Gecko OS 1.9.3 Wad

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Luis Alfonso Prato: Link is up, in the Description

chaonaruto99999: 16th view 3rd comment

pfaccioxx: thin you shoued read the discipson!

OheiThere: Your crap is updated too much. Get on mw3 every once in a while. I was on last night. Ask Primate.

cynd05: this works thanks again i was loking for this

SuperDuperCrazyDude: Thanks a million, Not only is it nice clean and downright pretty, but it works PERFECTLY and launches the game (Strong Bads Cool Game For Attractive People Episode 2) when no other channels could, See I had to get the Pal version as the Ntsc versions were broken, I dont do wii shop channel i do wads

Yharooer: Hmmm, I have 4.2 wii. I used WAD Manager 1.5 to install this and ios36 but is says can't install ticket. Help.

SinNitron65: when i put a game in it says no dvd found. what do i do.

Tjyoshiboythegamer Fin: Can we edit the wad with customizeMii?

Edward Garrett: Aye how did you get launch channel to be on there?

kenneth1110001: it doesnt work for me

kenneth1110001: i have the channel but when i click the start button it freezes

kenneth1110001: how am i doing it wrong

Brambram: do i have to rename it ?does it work on a 4.2U?

OheiThere: You're doing it wrong. xDD

Jusinway: Thks (simple comment haha)

SuperDuperCrazyDude: Btw Liked and favorited

Yharooer: The best idea I have heard today! *wink*

Jhorx123: where do i putit in my sd card?

Pokemoner2500: awesome

Siknik64: Ok, I just saw it. Never mind then, nice wad. Lulz

Siknik64: This is a nicely made wad and all but is it possible that you can remake it? I know you want credit for your work, but can you make it so your name isn't plastered on the program itself? How about a nice generic Gecko OS 1.9.3 wad?

animesith999: @Yharooer use WAD Manager 1.7

Sloganxxxx: Awesome THANKS!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.

animesith999: @dalubot9300 how did you change it?

supergamersable: What iOS do u use for it?

kenneth1110001: i rarely update and this is not shank a noob this is his friend me and him share the account

Homeplaying: Is the same like 1.9.3 ?

cynd05: thanks man

Shep Adder: When I try to install the wad I get ERROR! (ret = -2011) >_<

Justin Skinner: u need to get trucha bug and install ios36 as 236 with all 4 patches (if ur wii was made after 2008 too bad it can't work)

chris kal: nice wad man!

Karlo Romeo Cipressi: thanks for the link :)

MysteriousJK: Can I use cheats for virtual console with this???

Vanstyler Zero: Works with 4.3U?

Luis Alfonso Prato: The BG is something that you can change, when you download it you will not see the Smash 64 cover with the Dalub name there.

Aldrich Rupido: i want the download link

Slender Man.: 1st view 1st comment
Gecko OS 1.9.3 Wad 4.5 out of 5

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Gecko OS 1.9.3 Wad