on ham radio gear. I have one in my attic and one for portable work.  I have talk around the globe with both of them.  Checkout my channel for videos using this antenna.

Prepare for the worst and pray for the best,


John La Sala: I bought this antenna for our condo.  Installs within minutes mounted the unit underneath my awning and threw the remaining length of the wire over the roof top. My first contact was on 10 meters was Finland. This is a great antenna for coops and condo restrictions.

Robert pendergast: I like it! N5JYW

Indrid Cold: There are a lot of people criticising this antenna. They are missing the point. The point is, this is an effective antenna for those on an extremely tight budget and have limited space, like myself. All I have is a small rig I found in the trash and worked a month replacing tiny components to get it to work on a measly 50 watts pep. The antenna is a J-pole made from small galvanized conduit. The coaxial cable was also found in the trash. The power supply is an Xbox 360 power supply with the end cut off. I mount this garbage antenna on the roof on a metal vent. 10 meters gets good VSWR. Good VSWR does not always mean good propagation. A dummy load has great VSWR. 10 meters is the only voice HF, I can use with my lowly 25 year old license. There is little sense in upgrading to general when I can not afford any equipment and my salvaged radio only has an 18 megahertz to 30 megahertz range. I am making a home made straight CW key from a mouse trap, cabinet knob, and old relay contacts. Poverty sucks!

Captain Ron: Thanks guys for the great demo.....   I need a portable antenna and that looks great...  73's  K2LOG..

War Planner: The VSWR of your half wave vertical is NOT the 1.l, 1.4, etc. that you state. That's just the VSWR that your K-2's tuner resolves to. Put an SWR meter between the rig and the antenna and see what that reads.

Moreover, your half-wave vertical is only a half on approximatey 14 Mhz. On 40m, it's a quarter wave and would need some counterpoise to be effective.

But it seems to perform comparably to the OCF dipole..and that' s probably because of its low take-off angle.

WA2JSG: Nice video, thanks.

Steve Weiss: That reminds me.  I made one of these end fed antennas a few weeks ago and forgot all about it. Guess I am going to have to test it out!

GoodPhotographDotCom: Great video....just bought the same antenna from the folks in Hawaii...was not considering a vertical approach but am now as a result of the video. I am curious how you attached the box to the mast? Wire ties? Also, loved the idea of the umbrella stand for the mast! Thanks!

1redrubberball: It's apparent that you're happy with your antenna. However, it is not as efficient as it could be because you don't have a 50 ohm feedpoint Z at the lower end of the vertical. Your coax cable has several db of loss because the feedpoint Z of the antenna is very high, over 1000 ohms, possibly 2-5K, on 20 M. Antenna tuner in the rig only satisfies the rig. Put an auto tuner at the vertical and ditch the balun.

SirLobsterman: would like to see it's performance in a horizontal set up, tree to tree. realistic demonstration to what a QRP hiker or camper might do on a mountain or even at a shore of a large lake or ocean, ect. .
also, the 9:1 unun plans are easily found through google for free, like this one:
End Fed Half Wave Vertical Antenna 5 out of 5

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End Fed Half Wave Vertical Antenna