Moonshine Sugar Mash

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Moonshine Sugar Mash
Moonshine Sugar Mash
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Ohio Trucker Mr. Wright: I've talked to you several times on the same batch of sugar wash my question is if I haven't really seen any activity in a week and a half but it sure smells like alcohol is there anyway I can tell other than running it all the way through the still that it has worked

Ohio Trucker Mr. Wright: I tried the sugar shine for the first time I'm a little concerned I haven't seen any activity in the airlock but when I take the lid off I do see maybe some like sparkling going on in there no big bubbles or anything just almost like sparkling real super little dinky ones I'm not quite sure why I'm used to having other items such as fruit or corn mash and you see a lot of bubbling going on. With a five gallon batch how active should it be?

Mad Papayas: what is the final product you obtain after distilling it what is its name? its rum or something else? by the way , had been doing this recipe and distilling it , i get around 160 and and 170 proof , then i bring it down to 80 proof adding water, then flavour it with fruits strawberry, nuts, peaches , and adding a litlle caramel to it it tastes great , but i dont know , what is this called.

Gilbert Ehret: why do you need to put your mash into a cabinet does it need to be in the dark for 5 or more days?

Gilbert Ehret: do you need to use turbo yeast?

paul poore: can you show how to make a flavored corn syrup whiskey?

Jimmy Rustles: Have you ever thought about opening an online t shirt shop?

Mike Kerns: Gt it to work but nothing starts till around 195 and tastes like tequilla to me is this ok to drink?

Mike Kerns: I have a video of what mine looks like do u have a email i can send it to to see if its looking right

Mike Kerns: What if it has tiny bubles for four five days but it doesnt rise i could see and hear it bubble

Simon Foster: Thank you very much sir!

Simon Foster: Hey there could you tell me the ratios for making 25 litre of this recipe?
Thanks in advance.

Emily Gregory: which is the better recipe to follow? the corn meal mash or the sugar shine one?

jackasscrueAZ: How long should I let it sit. 

AlChemicalLife: You will never got methyl alcohol from distilling this , this isn't even how methanol is made ,
This is perfectly drinkable when distilled , I'm not a moon shiner I'm a chemist that was interested after watching the TV show moonshiner's and I can't believe how uneducated most stiller's on YouTube are . Lol
Lol thinking that methanol is made from Mash xD 

bou rakai: make new video please i like your recipe. :)

Bobby Peterson: How much yeast to 5pounds of sugar

Charlieswag9000: Michael I got a question if you distill this sugar mash would it be like vodka or moonshine aka corn whiskey?

Bryson Raber: wcemichael how do you dilute the sugar left over

Maine Homesteaders: I've been watching a pile of your videos and wanted to say thanks.... Great, simple videos covering moonshine production. Many thanks and keep up the great work. ur friend in Maine.
Moonshine Sugar Mash 5 out of 5

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Moonshine Sugar Mash