Hpi Bullet Mt Flux On 3s Lipo

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Hpi bullet mt flux on 3s lipo
Hpi bullet mt flux on 3s lipo
HPI Bullet Flux - 3S Lipo Action [HD 1080p] - www.rc-werkz.de
HPI Bullet Flux - 3S Lipo Action [HD 1080p] - www.rc-werkz.de
HPI Savage Flux 6s Bullet Flux 3s lipo
HPI Savage Flux 6s Bullet Flux 3s lipo "Twisted Metal" Gopro HD
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HPI Bullet MT Flux Brushless (Off-Raod-Monster)
HPI Bullet MT Flux
HPI Bullet MT Flux
HPI Bullet ST/MT Flux 2013 - Kinver Skate Park Bash 4 - RC Car Club
HPI Bullet ST/MT Flux 2013 - Kinver Skate Park Bash 4 - RC Car Club
HPI Bullet MT Flux Brushless Off-Road
HPI Bullet MT Flux Brushless Off-Road

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all my shit (rc, mc, music): +jamienoah222 1002 amp burst? LOL.... that didnt cost 20 dollar like that turnigy lipo.... Go away man!

Ed Cheshire: Is this better than the bullet mt 3.0 nitro 

Matthieu Rocca: what fan did you put on there!!!!!! need to know

YOYOMAN786: numnuts e revo costs nearly twice as much hpi savage flux is a close match to erevo

jamienoah222: Turnigy packs suck my thuder powers are 140c 1002 amps burst 702 amps continous

87kingdavid: try a 12t pinon with the 3s lipo. i noticed a big differance :)

Kunal Patel: no nitros can go backwards unless theyre hella special somehow. in order for one to go backwars it would need special transmission. this i think is right but not 100 percent sure. :) ps: im thinkin of getting an hpi bullet flux mt for bashing

andywhiteley1: is this the flux 4300kv motor, if so can the motor handle 3s without cooking it, cheers

jabbaovbd4: @dhudson369 ye it will backflip

jabbaovbd4: you can wire the stock fan to the bec or just replace the fan with a 12v version and wire direct to battery connector,i am waiting for the ezrun 8.5t and 60amp esc to turn up from china,so will post vid. jabba.

ashman7611: I didn't have to change the fan on my bullet with a 3s battery? The manuel said the ESC and motor is rated up to a 3s LIPO.

XesbyecroF: @jabbaovbd4 could you please tell me the exactly fan?maybe post one link thanx

jabbaovbd4: @XesbyecroF no i did'nt change spring hardness ,punch setting was left the same.hope this helps. jabba

Will Lapinskis: nice! sub back :)

MJSracingTV: How long does the battery last and does it tear apart your transmission?

Kyle Neufeld: So I threw in an extra vxl system I had lying around and WOW that woke it up!!!!!

jabbaovbd4: @MrRennsemmel you can buy the fan on ebay for £6.00 from china. jabba.

melodie734: can you drive backwards with the 3.0 version too?


jabbaovbd4: @ps3rocks1000 i paid £269.00 from modelsport uk ,top speed i'd say is about 35mph to 45mph on 3s. jabba.

Jefrey Kolmus: @rsremco1 I have recently bought the Bullet ST flux. I am now running it on 2s lipo but would love to change to 3s. If i read your messge correct then i only need to change the esc fan, the standard flux esc and motor can handle 11.1 V. Thanks for letting me know and for the nice video!!

The Zero Number: I'm aware you changed the ESC and Fan but you are still on the stock motor? Impressive! Does it not get too hot on 3s or does it perform well? Also would you mind telling me the names of or linking to the ESC and Fan you are using? I am interested in running 3s myself and have been checking out various ESC and Heatsinks for a couple of weeks now. Thanks in advance and great video; about time we got to see what the Bullet can do. :)

rockingnofear: Nice 1

XesbyecroF: @jabbaovbd4 thanx you very much :)

XesbyecroF: @jabbaovbd4 iam waiting for the fan to come and isee your video 3 times a day :P what punch mode you have? and did you change the spring harderness?

YOYOMAN786: looks like a hobbywing fan to me

XesbyecroF: @87kingdavid please say about the big difference?

Sam Ankers: What should i change the esc fan to? Because i am getting this with a 3s lipo

jabbaovbd4: @bingobongo32 dogbones holding up great its just bad landings that bend them,here is a link for the fix,works a treat.

ashman7611: Unless this is an older model?

ps3rocks1000: hi i was wonder how much are they to buy brand new and the top speed with 3s, thanks

jabbaovbd4: @DC199PASTRANA the lipo's are turnigy and i purchased them from hobbyking. jabba.

dhudson369: will it backflip

jabbaovbd4: i would get a motor heatsink also. jabba.

jabbaovbd4: i think the new model has 60 amp esc fitted,no need to change fan.

RCHurricane: How fast is it going measured in miles per hour?

rsremco1: @Thezeronumber It's a EZrun ESC, the origenal flux esc is a EZrun ESC too. And if you look at the EZrun 35A ESC you can see it will take 3S lipo's, same for the Flux motor, it's also a EZrun 9T and it will take 3S Only the Fan on the ESC is not suitable for 11,1 volt, but just solder the red fan wire to the red wire of the BEC and your good to go i am going to upgade to a Ezrun 60A and 8.5T motor, this is a stronger motor as the 9T (9t is a 380 size motor in a 540 can, 8.5 real 540)

bingobongo32: Wow , it's fast. What is the impact on your drive shafts with such a power.

Ruben Casarez: can you show it backflip

Orange Box: but will it blend?

Flexkopf14XD: Is it the normal transmission?

dhudson369: @DC199PASTRANA Lmao

VL Ly: @jabbaovbd4 HI, just tested today using GPS. Max speed on 3s Lipo 70c 6000mah, 68km/h (kph), on 2s lipo 40c we made 44km/h (kph).I will upload video soon.

LOLIFE2010: Might wanna tighten the slipper clutch

MrRennsemmel: Where do you get the fan? Is this the orginal fan from the ezrun esc 60A?. I've got the bullet mt and I also want to use 3s lipo. The acceleration must awesone! Please answer.

jabbaovbd4: @DC199PASTRANA the lipo's are turnigy and i purchased them from hobbyking. jaba.

rsremco1: @TINRIB10 Yes it should handle 3S, just need to change the red fan wire from to the red wire thats going to the reciever, than te fan is running at 6v also if you ever break the ESC buy a new Ezrun 60A ESC, the 35A that's in it now is not the best choice for a heavy car like the bullet Its nog my video, but i have driven the bullet on 3S works perfect

Ostap Stefak: what esc fan did you use pls reply

Kyle Neufeld: I just bought one of these two weeks ago, the version with the 60a esc and it kept overheating on 3s even when I turned down the timing and punch control

dtorney3: Bought one the biggest piece of crap ever broke on a simple turn over but glad ur having fun with it
Hpi bullet mt flux on 3s lipo 4.2 out of 5

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Hpi bullet mt flux on 3s lipo