How To Use Stencil Vinyl With Transfer Tape And Fabric Ink

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How to Use Stencil Vinyl With Transfer Tape and Fabric Ink
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Silhouette Stencil Vinyl with Transfer Tape
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Chelsea Evans: can you reuse the stencil?

Wild Bee Ink: Can you do this on the new cameo 3 system? This system does not look like the one I am using. Thank you!

lookup49: This video is useless for first timers. No explanation of the software program...badly explained, no mention of equipment used...sorry..NEXT.

Jan Marvin: Thank you so much for this informative video. It has helped me to focus on what I need for for my projects.

Pucflek: Thank you very much for this! This instruction is what i was looking for!

playuncut: What is the Transfer Tape? The brown one or the white/clean one?

Sharon M: Is the stencil vinyl re-usable?

Sarah Alshaheen: Should I iron the first layer when it's dry b4 adding the next layer ?

minibux100: I wish you would have explained why you were choosing those settings when you selected the image. I have no idea how to follow that. Why "no cut"? Isn't that what we want it to do?

Doxie C: Thank you so much for this very informative video!! I definitely think that I could make this tote now because of your video! ~Donna

Chris3836: Hey Hanan I don't have this machine but after seeing many reviews and videos here on YouTube this machine does let you input your own logo and cut it out. So I guess you don't have to use their graphics. You can just make your own but I'm guessing the software for the machine needs SVG files and that's perfectly fine because a lot of SVG files are like basically stencils ready to be cut out. So I hope that answers your question.

Silhouette Inc.: I think you will find that there are a few different ways you can cut logos to make stencils for etching. You can use the trace feature on a jpeg file or if you import an svg file, you can use that to cut the logo out. You can find more information on our website {link in the video description}! Good luck! Good luck!

Hanan D.: So, basically any design can be done if it was .svg file? Because I'll be using it to etch customized mugs and vase, my customers been sending me their logos and designs but it's hard to get it right if it wasn't etched lightly first. I'd be really glad if you have a PDF file that contains all of the info regarding the machine and the software. Many thanks to you.

Silhouette Inc.: Hanan - The software is compatible with any True Type font you have on your computer. You can import .svg files to cut on your Silhouette if you have the designer edition of the software. .svg files are usually created in Adobe Illustrator or something similar, but Silhouette offers tens of thousands of shapes in our online store as well. Hope that answers your questions!

Hanan D.: Does it support different languages fonts? And if I create a design in photoshop will I be able to create a silhouette to use it to etch glass and stuff? I'm really interested in this machine. Thanks!

Silhouette Inc.: Jens - It is important for the stencil vinyl to be clear when using a design that has multiple layers or colors. It is helpful to be able to see through to line things up. Hope that answers your questions! :)

Jens Gössing: ok, so the main importance for using it on fabric is that it is sticky enough!? I don't see the need for it to be clear...

Silhouette Inc.: Jens - The Stencil Vinyl is specifically made for stenciling. It is clear and more sticky than regular vinyl. Hope that helps!

Silhouette Inc.: Hi Jess! The transfer tape is not reusable.

Jens Gössing: Hey, what is special about the Stencil Vinyl compared to other vinyl?
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How to Use Stencil Vinyl With Transfer Tape and Fabric Ink