Diagonal Right Angle Weave

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Diagonal Right Angle Weave
Diagonal Right Angle Weave
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juliadalmeda: Cual es el anillo que llevas puesto? Me puedes decir cual es el vídeo tutorial

Jaque PSP: I like very much of the your ring. What's tutorial name?

Eva Maria Keiser: Diagonal Right Angle Weave
by:  Off the Beaded Path

smalito83: Thank you for posting this. I like your tips, for example how to keep the tension and pull the thread. You speak clearly and slowly and the camera is at a good clear angle. It would be nice to see you do this on a longer row. Its a bit difficult for me to grasp the 323 aspect when building the rows for a longer piece.  Visually its just a bit harder to follow. But it still a great video. I also like that you use big beads. :-)

QaLib Mehtiyev: mende duzelde bilirem

Cindy T: I LOVE YOUR TUTORIALS. I am going to make one for my daughter. My aunt has a pearl necklace with the similar pattern which made my her Mother who passed away awhile ago. We tried many time to make another one but we could not do it. If I send you a picture, would you help us? Thank you very much. Wish you all the best in the coming New Year. 

Tippy Mueller: I love your background music. Am I hearing waves? Are you near a beach? I live in the desert so the sound is soothing.

Jasmijn Jongepier: jij bent lelijk

Thomas Tymstone: I really enjoyed the look of that piece. But I only had smaller beads on hand and I wanted it to be part of a necklace. I started fine but I think I got off track right when you said continue on as long as you want yours to be, I kind of like how mine turned out but I will try again soon. Thank you Kelly PS after I get this pattern down I will try and translate it into something a bit more masculine. we'll see. Thank you - Thomas

Zorayda Castillo: que facil se mira todo lo que usted hace, me encantan todos sus videos, ya que yo estoy iniciandome en esto, aunque me cuesta un poco hacerlos, jajajaja, la felicito.

AllieMDA: Yes but right above my message she wrote that it took her 80-100 beads, though the video calls for circa 160. That is what I was asking about, why the disparity.

Kasumii84: I realy like your videos. I learn so much from them! Thank you. Btw nice music in the background

princess16698: where can i find just the basic tutorial just to do the up and down pattern?

Spiral Owl Designs: Another great video, Kelly. Thanks

offthebeadedpath: You can use 6lb fire line

offthebeadedpath: You will have to add more boxes in the beginning.

offthebeadedpath: You can use a size 10 or 12

Kelly Byrne: I want to use smaller beads and make this wider how would I do that? Great video and love the new(to me) weaving method!

Hummingbird Kisses: She says in the beginning that she used 160 in the actual bracelet and 4 on the clasp. =164

Hazel Smith: what kind of thread do you use?
Diagonal Right Angle Weave 5 out of 5

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Diagonal Right Angle Weave