Carburetor Cleaning & TUNE-UP Of Toro 6.5HP Lawnmower With Tecumseh Engine

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Carburetor Cleaning & TUNE-UP of Toro 6.5HP Lawnmower with Tecumseh Engine
Carburetor Cleaning & TUNE-UP of Toro 6.5HP Lawnmower with Tecumseh Engine
LAWNMOWER REPAIR: robin. subaru carburetor cleaning and tune-up
LAWNMOWER REPAIR: robin. subaru carburetor cleaning and tune-up
Carburetor Adjustment Basics -EricTheCarGuy
Carburetor Adjustment Basics -EricTheCarGuy

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Tim B: Thanks donyboy73. Got my like new Craftsman Eager1 running perfect.
A $20 CraigsList find has turned this non-runner into a real productive machine.

Naruki Otaka: At 3:03 do those linkages have a specific name? I know the governor but the other one? On my current mower while working on it I lost the other linkage and Have no clue what to look for, been searching the web for a long time and searching my garage!

Michael Karnish: Great video and quick fix, most cases.  I'm not a small engine shop but I do have own a lawn mower and an edger - both with tecumseh engines.  Even though I have rebuilt carburetors previously on my own equipment, I could have saved time and a few bucks (carb kit) had I previously found this video.  I just purchased a nice used mower off of craigslist for $38 that did not run, as I suspected it was either bad gas or a dirty carb.  I used the technique in this video and saved time and money, and fixed a lawn mower.  With a new blade, spark plug and fresh oil, this one should sell quickly for a nice profit.

abdulrazack oketona: Hi, I did everything you specify in this video, but my lawn mower still won't start. Any suggestions? 

karl Batobalani: Yes

Ken Lines: their is a screw above the primer bulb I adjusted at one point and I was wondering what that does?

vero cisneros: My lawn mower does not start only when I squeeze gas in carb but then goes out 

WOOODYII2: My friend has a craftsman eager 1 6.75 hp. Problem is very hard to start. Once it starts (usually with starter fluid) it runs great, not a problem in the world. So far I did the usual, spark plug, air filter, ripped carb apart and soaked in can of carb cleaner and replaced primer bulb. If I primer it 3 times pull 3 times possible kick. Primer 3 times pull 3 times, kick, 3 more times then sometimes it starts. I also replaced the fuel line and cleaned the tank.

Syed Ahmad: Excellent video, very clear and explanatory. Good work.

Selvyn Lucas: Did you replace gaskets, or O rings to the carburetor? 

Rosemary Rmlgeo: My lawnmower wouldn't start and my son told me I needed to take it in for repair. Instead I found this video on YouTube easily fixed it my self.  All I needed to do was remove the carburetor brass jet screw, clean it, then replace it.  Thank you for making and sharing this excellent video.

pei bossman: thank you for this...

rob kerz: i may run some sea foam through it just in case. Also I may mess with the idle screw and clean that and reinstall it. That is all i can think of. 

rob kerz: I also am not sure i did a 100 percent job cleaning/ rebuilding the carb. I watched you tube videos where you take the bowl off take the float off. Spray the crap out of it with carb cleaner, give it a good wipe down and then blow it out real good with a air hose. I did that and it looked really clean, then i installed the new rubber  and gakets. Do you think I did something wrong when i rebuilt the carb? I made sure to get into all the jets with fine wire like the videos said. 

rob kerz: I have the same mower.I cleaned the carb and rebuilt it, new spark plug, new gas, new oil and new air filter. The engine still idles up and down. What else is there to do? There is no blockage in the gas line. I did have a white crud build up on the top of the carb bowl that i wire wheeled off but I dont think it is sucking air. Any ideas?

regina criscione: thank you all for your comments.. we were at the point to just throw ours away and go buy a new one, because after changing oil, gas, air filter and spark plug it still didnt start.. but after cleaning the tiny hole in the carb screw it started with one pull.... thank you again

RickOsheaYYJ: Great video, had my mower running 30 minutes after watching.

Dennis Parks: 6.5 Tecumseh Engine, re set air gap, has spark, held brake in place while trying to start, cleaned Carburetor, new fuel, won't Fire up?? Any ideas/?

Vito V: Thank you.  Great demonstration and a big help!
Carburetor Cleaning & TUNE-UP of Toro 6.5HP Lawnmower with Tecumseh Engine 5 out of 5

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Carburetor Cleaning & TUNE-UP of Toro 6.5HP Lawnmower with Tecumseh Engine