Fat Bikes Are Fat Bikes Fun To Ride?

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Binny Falco: At the risk of sounding like a fat bike hater, I'd like to point out fat bikes are 95% "style" (or whatever else you want to call it, along with the flannel shirt and beard/beer, etc.) and very little on function. In fact, there is a very narrow set of conditions under which fat bikes are superior to other bikes.

From an engineer's point of view, fat bikes are really about tracking and suspension. Regular tires can handle most of the terrain very well, and proper suspension is way superior to bigger tires.

And the downsides are enormous, bobbing, Q factor, weight. Enormous amounts of weight.

It's like a Hummers/Harleys of bikes. They are fun in a sense...

Junior Dking: This look so sick bro πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Jangles Benson: Can you redo this video and speak English please . Holy crap I cant understand anything you say . lol

Tshaun Williams: I’m just hear because I’m getting Carrera vendetta for Easter

MrEye4get: LOL. What's wrong with big beards, checked shirts and crafted beer? A fat tire bike is just window dressing!!

Alo Malaker: What bike is your model.
Let us know. Please

Gustavo Souza: 2:02 error

FrontWheel.exe Stopped working

Surya Nair: Fat bikes looks aggressive and cool😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😊😊

Ivo Roilev: Congratulations for 1m subscribers with my favorite video of 'em all!
It was the main reason I got into semi-fats 2y ago, buying a Stumpy 6fattie, and not regretting it a moment since - it made me so much faster and confident rider!

Rachel Ward: I first rode a fattie a year ago and loved it, it’s a lot of fun and I can trust it to grip any surface and get me round any trail I’m brave enough for.

petros Kapiris: My favourite bike is amazing wow

SSchithFoo: Is it good for fat loss? since it takes more energy to get it running

Brent Geib: With a mid-range trail bike and a mid-range fatbike in my arsenal, I can say that I enjoy riding my fatbike much more than my trail bike. No it's not as fast, and the lack of suspension makes it a little rougher, but I feel unstoppable. It's also the go-to for night rides because you don't have to worry about hitting anything and losing traction.

arlyjylz: Fat bike is my favorite. Riding snow now, but great in the summer.

bob knar: How much did that bike cost

Michigan Outdoors: Hell yes i would try one

Vincent Clark: I kind of like them but at the same time I feel like it slides more than a regular 26 inch. But they are comfy

PAUXL LYNCH: I love my 2017 Radrhino but here in the UK these laws in the last few years have turned me into a criminal whenever I ride it. We cannot have a motor more powerful than 250W even though my bike cannot go above 15mph. We have to insure them and have to wear a "motorcycle helmet" as they are classed as mopeds! Most do not register their bikes but a few folk have fallen foul of these laws and have been fined and points on their driving licence.
I am pissed off worrying about it so I have pre-ordered a 2019 Haibike fatsix 9.0 and I can't wait until Feb/March to be street legal as Fattie riding is just so good

Ronnie: I love them, very cool.

Calem Bates: I have two fatties and love them and take them over river beds and sand, trails t the adventure park just love them I do play with the tyre pressure to suit the terrain I'm on love watching you guys.
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Fat Bikes – Are Fat Bikes Fun To Ride?