Digestive Enzymes - The Hidden Dangers

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Digestive Enzymes - The Hidden Dangers
Digestive Enzymes - The Hidden Dangers

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skirts365: Are you naturally bald OR do you shave it all off? Get a hairpiece.

Jaciemack: What advise would you give someone without a gallbladder?


Pearl Young: Do you have any tips of what to do if you no longer have a gallbladder

Ruby Crepemyrtle: You were talking about eating greens to activate enzymes but then mentioned "not necessary" with juicing. Why? Why not juicing or how about just throwing the whole plant in the blender

Yasir Rasool: jo v hoay ganjay nu ilm bra wa...

Truth Star Productions: I agree, it's in the food. I like this guy

Mike Hewlett: So whats wrong with taking enzymes? Nothing whatsoever.
Most people eat cooked food so we add back what the cooking took away sounds good to me.
Try saying this to people with crohns disease they will laugh at you.
Enzymes are one of the strongest things to help heal your body from digestive problems.
Unless you are going to eat a raw food diet the rest of your life there is not one thing wrong with taking them forever in fact I bet you will live longer taking them than not.
The biggest thing that might help a lot of people out there produce more acid and enzymes, is go off all caffeine, you will find yourself eating a lot less and drinking a ton of water because you crave it.
I do agree you have to improve your own enzymes and make more, but until you find that way, take the enzymes you will feel great and get the nutrients you need.
Some people with the wrong bacteria in there gut will need to take enzymes the rest of there life or change that bacteria, which can be really hard to do.
Take your enzymes people if you have gut problems, sure try these things but I'm betting you will feel better taking enzymes, even when you go off of them for a while.

Liz Holy Cripes I love you: Hi John! Long story short, I have non celiac gluten sensitivity, diagnosed by blood tests. I was also tested cross reactive positive to dairy and oats. I had diarrhea so bad I had to wear a diaper and after removing the foods I had intermittent loose stools and severe bloating. Now after taking the enzymes, I'm doing somewhat better, bloating is less severe and loose stools are more formed (but still not ideal). It's been a 2 year postpartum (c-section with antibiotics) journey. OK.. here's my question.. I had my liver tested and my bilirubin was 1.6 (std range is <1.1). Wouldn't this mean I have excess bile? I was told by dr this is mild Gilbert's syndrome. But, could this affect my digestion? I notice my stools are really loose during my period could this all be hormonal? I've seen 5 doctors, 1 naturopath, and am currently working with a functional medicine specialist. Anyway, I'm wondering if there is a connection between my high bilirubin and loose stools and why digestive enzymes are helping if my "bile" is already high? Thanks!

PRINCE D: people yu must take yur enzyme to help yur bad gut ok

FeelGoodGold: Fantastic way to get the content across

Health Reactor: How about taking digestive enzymes on an empty stomach?

lewis don: Yeah my body has become dependant on enzymes. It sucks but oh well at least there cheap

Ryan Nachtrab: Hi John! So I've been a bodybuilder for a while, so that means I've eaten tons (maybe literally?) of meat for years and years. I'm also pretty darn concious of what goes in my body and have a pretty good idea of what foods work best for me. On to my question - would a guy like me benefit from taking digestive enzymes along with my massive meals? Not all of my meals are huge, but it's quite normal for me to eat 2lbs of beef, chicken, or fish (along with fruits, greens, or brown rice) after a long day at work and then a hard workout. I'm aware that my body has limited resources, but if I fail to replenish then my recovery will suffer - hence the large meal after feeling depleted. Thanks for your time!

Mama Penguin: you mentioned not to juice your greens. I've been blending my greens will that give the same benefits? also do you have any information on green juicing is it not as beneficial? what do you think about triphala?

trung Nguyen: Thank Doc,
I was thinking if i need to buy Digestive Enzymes, now i know what to do !!!

eastbaysf: When I cut out sugar my intestines were fine... no need for all that stuff.. I eat bran flakes for breakfast about half a cup and that's  good fiber.  I will try the cinnamon.

Brushed Stones: I understand your reasoning. My doctor says you only need supplements if you don't eat fruit and greens daily.

Christine Kocher: Dr. William Wong who is a proponent of enzymes asserts that enzymes are not just for the digestion of food. Perhaps if they are dangerous for the stated reason in this video, only take them on an empty stomach for other reasons, and let your body take over when you eat food.  I'd like to hear commentary on this subject please.  Thank you.

rami alghadban: thank you dr for this video,and for the new information before we eat..but i want to mention too that our bodies due to mother nature are not built to consume cooked or processed food that means our bodies are made to consume enzymes with food,and these enzymes are destroyed when they get cooked..a person's life span is directly related to the exhaustion of their enzyme potential.and the use of food enzymes decreases that rate of exhaustion, and thus,results in a longer,healthier,and more vital life...Dr Howell
Digestive Enzymes - The Hidden Dangers 5 out of 5

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Digestive Enzymes - The Hidden Dangers