BMW E36 Ignition Tumbler Removal (for Pre-10/95 Production BMWs)

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Jay Minasi: listen very carefully. i struggled for hours, watching every video for my 1993. This video is excellent except for ONE point that he might not have mentioned. when you line up to the tiny hole for the bobby pin, it won't work unless you do one thing. It is all about the way you insert the bobby pin. I tried and tried to put the pin in, flat side down, so to speak. it wont work. i could see that only when i had the lock out. The bobby pin must be turned 90 degrees so it is entering the tiny hole edgewise. In other words, it must go in tall and thin, rather than flat and wide. It must get as close as possible to the silver edge that you barely see when the proper orientation is achieved when turning the key. I would never have guessed such a super tiny difference would matter, but on my key, it was the only way it worked. Anyway, i had to use the hack saw method and even with that, it was not easy and i almost gave up. i said, God help me please, and then it popped out!

anas gira: Thank from Libya 10000 miles away it really helps on my 325i

Nick Vernice: my 85 e30 doesnt have the release slot for the barrel

Mark du Preez: Thank you!

Alex Grigore: still seeing these messages? i need help, please. i tried everything. i have two housings. one is the one that broke ( the shaft broke) and another one that i picked up for nothing. the one with the broken shaft gave me no truble. i released the tumbler in 2 minutes. but the other one..oh my god, its damned. can u please help me?

Mikelis Luksa: THANK YOU a lot! Nothing worked until I watched this. It definitely applies to '93 325i

Fabris Andrea: My e34 1994 has the same lock, i ordered 4 shafts just in case as i broke already one !!! i am going crazy trying to put it back , i can not put the tumbler in cause with new shaft it looks like it's out a quarter of turn and also as soon as i put the lock on the steering column it's goes out of whack !! any ideas ??

W. Jeff Crawford: Dear God... THANK YOU FOR THIS! Man, I tried EVERYTHING and this did the trick for my '94 318i I'm restoring! Super-awesome!

sharon mathew: will we need to use two keys

MrByootox: Very helpful video thanks

jabhip: Its called tumbler in all the youtube video's so I was confused until I realised its a tumbler / barrel assembly, so there are no vid's of the assembly stripped down, to cure the key no turn fault. Still I do know how to get the tumblet barrel assembly out now.

Snake Eyes: okay so i got tumbler out and my shaft was broken i just don thow to remove the other piece is there a way to remove the shaft ? please help

Lora Mattal: Thank you so much for posting this. It is 100 percent on the mark. I am able to drive my car thanks to your help! YOU ROCK!!!

Sam Carpenter: What the hell is that rattling noise?

Good guide.

enjtoool: Possible see how open the lock in order to change the key the first new one ...... and how to change engrave Ida was Quff Astasa when Adoran   ( thank)

theuniqueldy: 1st. my wheels locked & I couldn't drive. So I took housing off & drilled a hole in silver box thing and was able to drive in garage. I ordered a ignition lock cylinder and it came in yesterday. So, TY, this helped, after 1 more cup of coffee I am going to get to it before it gets hot (107 today in AZ.). TY again

John Kyle: Elliot hi there Hopefully you can help, My problem my  94 BMW 325IS   5 speed just wont crank, I turn the key to start and nothing, luckily its a manual, I live on a hill and kick start everyday.  So it runs that way but I'm frustrated I turn the key everything comes like it should radio,lights,etc but it  just don't turn over it's just nothing... Eliot would that be something you might have information on please....

Dante Pantuso: this is a serious question I need help removing the tumbler with the key its a 325i 93 I getting ready to call bmw. my mother lost my key while my leg was broken

Eliot Hood: Unfortunately I've never found a part number for the 'ignition shaft' because I believe is it considered part of the ignition housing and therefore the shaft falls under the part number of the entire housing or: 32321161551. I found this information at: (see link in description). The best ways I've seen this part purchased is by people on forums with surplus parts or at "you-pull-it" junkyards. Try a post on a popular bmw forum, someone may have an extra part laying around for you.

Eliot Hood: pull the tumbler out, and get to the shaft. If you have the right drill and can get a good angle on the ignition housing, this above method can be accomplished while keeping the ignition housing mounted to the steering column. If you can't get a good angle, you'll have to remove the entire ignition housing. This involves removing the two saucer shaped security bolts underneath the ignition housing. I did this by using a chisel to chisel a notch in the bolt head used to unscrew the bolt.
BMW e36 Ignition Tumbler Removal (for pre-10/95 production BMWs) 5 out of 5

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BMW e36 Ignition Tumbler Removal (for pre-10/95 production BMWs)