Pelican Bass Raider 10E

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tfultz100: Sorry my responses have taken a while. 

tfultz100: My trolling motor has a stainless steel pin through the mount in the front for whatever reason. I just hook my boat-buckle to it.

Wil Wade: Hey is that tan color stock or did you paint it?

kinkorev: Actually purchased a 10 ft bass hunter the other day for $200. With a small outboard (2-5hp), around how fast would you BALLPARK ESTIMATE I could go? Could I approach 10mph? Love your vids for ideas...your boat is the crap, my friend. :)

Keith Hunter: Nice boat upgrade, where did you find the trailer ?.

kinkorev: Hey buddy, thanks for your response. LOL been awhile since I checked back. Tell me how durable do you think these things would be for rocky, timber- filled creeks? Also, do you know anything to beef the bottom of these boats up, such as truck bed liner etc.? Thanks allot... you're something of an expert on getting the most mileage out of these boats, so your feedback is important to me.

Michael C: The song/music sounds like just like John Lennon!

Don Mayer: I see down below that your trailer was from Tractor Supply, however, I see that you modified it. Where did you buy the side supports and other attachments? Thanks.

Don Mayer: What shaft length on your trolling motor do you have? I am looking to buy a similar boat and want to purchase a motor with the proper shaft length.

Don Mayer: What is the make of your trailer and where did you buy it?

nakedchickens: What kind of solution do you have in the front to hold your boat while backing down a ramp so that it doesn't slide off the trailer? Cool vid! I have a Bass Hunter EX that I just got a similar trailer for.

Brad Knoblock: Nice set up. What did you use for the oar holders?

jakebridges1994: @ texasangler if u look the transducer is on the trolling moter

PlanetMonroe: very nice set up, did you screw the paddle holders into the hull ( and how do they hold, and where to get those?). At 2:23 what is the wire above the tm plug?

tfultz100: They are called CKF spring loaded paddle holders. The website is Coastal Kayak Fishing inc.

tfultz100: Nope!

Devin Rachal: How did you mount your depth finder

tfultz100: I used 1/8 inch X 2inch stainless steel toggle bolts.

tfultz100: Tractor supply. It was a non floor utility traler.

Trent Tibbs: hey i was wondering where you got those seats are they the original seat holders?

tfultz100: I've had it in some rough waters. Storms, around larger boats and felt safe. Im 180LB. my brothers 290 and we both can stand and fish. With me, him and all of our gear i can draft in 4 inches of water.

jhrsmail: Yes! please send pics to Thanks!

dalton beaty: did you just screw you accessories into the boat or is the a secret to it?

tfultz100: Thank you!

tfultz100: Sorry i haven't sent any pic. My computer is down. I will send them tho!

tfultz100: Can give you some more pics via email if you like, list of mods.

bassforlife23: would u sell it

tfultz100: I also used a ram mount.

rabidsquirrelOG: I'm currently using a jetski trailer for mine. I have the same boat. Not rigged as nicely of course, but the same none the less. Jet Ski trailers will work, but you'll need to adjust the bunks and/or add some side bunk/rails.

tfultz100: Trailer was new. Removed lights and wiring, wasn't what i wanted. Replaced wiring and added L.E.D lights. Tongue jack and spare tire carrier. It was a non floor trailer so i added treated 2x6. Didn't want a solid floor cause of weight. There are guides on the back, on the outside, guides on the front on the inside. When you load the boat it "self centers" on the trailer. Removed the factory bearings and put in non Chinese ones. Bearing buddies. Im not computer savvy. Dont know how to add links

tfultz100: The drain plug came from Menards, the drain it self is out of a livewell kit.

Don Hand: How much modification did you have to do to the trailer!?! Have a link yet listing all of he mod's you've put on board!?! VERY NICE!!!

tfultz100: I bought the seats at Bass Pro, there Tempress Trojans. The seat brackets are the origanals. The seats are very nice!

kinkorev: Thanks man. How about stability? Lakes/rivers? All of the videos seem to point to them being very stable, especially for such a small boat. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to seeing more vids...

Norman Ferguson: very nice little set up...would u consider this boat better then a jon boat or not

kinkorev: Great job, man. I have 2 unrelated questions...1. For newbies such as myself, can you give a list of the modifications and when we are seeing them in the video? Some are less obvious than others. 2. Do you happen to know how stable and durable the Pelican is in comparison to the Basshunter ex, Buster Boat, Pond Prowler and/or others? Thanks for any help and advice.

tfultz100: They are called CKF spring loaded paddle holders. The web site is Coastal Kayak Fishing Inc. My brother ordered a set but he had to find the guys phone #, cant order off the web site. there kinda expensive also, $25 a pair. Hope this helps.

tfultz100: I used stainless steel rivets and mounted it to the rod holder.

tfultz100: I bought the trailer from Tractor Supply. It was a non-floor utillity trailer. I wanted to design the floor my self, plus it was cheaper. $350

Don Hand: Thank you.

Mark Walker: What did you use for paddle holders and where did you get them Thanks Mark

1robbie55382: How did you mod the trailer for the boat ? Did you paint it also, mine is green and just like yours. thanx

jacob moore: i have the same boat and i was wondering where you got your trailer from? or could i just use a jet ski trailer? i live in georgia.

Mizzle83: How long does the charge last on the 2 batteries? Thinking about getting one of these boats and putting a trolling motor and fish finder but running one batteries.

TexasAngler1: How did you drill holes in this I want to mount a fish finder on mine , where did you put the transducer??

dbsean: Awesome setup! I'm in the market for a 10e, but I'm not sure what kind of trailer I'll need to go with it... you mention you could use a modified jet ski trailer? any chance you could reccomend a make/model of trailer that would fit the bill without too much modding?

Arkansas Piper: How can i reach you? I need some info.... Jay

ddm62571: The heck with trailers, I just sprapped it to the roof of my PathFinder.

tfultz100: These batteries are awsome, i have a Minn Kota Traxxis 45 LB. thrust variable speed. The variable speed really helps with battery consumption. If im just trolling the banks, no wind, i can get 14-16 hours out of each. I will suggest a smart charger or maintainer tho!

Fish Whisperer: Where did you find the drain plug and that whit thing whatever it is? Lol . I want to put a good solid drain plug in the stern of my Pelican and its even molded out for one...? Not sure why they would make a bout that you cant drain the water out of. Let me know when you get time, And Very nice Modifications you have made!
Pelican Bass Raider 10E 4.2 out of 5

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