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Mossberg 500 Bullpup Shotgun
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Bullpup Mossberg 500 Assembly
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Shooting the mossberg 500 bullpup (maverick)
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Reg Sparkes: Well, I'm surprised,.that I have never seen this model or type of Mossberg before !!! I'd like to see this in action before I make up my mind about it, but suffice to say it looks a whole lot better than what "17456spartan" thinks. ( I think we should make him down as 'doubtful'.) 

Gary Shaw: Whats with the suitcase handle

17456spartan: Looks like complete garbage

Cameron Davis: Love my Bullpup! Great gun. 

Andres Hernandez: Where can i get one??????????

Robert Kavanagh: Kudos to bullpup for getting anyone to pay for a kit that turns their awesome 590 into a rear loading cumbersome piece of plastic.

Ducky Schulz: What a great gun. Curious if you know where a guy could get one? I want one. I think if I had one I would not need to get anymore guns. Thanks for any info or suggestions you may have.

Michael Margulies: So is this a kit? Where can we get one?

ghettobrown209: ugly as freak 

nauseousalmond123: i disabled my grip safety because it blew hard

JackstandJohnny: just showed a video of how to cut am hollow steel pipe with a band saw. Congratulations. How about how to dress the burrs and all that at the cut? Oh but at least we know it looks like a "friggin little bulldog" whatever the freak that means. Great crap guys keep it up., YouTube needs more useless crap on it to sift through?

DocTacDad: @ChromeFreak123 Yeah, attach it I'll approve it. Thanks man!

Philip Guffey: I just bought one of these[18 inch version]. What kind of sling can you put on these and where to attach it to? GREAT JOB ON THE VIDEO!!!

RottSimba: saw one of these at my local gun shop as hell and a very interesting piece.

Brandon Maloney: l like the review l'm just not sure about the gun

Obora watabinost: by the way, this is a very nice video, it nice to see people review guns like these, :) by the way any chance you could make a review of a madsen m50 submachine gun, ive herd they are easy to get in the us

DocTacDad: @fisherdigital Yep

DocTacDad: @SnowLobo95 It's no doubt, and interesting gun...Thanks Buddy!

ILPrepper: Ugh, they never make things for us lefties... I can't wait until the KSG comes out! Thanks for the video, even though I can't shoot it. LOL

dounutvirus: hows the recoil on it?, looks like theres not that much.

MichiganTNP: That thing is sick i WANT 3 OF THEM.

Skynet666official: finally i've found it. when i was a kid my father bought that futuristic looking gun and it looked awesome. i still have it back in france, but i never knew what it was. it's pretty badass

DocTacDad: @TacticalHadoken LOL....I'd say it's an aggressive look, but definitely not attractive.

TacticalHadoken: Im not sure that carry handle is big enough. LOL

deputysheriff100: Hey Bud. Sweet. Love Mossberg shotguns. Good vid.

MakingMasterClass: thats a really cool shotgun. I did not know they made a bullpup. Thanks for sharing.

DocTacDad: @DIECASTER They are not in production as far as I know...the OAL is 26+"

squee116: @MrCleanerNash Not really a competition, those Mossberg's are OOOOLLLLD. Think the 80s.

wizard85: i like bullpups, but what if a round explodes in the chamber, it's awfully close to the face.

TacticalHadoken: @Kylef7735 I knew it would be an integral site system. Just making fun of an ugly shotgun. LOL

Donnie M: Should do a video of this bullpup field stripped

chris w: i love the concept, but my god that thing is hideous

WildBillGT19: i used to own one, was fun but had a spongy trigger due to the extension to the actual trigger.

ChromeFreak123: I have a video out on the same shotgun, I did about a year ago. I actually disconnected the grip safety, I did not like it. If it's ok with you, maybe tomorrow I can attach my video to yours. Let me know. Mine was a 500 not a 590. I sold it though and no longer have it. The stock cracked on me . Great video.

DocTacDad: @brotherskeepers111 KSG should be a great shotgun.

DUKnCVR2010: interesting bit of gear DTD. thanks for sharing.

MrCleanerNash: Wow, right hand only...Not sure what Mossberg was thinking cutting out all us southpaw lefties. KSG being ambi everything, rails everywhere, smaller dimensions, lighter, 14+1 capacity...can really go on and on. I luv Mossberg dont get me wrong, but the KSG seems to be the obvioius Win.

DocTacDad: @MrCleanerNash KSG is probably better in every way...Thanks for watching man.

SnowLobo95: Hey guys. I got to shoot this actual gun. It was very fun. Hey Doc. Great review. It's fun to see a review on some of these old guns. Man technology has come a long way. Still this was probably innovative back in the day.

STEVE P: would you reccomend it?

ConleyTGN: Very cool setup!

ebomey: Nice review. I am with you, why have the grip safety. It is still a cool looking shotgun. Thanks Brother.

Kylef7735: @MrCleanerNash And the mossberg was made like 20 years ago...

BIGGxDAWG210: nice

fisherdigital: fugly!!!

tbrebel72: new to your vids but like them keep up the good work

DIECASTER: What is the over all total length??? Is it still in production???

machinegun911: So was this a converison kit? or was it sold from Mossberg?

DocTacDad: @conleytgn Thanks!

DocTacDad: @jokerman213 It's a pain in the butt...maybe I will.
MOSSBERG BULLPUP!!! 4.7 out of 5

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