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Francisco Moreno: great video and what a money saver.. I see you're with PBC, you're probably a tech there or mechanic? Anyhow, thanks for the video..

Ryan Smith: Here is the link: is the same part number just sold in white and made by a different company. 

gotmituns: anyway, i finally had time to install the 4 relays into my light module crown vic, while following instructions. took about 1 hour. it is a very easy task, instead of spending hundreds of dollars. the lights work. my previous symptoms were, I heard a click in module and the headlights went out. then click again, and the lights came back on. i had to hold the high beam in order to have headlights at all times...

william abair: I have a 2008 F-150 and am experiencing problems with my auto lamp. Im also having problems with interior lights and auto locks as well. Will this fix take care of my problem? I fried a wiring harness prior to problem.

grandmercls: Awesome video! I drive a 2004 Grand Marquis, with the same issue of headlights turning off. Now they don't turn on at all, period. Can this be fixed by the same process you are showing? Also if i put the original light bulbs back in after this rebuild, will this issue go away?

elppedro77: Outstanding video!! Thank you beltstowing! I will order the relays and fix it myself, saving me about $280

dasmanal mcclinton: Has anybody else made a mistake and burn't a copper trace?

Robert Browder: I just replaced the relays in the LCM for my 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis. It took about 2 hours and the hardest part (for me) was getting the box out from, and installed back under the dash. The local dealer wanted $610 to replace the LCM. This video saved me a lot of money Thanks

Angel Delgadillo: I have a check engine light issue and trying to get the dashboard off to change light bulb , can you give me any advice on how to remove the dashboard safely

Ryan Smith: Just as a heads up to anyone that orders these relay's, they are now white and made by OMRON. Thanks for the vid, just did mine and it works like a champ. Ryan

jdmsir231: great video thanks for posting, mouser no longer has the nec 511-eq1-11111s relay is there an alternate?@beltstowing

towrecker: then you have the hot switched lights , not relay controlled , and no you can't take it out , it will if I remember right kill the dash light circuit ...was this car an ex police car ? and are you sure something is not tapped into one of the wires to the wiper delay controller , as that's what you said was clicking , a dropped voltage , or ground will cause relays to go nuts ...

towrecker: but they do go through the " multi function switch" better known as the turn signal , wiper , washer , high beam switch , they do go bad , they are not cheap , so check all the other stuff I mentioned first by the way , there are only 3 lights , if optioned, that are not run through the LCM they are , the pillar mounted spot light , the aux interior light "ticket light" and the brake lights ...

towrecker: it's your call whatever you wanna do ...

ryan12689: I plan to go a different route with my LCM repair. I was going to solder a 5 pin relay socket onto the board, and make the relays external.

Steven Baker: I forgot to mention that All other lights work fine except the back-up lights.

gotmituns: I think the switch is ok. But there is a black box under the steering wheel, when the light turn off, I have to kick the box with my right foot. Then I hear a click, and lights turns on. could it be a relay problem shown in the video? (crown victoria 2003) thanks

roltyd22: The solder on the board doesn't look like it's ever been redone,but i could be wrong.

Jon B.: I dropped my soldering iron one time and did the samething you did. Grabbed it by the hot tip. It still goes on the floor because that hurts!

roltyd22: i googled the #,it's a dam wiper comtrol module.

Daves Marauder: I have a similar concern as Thor Jensen asked below. Can anyone confirm for sure that the new Omron G5LE-1-E-DC12 part is sufficient in terms of the current it can carry? I'm not a relay expert, but compared the data sheet for this component and the original NEC EQ1-11111S. The Original lists 30A contact current, the new part lists 16 A at 250VAC. With all the concerns that even the original was under-size for the job, I wanted to ask for opinions before replacing these. Thanks!

towrecker: no , it has no computer parts , it is just a big fancy switch , that's the best way to put it in simple english lol

roltyd22: why would that be clicking and going nuts when the lights are acting up?

towrecker: and I will try and see if I can get a good cross on the number to make double sure you don't have some weird ass oddball one lol

Thor Jensen: Yeah, I've seen a few of those external mods, but I don't like anything that doesn't look at least factory'ish lol. Although having a socket would be nice if it ever needs to be changed again. There's actually another vid on here an amigo did with a relay from Advance Auto that he tucked up inside the box and resulted in a nice, clean looking repair.

towrecker: belts towing gmail

roltyd22: F3LF-17D539-AA # ON BOX

towrecker: excuse me , I am not a damn tweaker , or junked out as you say , but I will inform you that I am a freakING HILLBILLY , that owns a GUN , so go hide SOMEWHERE !!!

Robert Lichtscheidl: Sorry about that. Mouser gave me the wrong relay number. The ones I put in my LCM were EQ1-22111S which is supposed to be a direct replacement of the ones you bought. $2.28 each. As I mentioned it fixed the light problem but now my turn signals don't work and won't light in the dash. My dad has an extra LCM from a 04 Grand Mar. and I will install the new (used) box instead of re-repairing mine. Bummer my worked ended in more problems.

towrecker: the highest load on the LCM is 14 amps , that being your high beams , all the others are far less , also remember the switch made by the relay is of a ground , that helps some , also in dc that relay would be rated far higher at just 12 volts , in other words , stuff them in , buy an extra set for the glovebox , and never look back ,I could toss some algebraic equations in here to nail it down to the exact rating , but it's pointless , as those will handle at least what the original ones did...

sexychocalate1982: lol i looked its still there

towrecker: yeah the same thing , and unless you have a light staying on somewhere , it's not the LCM that is your issue ...

Ridge97: just think how many people would replace the whole box...good video jason

towrecker: do those pin out right ? the superceeded part seems to have enough rating to make a good alternative , fill me in buddy if ya would , so I can annotate my video here , I still have a pile of the exact relays laying here , when mouser put them on the discontinued list , I bought all they had left ;)

gotmituns: I have a problem with my headlights. when i turn the switch on, the headlights will not turn on. I have to kick (lightly) the box with my right foot, and then I hear the click, and the headlights turn on. But it is annoying because when I use the turning signal, the headlights turn off sometimes. Also they turn off while I am driving at night, and then turn back on by themselves. is it module problem?

towrecker: if you have the plastic switch , replace it , ford recalled that design ...

towrecker: the damn auto lamp , never thought about that , you can crap can the relay for it , and forget you ever had it , I do know that , the photo cell in the dash has went bad I would bet money , hell you got an easy fix it sounds like then ;)

SuperElgordo1: What are thoughs four parts to order off of

Thor Jensen: Any update on this? I'd like a solid verification before I delve into this.

towrecker: and email you a pic of the modification , as I can crack a bad lcm , and just build it , and snap a few pics , it's a small pain to have to drill the hole and jump a small lead back to the correct location , but it's easy enough , if I remember those relays are rated way over kill too , which could prove to be a good thing actually ...there is also the run the wires outside of the lcm , and use common cube relays , if you just have one function failing in the lcm , thats an option ...

30pvfd: FYI I did not have to reprogram mine, its a 2005 p71 removed the old relay with copper braid sodered wires to it wa laa works like a charm thanks again for the video

FrankTheCat: desolder suckers are better when sucking up large amounts of solder imo. make sure to get one with a metal tip unless you like the smell of melted plastic.

roltyd22: I got the LCM off..the relays are Omron GBU-UA-007105 E7EF-14A640-AA 3183D60 Omron G8QS-UA-007112 F3LF-14A640-AA 1393D0 There are 2 like this. Omron G8U-UA-007105 E7EF-14A640-AA 2483D64

TofuInc: It may sound counterproductive but it helps if you add solder to the joints before desoldering and it also helps protect the copper traces on the board from lifting off.

Won Toot: Are the relays the same for all LCM You said this was for a crown Vic Mine is a 99 Grand Marquis. I think my relays are stuck on as the battery is draining.

Curtis K: The brake lights do NOT go through the LCM as my brake lights continued to work even after I removed the LCM.

Steven Baker: Hi,Great video! can you tell me if the brake lights go through the LCM? all fuses are good and power accross the brake switch. all three brake light won't light. thanks

TheAllischalmerhd5: Great video. I have 1999 crown vic with a lcm. problem is sound like the flashers are always on click click click.. Will the relay solder fix this Thanks so much

TWINKIEHOLOCAUST: Dude awesome video

roltyd22: i hear ya on the beer money man..

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