Fat Bikes Are Fat Bikes Fun To Ride?

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Vincent Clark: I kind of like them but at the same time I feel like it slides more than a regular 26 inch. But they are comfy

PAUXL LYNCH: I love my 2017 Radrhino but here in the UK these laws in the last few years have turned me into a criminal whenever I ride it. We cannot have a motor more powerful than 250W even though my bike cannot go above 15mph. We have to insure them and have to wear a "motorcycle helmet" as they are classed as mopeds! Most do not register their bikes but a few folk have fallen foul of these laws and have been fined and points on their driving licence.
I am pissed off worrying about it so I have pre-ordered a 2019 Haibike fatsix 9.0 and I can't wait until Feb/March to be street legal as Fattie riding is just so good

Ronnie: I love them, very cool.

Calem Bates: I have two fatties and love them and take them over river beds and sand, trails t the adventure park just love them I do play with the tyre pressure to suit the terrain I'm on love watching you guys.

Mustafa Sezer: Should I have a downhill bike or fat bike? 🤔

thomas medeiros: What every floats your boat. All joking aside try it before you buy it. Keep it as light weight as possible. I checked out prices and if you can spend $4000-$5000 on a carbon fat bike they are as light as Trail bikes. Think about where you do most of your riding and determine if it will fit your needs. I have a riding buddy that has a quiver of about 6 bikes. He loves his Specialized Fat bike but he has choices depending on where we ride. Wheel size and suspension definitely work better in different trails, climbs, rock gardens, roots, descents, mud, sand and snow. Just Saying !

Murray Langley: I've just built up a Trek full carbon everything fattie with XX1/X0 components. Has come in at 10.5kgs, this bike is a turbo powered steamroller. . Heaps of fun.

akim sokolov: Круть i am russian

Trond Haugen: Just got a fat bike. It's fitted with tubeless Jumbo Jim (26x4,8), carbon fork, xt-group and weighs just under 14 kilos. Got it for the norwegian winter, but can't stop riding it. It's like riding a Star Wars "Speeder".

Популярно в България: need for speed

Sondre Bjørndal: why such a small frame?

Luiscarlos Correaperez: Super porque tiene suspencion delantera, la mia es rígida, saludos desde colombia

Yard Sale Dale: Countersteer harder

Gta Gamer: How much?

Lu Ago: To heavie

Angus Bethune: Great video haha, at the moment I already own too many bikes for my space but I'm feeling the old N is the number of bikes currently owned + 1! Definitely need to find someone with a fatty to test ride.

iPT dar2I: want see ... running redbull rampage with this bike

AYX AYo: It’s very easy to get it rolling what are you saying put it in the first speed and launch that way it’ll be easier to launch

AYX AYo: Hell yeah there fun to ride

Krystobee !: Ever since I bought myself a fat bike, I always experienced flat tires. It got so annoying because you had to take the tube out of the tire and the tire off the bike, until I bought this liquid and put it in my bike tube. It would replace all the holes with a solid. Overall, I love my fat bike. I use it for everyday life, however I might go off-road every now and then. I can go up the footpath and sidewalks with ease and can do more than normal bike and a BMX. I recommend buying one if you're interested in buying a bike as it is only $50-100 on!
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Fat Bikes – Are Fat Bikes Fun To Ride?