Vanderbilt Hospital ER Uses DoTerra Essential Oils

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Vanderbilt Hospital ER Uses doTERRA Essential Oils
Vanderbilt Hospital ER Uses doTERRA Essential Oils
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Vanderbilt Medical Center doTERRA Essential Oils in the ER
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Beth Cindy: Vanderbilt Hospital ER uses doTerra essential oils

Bethany Williamson: WOOOOT

Heidy Miner: Life changing Oils I love them! .

Cyndie Gandara: You can get your doTerra oils right here, when you order today they will get to you in as little as 4 days. Your co-workers and family will love you for it.

Sydelle Marian: essential oils are wonderful!!!! you can cook with them also!!!

never mind: Terra is a portuguese word which signifies land,soil,even nation or country...also is the name of our planet,which you gringos call wrongly Earth...for its original terminology goes back to heydays of Roman republic,much much much more before the teutonic barbarians invaded that cold and rainy island off the coast of France starting the angles,did you get our permission to borrow this title/term for your products?

wendy645: I'm amused that the comments section has become a bunch of doterra reps posting their urls in the hopes of grabbing a new client. Also, I work in an ER, too, and would love to smell something other than our cleanser LOL I know our facility acknowledges and even encourages alternative treatments including aromatherapy, so I wonder if I can forward this video to someone in the decision-making department...

Rebecca Schlender: SO awesome!!!! I love doTERRA! To get your own oils visit:

Rhonda Bagley: GET YOUR doTERRA oils here:

Marie Rich: Love this....

Cross Cultural Christian Church: llp

William Cottam: Awesome news story on the effects of #aromatherapy! #doTERRA has some great #oils to diffuse for #mood management.

Myndy Wadsworth: Even hospitals are using DoTERRA!!! Horray!

Lynda Sacks: Essential Oils are like MAGIC ! I'm learning how to cook with them ! 

potential2themax: uh oh....LEGAL action taken against dT...I read it on that youngliving website

Kirodoc: So, my wife has gotten really into these oils. I'm a chiropractor and I've been reluctant to use them with patients, because I don't want people to think I'm trying to get them to buy from my wife. Just today, my wife gave me a concoction for my knee, which I injured yesterday, trying to pretend that I'm 20 again. I was 80% better in 2 minutes. I was giddy with surprise. I've used them for a bunch of other things, but very rarely for pain and injury. That's going to change now.

James D: essentialoilspedia is a great website.

James D: natural drugs ;)

SoccerTricksTV: Still waiting for those links to the double blind placebo controlled studies Mary.

John Rowe: cnote reality show 2013

William & Elaynia Parker: My wife has a crooked spine. I have been praying over it for two years for healing. I massage her back. She is in a lot of pain with the pain pills which also affect her mind. We decided enough was enough. We orderded the oils. I put 2 drops of deep blue before the snapping and crackling began. I continued 2 more drops and rubbed it in, the whole while her back was snapping into place. I had never seen anything like it before. She is now pain free without pain meds. I see miracles daily now.

Jennifer Talbot: Already did my research Arthur Klisiewicz.. Whatever your bitterness is over Dr. Hill keep it to yourself! I get it all the young living people are bitter.. But get over it already!! They work well and I've had my doctors try them and they are amazed at the results! I've met the owner of doTERRA and he's definitely NOT A LIAR!! So either your bitterness is because of young living or it's because the owners are Mormons!!

jwforsyth: Awesome video. In appreciaton of this Vanderbilt study, I am offering a 10% discount on my website essentialsofedendotcom for all doterra products that I carry by entering the coupon code PARTNER10. Thanks again! Doterra is a life saver!

Kirodoc: Look up the study with MRSA and OnGuard. Microbes don't demonstrate the placebo effect.

nlpvest: It was a botched batch Authur Klisiewicz

frostek: Placebo effect at most.

Mary Kuemmerle: It won't let me type a web address but just go to Pub Med (.gov) and search "On Guard Flu." It's called "Protective essential oil attenuates influenza virus infection" Here is part of the conclusion: "An essential oil blend significantly attenuates influenza virus PR8 infectivity in vitro without affecting viral binding or cellular internalization in MDCK cells." Now I am not going to comment anymore on this thread because I'm going to move on to those who are more open minded in learning.

Tom Cooper: This is highly suspicious. Where has this "study" been published? Show me a double blind placebo controlled trial proving the efficacy of these oils. I notice everyone promoting these oils also seems to have some affiliation with DoTerra, indicating possible conflicts of interest. The claims they make about it affecting the limbic system are suspect. How do they know it affects the limbic system? And just because the limbic system controls various body systems doesn't mean this oil does.

James D: yeah I agree that it is a little bit of both. Placebo and I think scents are kinda distracting to stressful thoughts.

Arthur Klisiewicz: Before you go with doTERA oils DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST. Go and search for this: "Case 2:13-cv-00502-CW Document 2 Filed 06/19/13 Page 1 of 23". You will quickly finr out that there is ongoing case in court against doTERA and when you read the Complain you will understand why! All who comment here should understand that 90% of doTERA claims are false! With my all respect to Dr.Hill - he did something VERY UNETHICAL, and he lies about doTERA oils quality - period.

William & Elaynia Parker: The studies are out there. I doubt Mary has to feed them to you. Just look up Doterra on you tube. The only way to know the truth without believing testimony is to try the oil.

Mary Kuemmerle: I completely understand your skepticism. My husband, an organic chemist was skeptical as well. We got back from the convention where a chemist, orthopedic surgeon, dentist & a microbiologist who performed a clinical trial on the oils all came & spoke. There have been numerous double blind placebo controlled trials done on doTerra oils. I will find one & post it for you. And yes, we're all affiliated with doTerra because it has changed each of our lives in some way.

Carey Blueibrat: Tom, If U R noticing most folks making comments on here are affiliated with the oils is because after they try the oils, they are less expensive to buy them for yourself, if you sign up to be a distributor, even if you do not become a distributor.

Jack Rigley: love the smells

Melanie Hanni: I was skeptical like you - I invite you to smell, taste and try the difference for yourself - you may want to read the Doterra Onguard study - it won't let me post it here. Go to doterrapureoils on facebook to read it. In four years we are the largest essential oil company in the world - that sais a lot.

femaleintelligent1: PHENOMENAL products! I was most definitely skeptical about the seemingly outrageous health-benefit claims being made by doTERRA until I tried them during a nasty bout with pneumonia. WOW!!!! They exceeded my wildest expectations! The peppermint oil broke my high fever in under 5 minutes! The 'Breathe' oil blend cleared my congestion in 3 minutes! Needless to say, I'm a firm believer now! doTERRA is reinventing healthcare! Don't believe me? Try doTERRA's oils for yourselves! :-D

Melanie Hanni: I was skeptical as well, my advice just smell, try, and taste the difference - see for yourself.

조용철: 도테라의 효능 doterra

Angie Roe: This is GREAT Get oils from
Vanderbilt Hospital ER Uses doTerra Essential Oils 4.8 out of 5

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Vanderbilt Hospital ER Uses doTerra Essential Oils