Moonshine Sugar Mash

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clarkewi: What ratio of water volume to sugar weight?

Scotty Weißmüller: How the hell does someone not get a sugar wash to work? its just sugar properly temped water and distillers yeast or any dry yeast really? Thats like saying why did i get sunburned from laying in direct sunlight for 8 hours. Some people i swear

Robert Sands: I'm confused, what do you do after this? let it sit in a jar for a week then drink? I'm really at a loss about what next

paddypete1: luckily i live in scotland,where we have some of the best tap water in the world,it's no problem starting a yeast,unlike our english pals

John Kearney: Have you ever tried using Corn Sugar ? I brew craft beers and sometimes use corn sugar to kick it up a notch.

Master Eruthien: Is it necessary to use yeast nutrients? I have made 1.5L if sugarwash, its been fermenting for a week now and has pretty much stopped bubbling and has a very very strong alcoholic taste but I read that if you don't add nutrients then the yeast will start to produce other compounds like aldehydes as well as the alcohols, is this true or na? I've distilled some of it and it sure tastes like spirit but idk if it has anything else in it.

Matthew Neudorf: do you need to use turbo yeast or can you just use normal bread yeast?

DickDitty: Doesn't methanol poison/kill nerves in your body?

charles vereschagin: Talking to some old timers when they were make the wine to make whisky  they would float 2 or 3 slices of bread on the brew. does that make scene?

David Sigsworth: Can you give me a link, to your theme music, please?

Ray_Biker: My grandpa used to make moonshine. He used a similar sugar mash but added a secret ingredient. He also added about a tablespoon of caramelized sugar to a gallon of final product (moonshine) to give it some color and flavor. Most people loved it and said it tasted like good, expensive whiskey.
Oh, the secret ingredient was - tomato paste. A real tomato paste, not the crap we buy in stores these days, full of additives and preservatives. I believe he added about 10 of tomato paste to the mash plus the regular amount of sugar, by volume. I may be wrong about the tomato paste ratio but it's close to his recipe. This was 30 years ago.

voltronsupreme: what i like most is that he mixed yeast, He is rhe only ine i seen do this, other say the world will end if you do. i have mixed turbo yeast and regular and had success, i also have salvaged regular yeast brew that didnt start fermenting by adding some turbo yeast.

Michael Williams: Easy go local and travel to conventions and do annual if you can make it club meetings and have cookouts. that's how I work with companies and small starters. Friends make a crew

Michael Williams: by prep I mean longer and more detailed. and my guys are in Texas with me and are chemist's.

Michael Williams: I have experts criticizing you to me. yes watching this video can help you make moonshine, but your method could end up making more methanol than moonshine. Plus you missed to add a lot of steps in this video and to place out the negatives. I strongly recommend that you prep your videos more and give a 360 view for your followers.

Michael Williams: Do not fallow this video for you could die! consult an expert!

Jay Fiddler: That's some regular home brew I'm from people just drink it as is as its done fermenting...lmao

Emily Gregory: do you need the turbo yeast or will any bread yeast work?

justin luikenaar: does mash needs cornmail? if its not what is the ratio of sugar water and yeast

Steve Rabon: In your opinion how should one go about making corn shine. How to start the mesh into actually brewing the mesh?
Moonshine Sugar Mash 5 out of 5

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Moonshine Sugar Mash