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Digestive Enzymes - The Hidden Dangers
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Karl Hungus: Do you have any solutions for growing hair?

Angelica Terinte: Ok. I got the point! The best for digestion is to eat whole food, but what about if I cannot absorbe nutrients well from food.I am extremly anemic, and it seems that I cannot absorb properly Iron,proteins, and dairy fats from food. Due to this reason, I opted for digestive enzymes. What do you think about this?Any

Maria Trimboli: What about if you have pancreatic cancer?

birage: See what Dr. Ellen Cutler thinks of enzymes with her BioSet.

Rhonda Kelley: blah blah blah....really.

Byron Sloggett: Hi Dr. John D. - You mention a lot of great ideas, i know ive been suffering from IBS a long time, and your ideas (see the 'LIST' below'.. really help me from bloating, plus staying away from Caffeine and sodas really helps a lot, as they irritate my bowels really bad, to the point of puking and diareah., and also i notice drinking lots of water helps digestion, but I am just curious ,
I know you mentioned the following things (LISTED below); but curious why you do not mention CUMIN? like you mention cinnamon, for digestive help!, it does wonders,! whenever i am recovering from an IBS attack, the very next day I will have some sprinkle some CUMIN on my food, or just pour it in a glass of water, and drink it, and you will crap fast, and ur stool, comes out nice and hard,? but in your opinion is this good or bad for you ? you can google it and most sites would agree with me, it has good digestive qualities, and properties.. Also you dont mention the wonders of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, but yet i pour it into my juice , and it really helps the stomach to digest properly!!, especially if bloated or constipated... but what is your opinion, why you dont mention these items as digestive helpers, when they help lots of people ? is there anything wrong with taking this approach ?

He stated: Beets, 2/3 of your plate should be Leafy greens (once a day, dinner?),
cinnamon, and 1-2 tblsp of olive oil and 1-2 tblsp lemon juice before night,
and drink a tall glass of water 15 mins before each meal !
And Why not try Papaya, Pineapple, tomato juice, and salad before a meal, not drinking at a meal, but 15 mins before the meal..

Skarn22: My understanding was that nature gives use enough enzymes to digest real food, just not this preservative-filled processed crap (i.e. the stuff we actually eat) so yeah. You can eat better, OR...

Dathan Walters: Hi, Why does Enzyme supplement pills break down fiber? won't the fiber get broken down by the bodies enzymes even if you don't take enzyme supplement pills?

Immortal So Far: If you read this link http://www.enzymestuff.com/digestion.htm , especially the latter part where it talks about pancreatic enzymes vs plant enzymes, it might explain why Douillard is confused and likely incorrect on the dangers of digestive enzymes.

Here's the most important part:

"If supplementing the diet with oral enzymes was deleterious to health, then eating raw foods, such as fruits and vegetables, might also pose a hazard, as those foods are high in enzymes. Since no hazard has been noted from eating such a diet, we can conclude that plant enzymes represent no source of harm."

Esther Sorenson: You're a doctor - take the time to do scientific research on that. You can't talk about someone you know and make assumptions and then promote your ideas because of your assumptions. That's not scientific. In this video, you use "opinion" words like "believer", "I believe", "I think". Those theories need to be tested and studied. Here's what you said: "...I'm just not a believer in that. I believe we can all digest well as we age. Even as good as an 18 year old (0:22)....I think we can reset digestive function by decongesting those bile ducts and those pancreatic ducts. (3:30)" Yes, you're right, eating healthy and not having stress is good for the body, but a lot of people still stress out and still eat unhealthfully. For those who don't have a pancreas or gallbladder, they need to take enzyme supplements. For those other people who take enzymes and it's changing their life for the better, telling them stop taking them and trying to scare them is not a nice thing to do. You can promote a healthy lifestyle and what foods 'you think' will help unclog the duct. If they try your suggestions and it works, then they can stop taking the supplements. How would they know it worked if they're still taking the supplements? People aren't stupid - they would 'see what would happen' by trying to eat a meal without the supplement. If they feel normal and that keeps up, then they can probably go without. Just because you're a doctor and you spent many years studying, doesn't mean you are right with your opinion. I know a lot of stupid smart people who believe that homeopathy work...so stupid and gullible to what others tell them. Hello!!!! There are scientists who do studies (you learned about that), the right way, who write scientific papers on their findings. That's who you should quote and not on a paper that doesn't have enough evidence and needs to be studied further.

Lisa Lee: Hi Dr! This ideo helped a lot!!  is it okay to take Caralluma for extra bun my fat for a long term healthy benefit? Thanks

The Lebanese vegan: Everything that doctors say I'm going to do the opposite 😄

Bobby Hduaslseey: in your opening statement Doctor that is not the case. people are not going to think or just because someone is a certain age that they should be taking enzymes but the counter correct statement, view, or standard application is the they are what they are, their enzymes, but most of all us support to those that need it. I wouldn't go far to much in heresay, Doctor. Their have been plenty of healthy older people and they did not need digestive support. Thats all it is, support to those that need it.

mirzamay: I wonder if the beats and greens have to be raw. I'm thinking probably yes?

Kyle Noriesta: The list beats, cinnamon, greens, 1-2 tblsp of olive oil and/or 1-2tblsp lemon juice before night, or drink a tall glass of water 15 mins before dinner. MORAL: taking multiple pills is BAD, knowing the basic needs for your body to produce/maintain your organs. list of foods is the first line

midnightchannel: So, if you juice greens they do NOT work...?

Pat Cavanaugh: the audio sucks on this video and I don't believe this guy, because I never even heard of him until I saw Dr. Mercola's video on how important digestive enzymes are. Get a better audio system, sir, and maybe someone will listen to you, just in case you have something important to say.

Dove18000: Bile is stored in the gallbladder. If your gallbladder is gone, you need to replace it with digestive enzymes.

Vita Leonis: I will NEVER ever ever do the Olive oil and lemon (that he says to do) again. This made things worse, AND, I could not get rid of the intense olive oil taste for a day and a half - Even after brushing and mouthwash.
Do not do this whatsoever. I'm going to do enzymes this time.

Jamie Nielsen: I have started enzymes because I frankly don't know what else to do. My doctor has given up on me. I have no gallbladder. I have fructose malabsorption and lactose intolerance. I can't eat eggs or soy. Diarrhea is a daily occurrence. I'm losing nutrients. I have been to the ER with low potassium. I also get heart palpitations from the gas and bloating I have daily! I don't sleep at night from the bloat either. I am only in my 30's and dreading my life.
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