Digestive Enzymes - The Hidden Dangers

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Digestive Enzymes - The Hidden Dangers
Digestive Enzymes - The Hidden Dangers
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allthings509: On reading your notes below this video it becomes clear that you have based your theory of the dangers of dependence on enzyme supplements on the case of one elderly doctor who was into colonic irrigation and detoxification and whose health was not so good. It would be good if you supported your case with more realistic examples. There are many reasons for needing to supplement with digestive enzymes other than what you have outlined. In my case I was determined not to use enzyme supplements and did many other things including everything you mentioned but my health continued to deteriorate, so then when I started taking them I felt I'm on the road to recovery. Your notes are interesting in that you explain the problems with cleanses and constant detoxifications, and I particularly like your reference to "cleansing casualties", but then you give the impression that these people become dependent on this. At this point I felt reassured as I realised you were making the same assumption on both the "cleansing casualties" and those who take digestive enzymes, that of dependency. Your "cleansing casualties" can reverse their dependency, it takes time but a person's system will get back on track; I am surprised that you, a "natural" doctor do not know this. I would imagine then, equally with enzymes, when my system is healed with the enzymes and bile I am taking I will be able to ween myself off of them gradually. I have also been taking systemic enzymes nightly and these have been tremendous for my connective tissue autoimmune disorder, I am now down from taking them three times nightly to once every other night.

SicFyh: so is he going to tell me that eating raw foods will shut down my enzyme production?

UFOgospel: Beets contain powerful enzymes. Same as taking enzymes supplements. So you say becoming dependent on foods is a bad thing? These digestive enzymes are in the healthy foods we eat. This toxic day and age we need to take all the enzymes we can. Our pancreas produces systemic enzymes like serrapeptase used to maintain and heal the body first and foremost digestion is much lower on the to do list of its own enzymes. Back then all we had were enzyme rich foods. Once you eat cooked or enzyme depleted foods you use your own personal store of enzymes for digestion. This is not good eventually you will break down and become stiff/frail....what we like to call old age. Systemic enzymes are also anti viral, capable of breaking down the protective layers of viruses. Serrapeptase/Nattokinase will break down keloid scars or any other old injuries you may have sustained during your lifetime. They also keep your arteries clean and clear of clots/plaque by cleaning out the excess fibrin that cuases scar tissue/clots Check out Lou Corona on youtube at 63+ years old and looks like he is in his late 30's. He will teach you the importance of living enzyme rich foods(fermentation) and supplementation of powerful enzymes for optimal peak health. He isn't the only one doing this and getting these amazing(actually quite standard when we've lost our way when it comes to health) results.

mario: Thank you!!! And all these people that think they can't digest milk and they have allergies to this and that they don't realize that it's just their system that has become weaker

Stephen Dickens: I have wondered about enzymes, mainly because after taking them when eating, my stomach seemed uneasy like it was doing the opposite of what the enzymes are supposed to do. Perhaps the problem may be in how such is manufactured, given an enzyme is a type of protein. And if its made incorrectly then the protein may not fold correctly and that can lead to all sorts of health problems. Toxic protein aggregation is something to research for anyone wanting to know more about such.

alwaysbeeurself: Can you show some science literature to how the body becomes dependent on digestive enzymes if one takes them for a long period of time?

Mike P: Excellent content, thank you for publishing this video. 

sean darke: what would happen if I do the olive oil and lemon juice thing and I don't have a gallbladder

Saad M: What if I dont have a gall bladder? do i need enzymes?

EMBRACINGLIGHT: Take it if a doctor say no. 

Teresa Jones: Good digestion

Max Carter: is this just an opinion ?

jason thrash: More FDA bullcrap

IWildPkI: Hey , Doc I have IBS (Diarrhea usually)I was thinking I have the symptoms for needing to take enzymes seeing undigested food for example . So I am happy your saying I can just eat veggies but when I do that that causes usually at least Diarrhea .

ArseneLupin2009: beets and cinnamon are not good for the kidneys :-(

TerryLicia Reed: He uses the word "gut" as if the small intestine and large intestine were all the same thing. Food is digested in the small, and the large? Passage to rid the body of all it cannot use. What DOES he mean by "gut" ??

Lexi4211: I don't have a gallbladder so I have to take them.

5tonyvvvv: Leafy greens are great! But Digestive enzymes are NOT bad for you!! Taking 1 pill a day, is fine!

Timmy Tzeiranakis: Do you add any water to the olive oil/lemon juice recipe?

melya feros: adding water could be problem.

Julie van Eps: spot on, totally agree. the bile is the key to digestion and elimination

Suzanne Renee: Ways to condition the body to no longer rely on digestive enzyme supplements.

dearmurder: What do you eat when your bile duct is blocked and you have a biliary catheter??

John Douillard: Only before a cleanse where you will reset digestive function and flora afterwards.

NaturalHI: My Digestion is so slow and bad that my Blood Pressure shoots up so high that I've been in and out of the hospital. I don't know where to start? Don't know if it's candida, low HCL, or bacterial overgrowth in the intestines causing my suffering.

TheRedtaz: i been taking digestive enzymes for about 5 years, and i never get stomach aches!

nv4l: Conclusion...I will take even more digestive enzymes now!

Sae Min Ahn: Hmmm I just say take it when you have a heavy meal and leave it alone when you eat a nominal amount and balance of food...

88desertsun: Raw foods still have their enzymes, cooking food destroys enzymes. If you have problems learn how to prepare some vegan food and only take enzymes with cooked food. Just my experience though.

Lupinthetrac: I've learned so much from you, thank you very much! I bought your book and am excited to read it!

Charlie chu: Thank you, but what if you do not have a gall bladder. I eat very natural no food additives. All vegetables and fruit, meats and dairy. honey and olive oil, but my husband and I have allot of problems with stomach we both had gall bladder removed. Please have any suggestions. Thanks

Love May Heal: Todays foods & soils are - 50% deficient in enzymes & minerals so... Wouldn't enzymes be a great supplement?

Sopalida: Thank you for this information. What if your gallbladder has been removed? Any modifications or additional treatment? I have been taking enzymes with added ox bile. It seems to help a lot.

shawnsent: I wasted 7 years of my life with that same theory, focusing on the liver and detoxifying it only give short term minor relief. I've done 65 Clarks liver flushes and all sorts of herbs and greens to cleanse the liver It is not the liver one should focus on but the kidneys and the lymphetic system. with clean kidney, body will automatically clean out the liver and the lymph system. most of the time people get damaged kidney due to chemical and heavy metals from antibiotic/vaccin/mercury fillin

mashtee2003: I ate leafy greens with every meal(I still do), still had bloating. I tried Cinnamon but had skin eruptions! I started enzymes and my bloating problems are gone, my belly is not gassy and now I can exercise 4-5 times a week... I do agree that I am now dependent on these enzymes, but your suggestions I have pretty much tried and it did not work for me... sorry...

MegaSpiritualWarrior: Doc do you recommend colonics?

extrmntr: Hi doc, i was wondering if you can answer me one question. Can i still go without digestive enzymes even if im bodybuilder and eating few more meals a day then "regular people" and taking whey supplements? Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English.

NaturalHI: Can't digest RAW right now. Can we steam the beets? I have a cold, damp condition.
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