How To Unroot/Unbrick The Google Nexus 4

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How to Unroot/Unbrick the Google Nexus 4
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Steve Zelaya: I went to this site, and found out my problem was just like that described on the 2 last messages in the forum.

Anyway, I suspect that whenever getting lollipop 5.1 that the Nexus 4 fails to open the text messages app, I don't know why, it could not be an issue with which cell phone company it was being used with. Afterall, carrier has no bearing on the die roll that determines if you're in today's OTA batch. Carriers can opt-out/delay updates if they find issues. Commonly, if you are using CWM recovery of TWRP recovery and loosing root, i have heard on doing a reflash from your root software in your root software's recovery mode. However the software mentioned above is fully automated, and takes care of such issues so its less of a hassle to use, as oppose to using TWRP, or CWM, which I shall explain how those software ruined my phone. I want to say, firsthand that my nexus 4, was being used with T-mobile, and I bought it used as an unlocked phone... and used this software to restore Android Jellybean. But, regardless how many times I did formatting of the used phone after using the software in this video, by means of manually formatting the phone by holding the pwr and vol-down buttons and recovering to factory settings, it always went back to the most recently installed OS, the Jellybean OS and not to the Lollipop version. Case in point: this software, even though you are not rooting your phone, it changes stuff in the recovery files of the phone, and I feel, that each time it would shut-off on me, randomly, and even though i gave it a new battery, it would always reinstall itself, as if it was re-running the recovery script, and even had to reinstall all apps, yet I would never lose my pictures, nor anything else. Again I bought my phone used, and am not sure if the phone was already bricked by its previous owner, but I have my assumptions on this software with the nexus 4, because it would become overwhelmed with processes, yet it is better than rooting it, and so I did like this software for having a recovery to fall back on, but to my dismay, I used other rooting software, and eventually did something to ruin the phone which was to use the phone's default factory recovery... and eventually lost the files I had made as backup to my phone's install files. And now it is bricked, for sure. And am not sure if my mistake was to root the phone after using this toolkit, or if the phone was always faulty. I Just want to say that this app works better with newer versions of nexus to those of the nexus 4 LG e960, in my opinion.

JonneArkki: Had to unroot my phone, because new update of Pokemon GO, did not allow rooted phones. Found this video and now I can catch them all again :D

viyyuri devi sandeep: thank u tim, ur video saved my day. :)

curi curi: thks bro u save my day

Drifel Mohamed: awesome man , just awesome ! thanks a lot !
i actually have one little question , can you please tell me what is the best stock android version that i should choose to get the "transparent status & buttons bars" ?!?

Srećko Benc: Awesome video. Your video saved so much souls ... thanks :)

Wahid Khan: nice one 
and thanks for a perfect direction

uday verma: Sir plz help me to unroot nexus me

Gangadhar Uppalapati: Awesome video...helped fixing 'bootloop' on my Nexus 4....Thanks so much to the developer/s of this toolkit & video....U guys rock!!

Praful987: Hi Tim, i tried to unroot my Nexus 4 following your instruction. I was in Kitkat 4.4.3 and unrooting with 5.0.1 Lollipop image. Everything seemed to be working just fine until at the end, my phone just couldnt boot up again and is stuck on the google logo screen.. Please help.

Sonnie Jay: Thank you so much:)

vijayakumar kumar: It works.. Thank you so much.

Irvin San Juan: see mine never got out of the boot loop

Angelo: A little pop-up screen has been saying "Pushing 'reset tamper flag' zip to your device" for a while now... It's even up as I write this. It's been saying this for about half an hour now and I just wanted to know if waiting this long is normal, or if something happened?

Jack Frost: Thank you
It worked perfectly

Showing real world: Will b there any problem in mobile after rooting it. Because my friends are telling that rooting may cause mother board issue. Is that true

Ilko Zlatkov: 2 weeks I've been trying to unroot my Nexus 4 with no results.But you mate help me a lot.Thank you!

sublyme29: can you make a vid on how to do this for the nexus 5?

Djo aw: awesome this is the method that finally worked whoohoo

anna maricon olaso: hi. i was trying to root and downgrade my nexus 4. it got stuck on google logo. i can't open my phone. cant open usb debug. any other ways to get my nexus going again? thanks
How to Unroot/Unbrick the Google Nexus 4 5 out of 5

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How to Unroot/Unbrick the Google Nexus 4