How To Install Replace Vent Air Door Actuator Ford Taurus Mercury Sable 96-07

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Frank Daniels: Thanks so much for the video. My air works well but I only get heat after the car warms up. Living in s.w. Florida I have no need for heat so I will remove the actuator and then clamp or screw the blend door into the cold position only. ( hope that works) 😊Thanks again. 

Titan Ropero: you have no idea how long it took me trying to find the solution to the problem of my car. THANKS FOR THIS VIDEO.

Kimberly Curtis: Let me start by saying your video was a great help! I have a 2000 Taurus Se and of course my heat doesn't work! When I Stop at a light the heat starts to blow, but when i pull away cold air. Should i check the actuator first then the..........?

PreOrdainedPPP: Does the actuator control where the flow of air comes from? I'm not having a problem changing the temperature but I am having a problem where it comes from. Despite the setting, the heat and the air comes out of the window defrost. I've heard different things - blend door, actuator, vacuum lines, etc. I'm at a loss and need help please! M.

chagOwwuUUu: Is that why hot air comes out of one side my car and not the other??

Mom Dennis: everyone talking about air coming out of defrost only, but what if it only come out of front vents and can't be changed? Is this the problem?

1A Auto Parts: @debbydoo2008 The problem of your ventilation system not blowing cold air could be because of the actuator in the video. The car running hotter than normal is a different issue.

1A Auto Parts: @trishatanya you could take a look at the blower motor to see if it's staying on for some reason.

1A Auto Parts: @TheCoronet69 You may want to check all of the vacuum lines inside the engine compartment and also under the dash. If you see that one is broke or has come loose they fix it, and it may solve your vent door actuator video.

1A Auto Parts: @joaquinelectric1 Currently we do not have a video on this particular repair on this vehicle. We'll keep this in mind in the event that we need to fix one on this vehicle.

HappyDazeProductions: auto man says the motor to the blender door is shot. it will be 800 dollars to replace. does this sound normal? are you replacing a blender door motor here? we have a 99 merc grand marquis.. would it be in the same place?

1A Auto Parts: It could be a bad blower motor or possibly even a loose wire or connection. You may want to check the connection going to the blower motor.

1A Auto Parts: The actuator is what controls the door. If the door itself is damaged, you may have to drop the entire HVAC system down to get it out and replace it with a new one.

trishatanya: hi! this morning when i start my car there is continuous tapping/clinking sound come from behind the glovebox even my engine is off. even my key in on acc position sound still come out.

Franko2020: Good video, but as I just found out the hard way, this is not a usable procedure if your car has a center console... Just cost me around $240 at the mechanic's.

1A Auto Parts: it might be in a slightly offset location but it should be the same concept on how to replace the actuator.

1A Auto Parts: @jdotbarr7 Yes, if that peg is not moving your motor is not working and your temperture blend is not changing.

1A Auto Parts: It might be slightly different because of the console being in the way unfortunately. There is two different doors in the vehicle. There is one called a vent door actuator and then another one called a blend door. Once controls the temperature and the other controls which vents receive the air.

1A Auto Parts: @chagOwwuUUu Sounds like you have dual zone auto climate control? If that is the case you may have a malfunctioning air door but the procedure to replace may be different.

Liam D. Gray: Is this part also called the "blend door actuator," and does this procedure work if one has a center console with radio and climate control?

debbydoo2008: i am getting hot air even tho my a/c is charged. Also, when I stop the car, the fan comes on, but blows hot air into the car. My car is running hotter than normal, but not overheating. Is this related to the blend door motor?

1A Auto Parts: Thanks for watching Jason. We carry these new actuators on our website with free shipping. You can click on the link in the video and it will take you to the part on our website. Hope this helps you out. 888-844-3393

1A Auto Parts: You should be able to lock the actuator in the a/c side but if the gears are stripped inside the actuator, it may not stay open.

Frank Daniels: Thanks for the info on the actuator. Hopefully this will allow my ac to actually blow cold air instead of heater core air. If this isn't the problem I'll be checking out your other videos to help me diagnose my problem. Thanks again😀

Al Bee: Awesome! Mine was easy to replace! Works awesome now! Thanks SO MUCH!

PutschPatriot: @1aauto - I have a ford f-150 titan.... I am told that it should leak out over the inside cabin if it goes bad? My heater went out last winter, but I found the two hoses that lead to the heater core, released them, and stuck a water hose inside to flush it out. It works fine now........ Basically changing the heater core is my last resort, I found that it is somewhere inside the dash panel?

Nick B: Thanks for the video. I was able to remove the old one and put in the new one following your instructions and everything worked fine. That fixed mine. Thanks alot!

1A Auto Parts: We currently do not have an auto repair video that shows that particular repair. 888-844-3393

1A Auto Parts: You may want to check in the engine bay and also under the dash for a possible loose, cracked or broken vacuum line which could be causing this situation. 888-844-3393

1A Auto Parts: Usually they'll make a sound or click like they are trying to pop up, but they do not. 888-844-3393

strawboy1764: I have a 1998 Taurus with the auto temp control and the blend door actuator stopped working my first thing I checked was the blend door and found it not working . so naturally I replaced it well that's not the problem still not working, checked all fuses and relays even checked all buttons on dash then checked for power to actuator no voltage to actuator anybody have any more ideas on why it wouldn't be working

tero doug: 2000 merc sable no air comes from middle vents just top and bottom, is this an vent door actuator problem, how do you get the middle console out or past

1A Auto Parts: @PutschPatriot If a heater core goes bad inside of a vehicle, they tend to leak onto the passenger side. floor.

1A Auto Parts: There is a temp door and a vent door. The one that is not shown would be the one you would have to replace. We currently do not have a video for the temp door.

rondacosta: I have a Sable Wagon 2000. No automatic climate control. Hot or cold air output is stuck coming only from windshield defrost outlets. I see here about "blend" air problems related to graduating (mixing) air temperature, not about how different air outlets are controlled, like front vents, floor, etc. Could anyone please help? Many thanks.

YTSparty: Is there a difference between the "controller" and the actuator? They look identical. I just tested mine out, and the white controller is clicking. Are the black and white, both actuators or is there a difference?

1A Auto Parts: We carry them on our website 888-844-3393

tiktakan: sir when i turn on the air recirculation button in my car. it is not working. so the pollution and the heat should be going inside.. what is the problem sir?

1A Auto Parts: @PutschPatriot If it kind of has a maple syrup smell, it might be the heater core. You might want to check around on the passenger side to see if anything is leaking, or if the floor is wet.

1A Auto Parts: If you're looking for the one that's shown in the video, you can click on the link in the video and it will bring you to that part on our website. 888-844-3393

Marcos Tapia: i own a 2007 mustang and it makes a clicking noise when i swich it from defrost to ac can.this also be related to the actuator?

1A Auto Parts: You may want to check the blower motor resistor to see if it's working correctly.

SuperDro29: how can you tell the actuator is defective?

jdotbarr7: would i be correct in assuming that if the peg on the blend door motor would not rotate or work ......then may not be able to get heat from your vents??

llamaking12: @1aauto yeah its just when i move the selector from cold to hot. all the other (defrost feet vent etc.) work and some times it will click a couple times then it will go. ill try to make a video here soon

1A Auto Parts: It could be an actuator that has gone bad, or you might want to look at the selector to see if it's working correctly.

1A Auto Parts: @ValdemarDragunov You may want to have the system tested for leaks,and also check to see if the refrigerant level is up.

1A Auto Parts: @llamaking12 Do all of the blower motor speeds work fine?

Jorge Perez: @YTSparty I need to know how can I replace in a Nissan altima 2002

1A Auto Parts: You should be able to get a new piece of rubber hose at your local auto parts store. 888-844-3393
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How To Install Replace Vent Air Door Actuator Ford Taurus Mercury Sable 96-07