End Fed Half Wave Vertical Antenna

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End Fed Half Wave Vertical Antenna
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Andrew Holman: Is this usable for 100w? I like the idea of the retractable pole and stand for an umbrella. Just want to make sure that I can run 100W with it. I am looking for a solution until the HOA allows me to put up a more stationary unit or just use this.

videosbymike: This is the best $50 I have spent on ham radio gear. I have one in my attic and one for portable work. I have talk around the globe with both of them. Checkout my channel for videos using this antenna. Prepare for the worst and pray for the best, Mike

John La Sala: I bought this antenna for our condo. Installs within minutes mounted the unit underneath my awning and threw the remaining length of the wire over the roof top. My first contact was on 10 meters was Finland. This is a great antenna for coops and condo restrictions.

William Phinizy: The VSWR of your half wave vertical is NOT the 1.l, 1.4, etc. that you state. That's just the VSWR that your K-2's tuner resolves to. Put an SWR meter between the rig and the antenna and see what that reads. Moreover, your half-wave vertical is only a half on approximatey 14 Mhz. On 40m, it's a quarter wave and would need some counterpoise to be effective. But it seems to perform comparably to the OCF dipole..and that' s probably because of its low take-off angle.

Indrid Cold: There are a lot of people criticising this antenna. They are missing the point. The point is, this is an effective antenna for those on an extremely tight budget and have limited space, like myself. All I have is a small rig I found in the trash and worked a month replacing tiny components to get it to work on a measly 50 watts pep. The antenna is a J-pole made from small galvanized conduit. The coaxial cable was also found in the trash. The power supply is an Xbox 360 power supply with the end cut off. I mount this garbage antenna on the roof on a metal vent. 10 meters gets good VSWR. Good VSWR does not always mean good propagation. A dummy load has great VSWR. 10 meters is the only voice HF, I can use with my lowly 25 year old license. There is little sense in upgrading to general when I can not afford any equipment and my salvaged radio only has an 18 megahertz to 30 megahertz range. I am making a home made straight CW key from a mouse trap, cabinet knob, and old relay contacts. Poverty sucks!

Captain Ron: Thanks guys for the great demo..... I need a portable antenna and that looks great... 73's K2LOG..

Robert pendergast: I like it! N5JYW

WA2JSG: Nice video, thanks.

1redrubberball: It's apparent that you're happy with your antenna. However, it is not as efficient as it could be because you don't have a 50 ohm feedpoint Z at the lower end of the vertical. Your coax cable has several db of loss because the feedpoint Z of the antenna is very high, over 1000 ohms, possibly 2-5K, on 20 M. Antenna tuner in the rig only satisfies the rig. Put an auto tuner at the vertical and ditch the balun.

Steve Weiss: That reminds me. I made one of these end fed antennas a few weeks ago and forgot all about it. Guess I am going to have to test it out!

SpaceCityBeats: Thanks just saw the end of video with purchase info. Thanks for the info! 73

GoodPhotographDotCom: Great video....just bought the same antenna from the folks in Hawaii...was not considering a vertical approach but am now as a result of the video. I am curious how you attached the box to the mast? Wire ties? Also, loved the idea of the umbrella stand for the mast! Thanks!

SpaceCityBeats: Where did you get the pole?

SpaceCityBeats: I was under the impression that an FCC Amateur Radio License will supersede any HOA restrictions against antennas. Search youTube, I saw the News clip there.

SirLobsterman: would like to see it's performance in a horizontal set up, tree to tree. realistic demonstration to what a QRP hiker or camper might do on a mountain or even at a shore of a large lake or ocean, ect. . also, the 9:1 unun plans are easily found through google for free, like this one: http://www.m0ukd.com/Magnetic_Long_Wire_UnUn/9to1.jpg

stanscoyote: It is an Elecraft K2 transceiver.

stanscoyote: I prefer ferrite beads. An 8 turn coax choke affected my SWR negatively.

Paul Linnell: I just bought the 9:1 with 31' of wire for $ 44.00 shipped on E-Bay. I have a couple of 31' extendable fiberglass poles so I'm ready to let'r rip. Thanks for the inspiration and information regarding the antenna. I also operate qrp and am awaiting the arrival of my KX3.

Barry Clayton: I made this antenna with a 10m fish pole and an 9.1 Balun I have worked USA on 10 15 12 also 40 and 80m, i said to my ham teacher should i be able to do this ? he said if you kicking out RF Ya hihi Barry 2E0PEC 73 QTH Halifax Yorkshire UK

Kk Andretti: Thanks Stan..:) enjoyed the video also.:)

Raymond Burns: What about radials De ray wb2mly

kenwood8029: Really informative. I've been experimenting with there here lately and am beginning to like what I see and hear. Good job.

stanscoyote: An end fed antenna has a very high feedpoint impedance which translates into a very low ground return requirement. You should read up on the subject (the Web has lots of good info as do the various ARRL handbooks). The shield on the coax feedline is providing enough of a "counterpoise" in my setup. If you feel better, cut a 1/4 wave piece of wire for the band or bands of interest and toss in on the ground. I'll bet you won't notice any difference. I didn't ;-)

Crobular I: Surely it needs a 9-1 UN UN toroid transformer though. 2.5" toroid and 18 bi-filar turns should do it.

aka572: Thanks for the video Stan but it only tells me how well the antenna receives signals. Now I would like to know how well others can hear your station. Maybe another video? Tnx agn es 73

stanscoyote: I am not familiar with the Ultimax 100. As far as the toroid power, it's good for 100 watts. Antenna is supposed to work in horizontal and sloping configuration, as well as inverted "L", but I've never tried it and am would not be equipped to measure differences in performance anyway. I use it purely as a "tiny footprint, no radial, easy-up-easy-down" vertical for portable and home 'stealth' use. Thanks and 73, Stan.

Seymour Lindt: Awesome...ZS1CPT

pasqual dijkstra: i really like this radio, where can i buy it ?

stanscoyote: Thanks for your comment, Barry, and glad to hear of your success. These EFHWAs certainly deserve their rightful place among our many antenna options. They are efficient, effective, inexpensive, and able to be cobbled together by just about anyone. 73 es gud DX.

stanscoyote: Patrick ON4CDJ - Thank you for your comments. The short answer to your questions is that the antenna is very effective on 40 meters through 10 meters even though it is only resonant on 20. That's why it needs some method of tuning - either an antenna tuner, coupler, or at the least a parallel adjustable tuned circuit. I use my internal tuners. Recent QSOs examples: TF3CW on 30; RO9O,5T0JC, ZD8ZZ, TU2T, on 17; 5N7M on 12; ON4UN, RK3ER on 10. All 5 watts or less; Worst RST 539 (ON4UN).

Zach Bender: looks like you were on 24.89, thats right at the band edege - your signal could have splattered outside the band. Good practice is to move up a bit on said band so you don't risk it.

1903A3shooter: I dont see the excitement here. A piece of wire with a 9to1 transformer. Your tuner in the transmitter is giving the low SWR reading not that wire. A end fed half wave can be a good antenna no doubt but it can not resonate on a bunch of bands like that.

dback4430: Thanks so much . Finally a " direct answer " I am a new ham , have yet to make my first qso . Been playing with all sorts of antennas since i am in a second floor apt , The situation is grim. This may prove to be the best solution for me . I will just operate portable :) I have read so much on the subject that it all os a blurr . Thanks again David

stanscoyote: Does not need radials. Halfwave antennas have very high feedpoint impedances with correspondingly low current return requirements. The coax outer shield does the job in this setup. That's the appeal of half wavelength wires. Read up on it; worthwhile learning about them.

stanscoyote: I bought two large plastic spring clips from Staples meant to hold thick sheafs of paper. Then, for each clip, I just cut a length of small diameter bungee cord, knotted it, slipped it over the mast (from the bottom) and adjusted the spacing to what I felt was a good working "wrap size". 73, Stan

steveinkentucky: Oops...make that 10/20/40m...

steveinkentucky: I didn't make my end fed antenna, but I have 2 Par EndFedz--a full length 20m model, and the 10/30/40 QRP Mark II model. I love the performance, solid construction and amazing customer service that LnR Precision gives you. While Dale Parfitt no longer owns that section of his company (Par Electronics), Dale is always willing to discuss them and give advice. But, making some sounds like a good investment also.

N8ZU: Hey gr8 shoot out. I would have had a coax choke on the half wave. 73 de n8zu good luck and good dxing

MrXSpeaks: Thanks for this video. I now have a setup like this that I use portable

WX9DX: LOL:) Any antenna is better than no antenna:) But your compairison was way off base. Have Fun. 73 Jimmy, ARRL TC, WX9DX

m0ggk: Hi stan,

stanscoyote: I believe it can make some difference but I never experimented with it. The tuner resolves any differences. I typically use around 25 feet and it's just cheap 52 ohm cable from Radio Shack. 73

Audio Fidelity: Thank you for the reply sir! 73, Dave

Peri Cosseboom: I have a 33 foot end fed wire with a Hawaii end fed match box. Very nice from 10 to 40. Particularity on 10. The guys with the big beams and 1000 watts are clueless and jealous.

stanscoyote: I guess you did not read *all* the comments and answers here, my friend - of course it is resonant *only* at a single half wave frequency where it's efficiency is maximized, but it's *also* darn good at *all* frequencies that are higher than halfwave. It's all about available options when we can't have the "perfect solution". High SWR antennas actually work quite well when properly "managed" - for example, the L.B. Cebik-style 44' multiband doublet that is non resonant in *any* ham band. 73.

2e0bax: There is always a way to get on any band in any building, view it as a challenge. I have enjoyed many portable activations as well as pedestrian mobile. CW rocks, I'm not very good at it, but its so much more efficient. As for antenna experimentation google my call sign....73 de M0GIA

TMFOK7: Hey guys... Great little video! I being an apartment dweller now know exactly what I am going to do for an HF antenna! Thanks and best 73,,,,K7TMF

reddog694uk: This is very similar to the ultimax 100 antenna but a homebrew version, yes? Nice job, would like to see how it performs in horizontal and sloping configuration, also, what kind of power is the toroid rated at? Great vid !! Mark M3STF U.K

stanscoyote: Dear ADI YO2LIW - no, an end fed half wave antenna does not require radials. It requires only the simplest return such as a very short counterpoise (as short as one meter, a simple ground rod, or even a big piece of metal (like a fence or an air conditioning unit). My vertical in this video is just using the coax shield. The reference material noted at the end of the video provides much more information. Of course it's understood that improving the ground beneath ANY antenna improves perf.

stanscoyote: Oh Gosh, don't give up. There are all kinds of solutions for those of us living with antenna restrictions. I've earned QRP DXCC and QRP WAC with indoor antennas and five watts. Just makes it more fun. The secret: CW and perseverance. Welcome to Ham Radio. Keep reading but start experimenting. Sooner or later it will begin to make sense. 73, Stan
End Fed Half Wave Vertical Antenna 4.7 out of 5

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End Fed Half Wave Vertical Antenna