Digestive Enzymes - The Hidden Dangers

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Digestive Enzymes - The Hidden Dangers
Digestive Enzymes - The Hidden Dangers

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Loki // Raw Thought: I remember checking the literature before and it appeared that taking enzymes does not lower your natural production later on. Is there a study to back up what you're saying here? Thanks!

kartar singh: We need digestive enzymes in raw whey protein

Gilbert A Kiaha: Mahalo's for your video, super informative...

Gilbert A Kiaha: Question? Does drinking while eating recommended for a healthy digestive system?

need job: I don't want to have to take digestive enzymes but when I don't my stomach bloats really bad and I lack energy, but when I take them I feel better. I'm going to work on my candida and digestive problems and hopefully get myself off the enzymes

itsjemmabond: I don't care what anyone says, I'll continue to use my enzymes. For years I'd struggled with digestion, and yes, I did have a good diet, but I never saw the benefits, my belly was always in pain, I was gassing like crazy (Apologies for being gross), and I was always weak and anaemic. There were certain foods I couldn't eat anymore because after consumption I'd feel like throwing up; there was a time I would feel like vomiting immediately after every meal, it was a disaster. I'd take my IBS tablets as prescribed, but it only eased the pain. Even breakfast cereals were an issue - I'd always been a fan of high-fibre cereals, but suddenly I found that they were seriously bloating me, and to make things worse I felt hungry two hours after eating it...and it's supposed to be filling. The only thing I could stomach without stress was croissants, which of course made me fat. Finally, I decided that I'd had enough, and went to my local Holland and Barrett were I bought some enzymes...and I can honestly say that my only regret is not having taken them sooner because my stomach pain has disappeared, I'm no longer that gassy, I have more energy, and I sleep better. So there you go; if feeling better about yourself due to enzymes is one of those dangers, bring it on!

Vercusgames: I had my gall bladder removed. I agree the vegetables, broccoli, carrots, red lettuce help a ton. Also fibers such as 1 orange a day, and above all else maintaining a proper eating, sleeping schedule. I was on the digestive enzymes for a month, and it messed me up. Ironically the doctor misdiagnosed. It was my thyroid, not my stomach. I haven't had any problems. With that said, everyone is different. I honestly believe there are people who need their gall bladder more than others. Keep an eye on transplants. I'm certain in the next decade it'll be a thing.

Tony Boroni: I cant digest fruits like goji nothing at all its as iff it was not even eatin im extremely ill some things digest well while fruits dont digest well wat caseing this weat and porage dont do well meat and some vegetables have no problems.

nancy gomez: Thanks ever so much it means a lot to me will follow your advice once again thank you

Chandan gupta: Hi Jonh, I am 35 years old and i have been eating very low fat/calorie meals or last 1 year .I am a sedentary IT worker . I have fat accumulated around my tummy with BMI of 32. Can you tell me how to lose stubborn tummy fat and not to get it back . I walk for around 3 km every day.

Maricela Olivas: -I'm 19 and i dont digest good haha

Lightsamps Living: Those foods ARE that bad for you sir. Good day.

Dan Szklanecki: This is bs. It is a fact as you age your pancreas does not release the same amount of enzymes at the age of 60 you will produce 50% less or more then when you were 18. Not saying everybody needs them. But if you are having undigested food in the stools there is a reason for it. Its called no or little enzymes.

Christian Thames: Research bromelain, it helps digestion and is known for super healing.

nancy gomez: Hi love watching your videos it helped me lots and for sure the world too.thanks you. Will you make video about Haemorrhoids my son is suffering from it what's the best herbs or supplement please respond many thanks.

hooponoponogirlz: Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency is more common than realized.  So is Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction which is often scar tissue and blockage of biliary system from gallbladder removal.  Sometimes they are necessary.  Good advice for someone without advanced issues.

Sahil Pandit: Hey john. you should provide examples for your videos so that everyone understands it better. meaning that you should do a presentation.

Kartavya Sharma: plz help i m taking gold standard whey protien since 6 months....now my stomach is paining all time since 2 months and now i cant digest food that i early used to ..i think my digestive system is weak now..what should i do now plz help how can i strong my digestive system again

junior lora: andreas moritz liver flush for liver stones remover

Gods Gift: I think what he is saying is true and false at the same time. I like his idea but I don't think it works I've done what he had said and it never works
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Digestive Enzymes - The Hidden Dangers