Digestive Enzymes - The Hidden Dangers

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PRINCE D: people yu must take yur enzyme to help yur bad gut ok

FeelGoodGold: Fantastic way to get the content across

Health Reactor: How about taking digestive enzymes on an empty stomach?

lewis don: Yeah my body has become dependant on enzymes. It sucks but oh well at least there cheap

Ryan Nachtrab: Hi John! So I've been a bodybuilder for a while, so that means I've eaten tons (maybe literally?) of meat for years and years. I'm also pretty darn concious of what goes in my body and have a pretty good idea of what foods work best for me. On to my question - would a guy like me benefit from taking digestive enzymes along with my massive meals? Not all of my meals are huge, but it's quite normal for me to eat 2lbs of beef, chicken, or fish (along with fruits, greens, or brown rice) after a long day at work and then a hard workout. I'm aware that my body has limited resources, but if I fail to replenish then my recovery will suffer - hence the large meal after feeling depleted. Thanks for your time!

Mama Penguin: you mentioned not to juice your greens. I've been blending my greens will that give the same benefits? also do you have any information on green juicing is it not as beneficial? what do you think about triphala?

trung Nguyen: Thank Doc,
I was thinking if i need to buy Digestive Enzymes, now i know what to do !!!

eastbaysf: When I cut out sugar my intestines were fine... no need for all that stuff.. I eat bran flakes for breakfast about half a cup and that's  good fiber.  I will try the cinnamon.

Brushed Stones: I understand your reasoning. My doctor says you only need supplements if you don't eat fruit and greens daily.

Christine Kocher: Dr. William Wong who is a proponent of enzymes asserts that enzymes are not just for the digestion of food. Perhaps if they are dangerous for the stated reason in this video, only take them on an empty stomach for other reasons, and let your body take over when you eat food.  I'd like to hear commentary on this subject please.  Thank you.

rami alghadban: thank you dr for this video,and for the new information before we eat..but i want to mention too that our bodies due to mother nature are not built to consume cooked or processed food that means our bodies are made to consume enzymes with food,and these enzymes are destroyed when they get cooked..a person's life span is directly related to the exhaustion of their enzyme potential.and the use of food enzymes decreases that rate of exhaustion, and thus,results in a longer,healthier,and more vital life...Dr Howell

shaun esoteric: we've been on the planet for millions of years without supplements, obviously he's on to something we all forgot about diet ;-) . thx for the video!

SOADcari: but if I don't have a gallbladder anymore? I read a lot of taking digestive enzymes for your whole life if you don't have a gallbladder anymore. I have stomach cramps after every meal lately, especially if I eat high fat, but I have the feeling enzymes give me diarrhea... so what do I do?

newriri: can i use coconut oil instead of olive in "morning run" recipe?

BIONIK DIKK: You make a video condemning Enzymes, but yet you have another video advocating Probiotic supplements? HUH?!?!

Ricardo Concepcion: Hi John

What if one doesnt have a gallbladder? Would you recommend Digestive Enzymes then?

Pleasure1964: I have no Galbladder, and 2/3rds of my Pancreas has been surgically removed along with 2.5 feet of my Colon!
what about me?
Enzymes no enzymes, what say ye?

Scarlet Peoni: I'm not sure what to do now. I've had acid reflux for 3 years and at the time it started my b12 levels where extremely low (no dietry reason for them to be low, I was vegetarian and ate my own birds eggs that are roaming all day, eat wild greens, eat a lot of home grown vegetables etc) attempted to sort it out by eating salmon, cheese high in b12, taking b12 supplements but nothing got it up so had to have it injected. Tested after a month and the levels were okay. I then was rushed into hospital with suspected rupture but turned out to be a compressed spinal nerve and 'displaced pain' in the abdomen.

3 years later and my reflux is as bad as ever along with other digestive problems I've had for years since I had bowel surgery and appendix removed. I'm having my b12 checked again along with other things as having a lot of mixed symptoms. I've been prescribed proton pump inhibitors and anti anxiety medication. Obviously want to avoid taking these.

After researching I was under the impression that I may need to take digestive enzymes due to the relflux, especially if my results say that I am once again dangerously low in b12.

I've currently eliminated gluten and dairy, replaced sugar with honey, eating lots of spinach and greens, ginger, lemon water but still having problems. Walking around, stress, exercise all trigger the reflux or sometimes it seems to come on random. Not eating makes it worse, eating seems to stop the symptoms for maybe an hour but then they start again.

Would it be a bad idea to take them then in this case? even short term?

Since I had surgery 10 years ago I woke up and almost instantly had depression/chronic anxiety, panic attacks etc this got a little better when I ate raw food diet but I got sick on that also but different symptoms. I have been suicidal in the past and would belive its connected?
I could write much more lol for instance made some saurkraut to try and heal and I had a histimine reaction just from touching it so now dare not eat it, had reactions to alcohol, rooibus, rosehip, hibicus ...

 If you have gotten to the end of my v.long comment, thanks for reading...any thoughts anyone has I would appreciate!

hyylo: hi John. can you eat sprouts instead of leafy greens?

Ofelia Mirasol: i have gallstones,acid reflux and heartburn.is it okay to take lemon mix with olive oil?
Digestive Enzymes - The Hidden Dangers 5 out of 5

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Digestive Enzymes - The Hidden Dangers