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Lighting Control Module from - Part # 16-30010
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Grand marquis headlight fix
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96 Buick LCM Repair.wmv
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Fox Populi: Looks like they must have changed the part number again, since these four relays I got from your link sure won't solder into my LCM

bostonsirish1: If this part is bad in my 2002 Grand marquis would headlamps work at all ? I seem to be having trouble with my lighting!! I have headlamps but my tail lamps, Markers lamps, turn signals, brake lamps, and interior lamps don't work at all ? either!

bostonsirish1: If this part fails would you have headlamps only ? I have no taillamps or markers and my interior bulbs are dim

dskap201: Why not just go to your nearest auto salvage yard and get an LCM there for approximately $35 when you remove it from a vehicle?

That's what I did and it only took 5 minutes to take out and and another 5 minutes to install.

Ken: Did I buy the wrong relays?? OMRON G5LE-1-E 12V

elguapo135: I liked your video alot. Replacing relays was not hard. A remanufactured relay costs $80 to $100. So the repair saved me $$$ muchos pesos. Friendly Ford in Las Vegas says they'll fix it for free but they want to keep my car for a week. No way. I have to work for food & I need my car.Thanks, El Guapo

Brianna Jomen: Although I applaud your ingenuity and perseverance. ....everything in this video is an example of how not to do it.....this job requires a soldering station and a solder sucker or tape...just my opinion.

Bob S: Part Number G5LE-1-VD DC12
Number of Items 5
Brand Name Omron
Material Relay
UNSPSC Code 39122300

Edward Delgado: Good video buddy. Helps a ton. Question. Seems to me lots of car years use the same module. I have this Grand Marquis  1998 and I suspect these relays are common for almost all modern Grand Marquis. I ordered these same relays you are using. I can remove and replace no problems especially after seeing you do it. Just let me know if you have an idea if these same relays will work on a 98 grand marquis LCM.

Jeffrey Bailey: I have a 1998 grand Marquis, going down the road my headlights go out all of a sudden, then flicker. is the lcm my problem?

78ginop: where is the lcm located at on a 2011 f150?

Marcos Ruiz: where I can get the relays for grand marquis 1995?

Landis Aden: I bought 4 relays for my 1998 grand marquis from the new link you posted. They were not the right part. I can't find it anywhere. It's a potter and brumfield vkp-31f32-z01

Stop Think Change: Hi, do you sell these please ?

Daniel Smith: not saying you're wrong sbout the problem just saying it's not a do it yourself repair when a mechanic shop said they can't do it because it has to be programed by the car manufacturer

Daniel Smith: BS. just talked to one of the autp repair places i go to and even they said they can't repair lcm modules, ford has to program them.

P71SN1P3R: can i use rubbing alcohol on the board with a q tip?

KARLtheAtheist: I used the big soldering gun weller 140w

KARLtheAtheist: 83,000 views I dd my first LCM today...Thank you. Your video is a work of art.

Craigton Tong: Rear left turn signal, right tail light and brake lights not working in 1999 Ford Windstar LX. Dealer did an electrical evaluation. An LCM YF2Z-13B524-AA is needed and part is no longer available. Do you know if the general purpose industrial relays you reference are the correct relays for this LCM? Thank you for your Y Tube video, it's an answer to prayers. Blessings!!

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