(DIY) Steam Powered Electric Generator Part 1

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longboy1998: Could you show it running

furulevi: nice wide camera view, what make and model is it?

CrazyGrayArea: This is the first video I came upon while researching how I can take one of my outbuildings off of the grid. This shows exactly how simply it can be done. Especially if you have access to cheap coal like I do. Well done sir!

Kuhlmann Canada: wow! amazing. I was looking for a portable wood fired steam engine to drive a 12vdc generator and came upon your video.

eriktorres: nice setup!

Jamie Sanders: I really like your consept, the cam lobe is genious, that is an issue I had with the ones that use a rod on the piston, a rod banging into a check ball every rotation is bound to cause wear (think longevity) and a lot of research needs to go into the shape of the cam lobe, to fat or to tall and you will be using more steam than required. lots of testing and tuning is needed to get it perfect. good job. I would shorten the clear hose so the steam doesnt have time to turn back to watter, (I'm sure you will do that when you go to copper pipe) a way to oil the piston rings and crank would help with longevity as well.

MumboAus: Love it. Inspiring.

Khwartz: Very Cleaver! :bd

Paul J. Wilson: Brilliant. Love your cam arrangement.

Ray Franklin: Is there any way to get the plans to make this?

Electrotechnics: On 2-cycle engines every stroke is a combustion stroke. The 2 part of 2-cycle does not mean how many strokes it takes per power stroke, it means how many cycles (or states) the engine goes through per power stroke. Go check out a animation of how a two-cycle engine works

goodcat1982: brilliant video mate! given me some idea! much appreciated from the UK!

tmills572: Really great ideas with the cam on the valve. I think you are overthinking it tho. Since the two stroke motor has an exhaust that's all the pressure relief it should need. Once it gets rolling it should overcome the pressure on the upstroke and come down that much faster. Also that hose isn't going to last long if u are pumping steam through it. Just my two cents. Try it your way let us know what u figure out. I don't mean to knock your intelligence with what I've said what you've done here s

Air Marksman: Please update this project. thanks

ImDaveCrazy: This is amazing!! I have been looking into this and i would love to know which is more efficient and easy to build... A steam engine (what you have) or a pressurised turbine system. Obviously it will be the turbine but by how much and how easy is it to make a turbine? I made a candle out of pork and beef fat recently with a natural string wick, it works a treat!! ;p Keep it up mate.

Michael Sinz: That is a sweet*

goodcat1982: where's part 2?

jb0433628: Exactly what I am trying to make right now in my garage ! I was thinking about electric valve, but I will go for the cheapest solution. With a simple electric circuit I would be able to set how much steam is injected at each cycle.

TimeEnergy Money: A large stirling engine to not push a car but stationary to turn a dc generator, above a fire pit when camping, enough to power 3000 watts, fridge or AC unit? I have a 200W scooter motor bigger with chain sprocket, looking 2 use that for something. basically wood stove or fire pit heating water boiler steam turbine electric generator. whats the best way 2 buy or build that, home use or solar Stirling engine generator (4 heat) within mirror dish, solar panels around it (light energy)?

greenDIYscience: yes i have. I tried that first that's were i got the check valve from this video :). I found that after some time it would come to a complete stop and you need higher pressure for it to work.

Steven Cook: are you going to use this for off grid energy? You can use this to charge a battery that would power your home. No electric bill :)

MyHenry22: that's bloody great mate keep thinking about that off grid stuff,with out getting in to the subject ,it truly is the way to real freedom ,don't get side tracked by the world and its illusions ,sure have fun ,but keep that mind in good working order ,your going to do good things mate,and lord knows the earth needs more youth like you GOOD ONE SON

dougrasmussen49: Smart thinking ;how about changing. The steam. Gen. To an oil less air compressor. To take a step out.

000mrman105: how will u oil it?

tim mcneil: pretty darn smart!

greenDIYscience: No i have just been lazy! i will get the camera out and record it working just have not found time to but i will soon!

greenDIYscience: 10 more days tell you see it running

nnadine Burebista: When you start it up? Next Tuesday?


ISFRProInc: so what your telling me is this wont work?

nvmyutube: 3.55 is a turnbuckle not bad

Vomit TidalWave: AWESOME!! have you considered a checkvalve in the sparkplug port controlling the air with a rod in the cylinder?

jb0433628: I am not sure however if the plastic tube can resist overheated steam at high pressure. For the generator to be efficient, the pressure has to be quite high.

Mad Hakr: hey! you are ON TO SOMETHING. please,PLEASE finnish and post your power outputs! i am getting parts together myself, and yours is one of the cleanest versions i have seen. i want to see how much power you get from that treadmill motor!! KEEP IT UP DUDE!!! between solar, wind, and steam, we may be able to start a revolution of people to begin living independantly of big business. pretty please, with sugar on top.... finish.

greenDIYscience: The plastic is just for testing it with air. If it was steam I would need copper pipe or somthing that would not melt.

Estabanwatersaz: No more updates?

C Jeff Oakes: Awesome idea. I am going to feature this in my next Survive and Thrive book soon out.

tuvoca: Pretty cool work! I like your ingenuity for the timer you built onto the shaft to open and close the valve. You can spring load a pulley on that belt to keep it tense so you don't have to constantly adjust the belt for wear or as it heats, etc. You can get that out of an old washer or dryer. Adding a rectifier to you brushless DC motor keeps electricity running in only one direction (like an electrical check-valve). Good for you! Keep experimenting!

DAn Brock: I thought about this last night Paint the boiler a dark color then add a "solar powered death ray(video by kipkay)" And when feeding the water to the boiler use a Tesla water turbine,and instead of letting the steam just go make it push a small wind turbine. Basically try to suck out as much electrical energy as you possibly can from this.

49TruckFord: Thanks for posting this. I appreciate your efforts.

greenDIYscience: i could not think of the name while i was recording haha but thank you

greenDIYscience: I cant answer the effecient question but I can tell you that this is real easy to make. I do not know much about pressurised turbines but I will look into it. I like the candle idea that sounds very interesting.

greenDIYscience: @nvmyutube Thanks!

TalkingGoats: I like the air blower as a valve. Good job on the cam too.

stclairstclair: Im an auto mechanic, i built a working steam generator small model, and i dont think i could have built my head valve correctly without being a mechanic, i see this video has been up for a year now and no postings of an actual working generator here, did you give up on the project?

stafhon jeseon: that's right, i couldn't believe it when my friend told me about this site. and i can tell u, i really got shocked when i got paid a check of $300 for reading emails and doing surveys. lol. if you wanna try just try now: ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM
(DIY) Steam Powered Electric Generator Part 1 4.7 out of 5

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(DIY) Steam Powered Electric Generator Part 1