Scanning Tools I Use To Buy Product For My Amazon FBA Business.

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Scanning Tools I Use to Buy Product For My Amazon FBA Business.
Scanning Tools I Use to Buy Product For My Amazon FBA Business.
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Christina Haftman: how did you get that COOL background ?? love it

dean castello: if they had it for windows phone 8 and or 8 tablet platform id be on it

Jon Obrian: How is this different from the Amazon app with camera, scanner and manual search ?

Kate Mihailoff: Thanks for the great info! I clicked the free bootcamp link,,,It is not free 

Muneer Adhami: Hi Rob. So I'm torn whether to just use the Neatopricer app on my android or get a PDA with scanner. My phone currently sucks battery life very very quickly. I have to carry around 2-3 batteries while i'm scanning. I can't continue just using Profit bandit. So 2 questions: 1. When i'm using the neatopricer app, it still uses the camera correct? 2. Can i buy any pda with windows 5/6 and attach the socket scanner such as: Your help is appreciated.

Drew Forester: Why do you prefer the PDA for books over the Bluetooth scanner?

Laszlo Nagy: Yes I need a phone with scanner so I kniow what I can sell it for I usually sell what I can if I can't sellit I give people free Cd or dved But make sura you have a profit on what you selling . Easy to do but I do not have a scenner yet. Its an app they call it I do not know much about it you have to have a cell phone.

Matthew Thorne: Great video Rob! What is the attachment that fits onto the Dell PDA? Also I have looked at the Neatoscan website. Some of the prices are very high. What is the cheapest option to read the Amazon database on a PDA?

Andrea Campione: I am trying to determine why one would add a scanner to Profit Bandit. Does a scanner make the whole process quicker than the "shake and scan" feature on Profit Bandit?

James W.: Hi, how long with a Dell X51 PDA battery last if constantly scanning?

recon cat: Hi Rob You mentioned that when you use a scan fob, you wrap it around your wrist and scan items said "people don't even know what I'm doing". I just wonder if scanning is not allowed in the store? Is there any store you went to and the store don't let you scan? Thank you in advance for your reply.

iProducts Info: Hi, Really Nice the products.

videodude123XYZ: It would be nice if they made a scanfob or similar product that connects directly to the phone - just like with the database option. It seems like being able to hold the product in one hand and phone/scanner in the other would make for much faster scanning.

DollarMoves: Hey that's AWESOME! I'm glad you enjoyed the video! Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment! Stay tuned to my channel as I will be sharing some new videos with new great information about scanning tools in the NEAR FUTURE! Take Care -Rob

DollarMoves: upgrade might'd be surprised how cheap they have become (you can pay month to month and as you go now). I would just "get your feet wet" with the least amount of technology that you can in the beginning as you are deciding if this business venture is something that you could see yourself doing continuously...THEN buy all of the cool laser scanners:) Right now you have more time than it slow with what you have until your business can afford your upgrades! Good Luck! -Rob

DollarMoves: Yeah, I realize that I didn't show the power of the scanning app in the best light on that example as I had the small keyboard on my phone at that time (I currently have a keyboard with larger buttons for faster speed) and I wanted to show that you can type in the ISBN's and UPC's manually in the app. If you look at the top of the app you can see a microphone icon that you can actually speak the ISBN/UPC #'s into and it is MUCH FASTER! Thanks for watching and commenting! Take Care -Rob

Michael Blankenship: Hello Rob, I have a Scanfob 2002 that I use with my Droid phone. Im looking into getting a Dell Axim x51v. Do you know if i can pair my Scanfob 2002 with the PDA or do I have to use a socketscanner? Any information would be great. Thanks, Michael

DollarMoves: Hi there! If your smartphone has a camera on it it SHOULD work as a scanner. You can contact the app developers to see if they have had any issues with your specific phone or if your phone doesn't work with their app. I have heard of people using the prepaid phones. I hope your phone works and you can get out there and start "scouting"! Thanks for watching and commenting! Take Care -Rob

DollarMoves: that describes the system that I use for my businesses bookkeeping (PS my CPA LOVES it and it gives me great information on the pulse of my business). The next video is: "FREE and LOW COST Business Help!" That talks about resources that can help with your business. It also points you in the right direction to find local professionals (CPA's, lawyers, etc.) that are referred by local business owners. I will put a link to the videos in the description of the above video.

Summer Moeller: I'm trying to understand the main difference between the Axim and Scanfob.. I understand that the Axim uses a database that is downloaded for a monthly fee, and does not require any internet access to use. I'm not clear on is how the Scanfob works. Do you have to have to be hookied up to the internet on your smartphone, or can you also download a database to your iphone and work offline? If so, how would a slow connection speed affect the scanning process?

DollarMoves: Hello. I really haven't had any issues scanning but I just don't like to bring attention to my's really the other shoppers that I try to avoid! People get so curious what I am doing that they like to talk about it and it can really make a scouting trip unproductive. When I am scanning I really just avoid eye contact with most people as I am there to work:) I have heard of some places that don't like scanning but I think it's probably because of people leaving messes. Take Care -Rob

DollarMoves: Hi there. Yes, most of the videos on my channel are slanted to FBA (when it comes to selling on Amazon) as that business model was the easiest to work around my busy lifestyle. I cannot recommend a piece of software that works good those who ship their own products as that is not the focus of my business. Maybe try doing a Google search for software (or phone apps) that does what you are looking for. Take Care -Rob

DollarMoves: Hi there. You are charged for them to store your products at their warehouse (not much at all) and then they charge you to pick, pack and ship. There are various fee's for selling via FBA but they do not "hide" those fee's and are quite up front with everything. You can google "FBA calculator" to see what the fee's of merchant fulfilling an item VS. FBA'ing an item would cost. The calculator breaks down all fee's included. Thanks for watching and commenting! Take Care -Rob

Aaron Hoffman: You know what would be a great video that I haven't seen anyone cover in any forum? Have a few products that you scan using fbascout, and explain how you determine a winner. Tell us what you paid for the item, too. Each category has a popularity ranking, so what are your cutoffs for each? What makes you decide what to pull the trigger on? I'm not sure what the data means.

DollarMoves: Hi there, you are very welcome! I think that selling books would be the perfect business for a college textbooks are CASH! Being around all of those textbooks puts you in the perfect position to take advantage of that opportunity (if you aren't already)! I understand that you would like a video about taxes but I pay my CPA to take care of that side of my business. I have 2 videos you would be interested in: "Basic Esales Bookkeeping Spreadsheet" System for Online Sellers

Craig Nelson: I'm reading that ranking is important. Does FBA Power give ranking information too? I saw on your video that Netoscan had ranking.

DollarMoves: Hi there. There are no cheaper bluetooth scanners that I recommend (or am familiar with) but some people are using this one: Unitech MS910. If you google "Profit Bandit Bluetooth scanners" a blog post that Paul at Profit Bandit did on laser scanners. They DO NOT RECOMMEND the Unitech MS910 (and they share the reason why in the blog post) but you can purchase it for around $150 on Amazon. I would recommend using your camera on your phone and purchase the ScanFob with Profits. Take Care -Rob

Begbucks: 7:48 Too slow, but swell review.

Joshua Smith: LoL,, have you ever had a store associate come up to you and tap you on the shoulder, and say "sir, sir, what are you doing, sir"? lol :)

PersianPrideTime: Also gettin Neatoscan once scanner comes in. And hey ill use your email address so You & I can get a free month, so glad i ran into your channel 2 weeks ago.. If you have an affiliate link for PAC ill use that so you can get some cash for helpin me out.

Alvin Graham: hey just got into this tell me how do you know from the range what books to buy and sell what is the best range I got a scanner from a next company and I see books with like a 56000 and 3300 range that are rejected

rosstaylor1979: Thanks Rob. I've emailled them and will let you know of the results.

cyndi531: Hey Rob, Just stumbled on your videos. Very informative! I plan on starting off selling books and media; what would be the best scanner/phone you would recommend seeing I could only invest in one at the moment (btw, I dont have a smartphone). I was thinking about just getting web access on my cheap AT&T phone considering I'm on a tight budget. If you you have any advice regarding this that would be great. Thanks so much for the info! You inspired me that this can be done! Take care, ~Zed

Lesley Wilson: Hi Rob, do you know how good the Scanfob works with Profit Bandit?

MV V: Hi, thanks for all the great videos. I have a quick question regarding liability insurance. Can you please recommend a company that provides liability insurance for amazon and ebay sellers? The regular business insurance doesn't seem to cover them, only limited website sales. I wonder how the pros deal with this. Thanks so much.

DollarMoves: Hi There! Yes, ScanPower (formerly FBAPower) does give ranking information. It also shows Amazon price and also the quantity that FBA sellers have in their inventory at Amazon! ScanPower is my main scanning tool for buying "retail arbitrage" new products from stores while NeatoScan is my "go to" scanning tool for "thrifting/books" as it is FAST and works great in that situation. I am currently working with Profit Bandit and will share my findings in the future. Take Care! -Rob

MelaniesMusings: Why do you prefer scanpower for retail arbitrage? I'm curious as to what advantages it has over neatoscan.

Joshua Hilton: Hey Rob, thanks for the awesome videos! Have a quick question, I bought the Axim x51v and the socket scanner for it (plugs into the top), and I've tried to download Windows Mobile Device Center on a computer running, both Windows 7, and 8, both to no avail. It is optimized for Vista. Are you using Vista? Because I have no way of getting Vista, and the PDA is worthless to me until I get it figured out. Should I just sell it and go with a bluetooth scanner? Thanks!

DollarMoves: Hi there, and thanks for the compliment! I am glad you are finding value in them! I do not have any recommendations regarding insurance but I have added a link (under the video in the description) to a VERY INFORMATIVE PODCAST about insurance and Amazon. Take Care -Rob

DollarMoves: Thanks! You are TOTALLY WELCOME! THANK YOU for watching and taking the time to comment on the video! Take Care -Rob

Michael Pagan: Hi can you post the link to buy the scan fob 2002 I am a newbie thank you

JacobbrianS: FBA this FBA that, what does it do for someone who houses and ships their own product? Does either program have the power to tell you what you make after fees and credits on the fly?

DollarMoves: Hello! I know that ScanPower had a FBA scouting app that was UK support@scanpower(dot)com and ask about the app. I looked on their website but was unable to find the info. I would appreciate if you would reply to this comment with what you find out about ANY UK FBA SCOUTING APPS you find to help the others here that live in the UK! Thanks! Take Care -Rob

DollarMoves: I have never tried "ScoutPal" but have had very good luck with Neatoscan's information being accurate for my Dell Axim PDA. You should try it out... Take Care -Rob

3rdPlanIt: There is excellence in your explications and your advice is SUPER informative. Thank you much!

DollarMoves: Hey there. You are very welcome for the video on scouting! If you check some of the other videos on my channel you will see that I have made others (the one I put out last night was about the Profit Bandit App) that are about scanning and the apps that I use. I no longer use my Axim 51v since NeatoScan came out with "NeatoPricer" phone app! I use the ScanFob 2002 (will be updating to 2005) currently and it is GREAT! I have only used the ScanFob. Thanks for watching and commenting! Take Care -Rob

CustomReid: does amazon charge any extra for the FBA???

DollarMoves: Hi there! The scanfob is just a bluetooth laser that connects to your smart phone. On your smart phone you run a phone app that is connected to the internet. 2 of the apps that I use are "ScanPower" and also "Profit Bandit" and both can be used on either Android devices or I-Phone's. So far there are no apps that download the database AND connect to the internet. If you have a slow connection (or more importantly weak signal) it will be slow to not working at all. That is why I have both! -Rob

DollarMoves: Thanks! You are too! I appreciate you watching and commenting! If you are thinking about going the "PDA" route make sure to watch my newer video titled: "Amazon Database App For Your SmartPhone! No Internet OR PDA!" Take Care -Rob

DollarMoves: Hi there. I am happy that you found the video helpful and SUPER Informative! You my friend, are VERY WELCOME! Take Care -Rob
Scanning Tools I Use to Buy Product For My Amazon FBA Business. 4.9 out of 5

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Scanning Tools I Use to Buy Product For My Amazon FBA Business.