Sony XB-700 Headphones Review! (MDR-XB700)

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Nitsan Simantov: no amp needed. they work just fine with mobile stuff. very loud. no idea about the AT comparison.

Troy Bradshaw: Hey man great review! Just one quick question.. how do these do with moible devices? Do they need a amp? I know studio headphones have night and day differences when using a laptop then goin to the ipod, do these fit in that category? Also how do you think these fare against the ATH-M50 by Audio Technica?

Rodan Holland: thanks alot

Rodan Holland: thanks

Nitsan Simantov: but i've had them for a long time now and they've taken abuse quite well. I'm not sure if i would buy them again because the price means i have to be extra careful with them. i'd rather something that sounds good for £20 that i can wear without worrying about ripping the cable or whatever.

Nitsan Simantov: not that hot. mild sunbathing weaher and it took maybe 20-30 mins.

Rodan Holland: Hey just a question. I really like these headphones but: How hot was it when the headband melted because that is the only thing that is stopping me from getting them?

Frietpan: If you like a more balanced sound get the xb700 want dre like bass get the xb500, or dres if you like spending to much. imho the xb500 is more comfortable than the xb700, but that may be my head,

iPianoRecords: beats studio or these headphones?

Nitsan Simantov: PS, i listen to house, dance, dubstep, rock, hiphop, etc. all sounds great. :)

Nitsan Simantov: hey. i absolutely love the bass in these. been using them for a long time now and they're awesome. not exaggerated bass, just really well produced and with highs that are really clear but dont overpower the bass.

Bear Santillanes: Hey just one question, I really like bass such as in House and Hip Hop and Rap, do you think that the bass is good? I'm not looking for exaggerated bass, but I like bass. Recommend?

Bear Santillanes: YOu seem like a really cool guy :D

JAMOnffc: This really helps, thank you.

Ultralized Bass: Hey dude! First of all, nice review! Liked! I have a question.. I've got the XB500's and I found that they didn't sound better than any other headphone on my iPod Touch 4g. Does it make a diffrence if I get something like a fiio e6? Thanks!

TgTwletsplays: You sound so much similar to blunty

OCGameR: thanks man :)

OCGameR: Does the fiio affect bass or how loud the headphones go or even change the soung quality???

Tyler McElfresh: Is it lonely out there? Why do you need to troll?

Jesse Hoekman: Did you break the headband already? I am planning buying these, but I don't want them to break fast. What's your advice? Do they still have good quality sound after using them a few months? Thanks!
Sony XB-700 headphones review! (MDR-XB700) 5 out of 5

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Sony XB-700 headphones review! (MDR-XB700)