Shima's Hair Repair Shampoo TUTORIAL!!

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Shima's Length Check!! (On Wet Hair)
Shima's Length Check!! (On Wet Hair)
Review Review Review!!!!!! dove intensive repair shampoo and conditioner
Review Review Review!!!!!! dove intensive repair shampoo and conditioner

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Shimahair21: @tamoniva12 Yes my Shampoo has conditioning properties in it so it is not necessary to follow-up with a conditioner. And leaving my shampoo on for 5-10 min.s is what allows it to penetrate deep into the hair shaft so it can REPAIR your damaged hair.

Mania Roxy: Beautiful hair!!

tamoniva12: This was a very good tutorial Shima. Is your shampoo a conditioning shampoo and that's why you leave it in for 5 to 10 minutes? The leave in is a detangler also? Your hair turned out gorgeous.

Coollovelee: Your hands must get incredibly tired handling all of that hair.

Kelsey T: Glad u showed how to use ur shampoo, do u ever deep condition and if so with what?

Karmen Sylvia: I agree with you 100% and I would like for my hair grow below my bootie length just like Shima's hair.

jadefox2021: Do u rinse it out?

diordivavt: nice

1rubyd: Love it. It doesn't leave film or residue in my hair.

MawiyahJ: Yes, I'd love to know what you deep condition with - if you deep condition at all - your hair is magically delicious - LOL

Essence1800: U hve really long nd pretty hair

PinkLace74: Gorgeous hair Shima!! I can't wait for my hair to get as long as yours! (your Shima Girl Ana C.)

Shimahair21: Hi Zoie, that ingredient has been removed from my shampoo. Is it still showing on the label of the shampoo? If so please do not worry, as the labels are also being replaced. Thanks.

kgirl4147: with that style how do you wrap it at night to keep the curls for days and days? after i do my hair and wrap it at night the curls are gone

seygra20 .: You look like you had fun from start to finish

tamoniva12: I ordered the shampoo and leave in, can't wait to try it.

lavvy2585: I have never used her shampoo but everything else and I have to say that her stuff is wonderful. I have not been using it much since I moved from weaving to pony tails but when I take the weave out I use her products and daily I used the hair creme for my edges. I will use the oil at night and will be ordering from her soon. She is a very very nice lady.
Shima's Hair Repair Shampoo TUTORIAL!! 4.9 out of 5

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Shima's Hair Repair Shampoo TUTORIAL!!