Pelican Bass Raider 10E

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Pelican Bass Raider 10e Review
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Quick Look at the Bass Raider 10E
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Kwik Tek Anchor / Boat Dolly Review - Pelican Bass Raider 10E
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Bass Fishing at Lake Tenkiller in Pelican Bass Raider

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TWENTY EIGHT: Love mine as well. great little fishing boats..

jsmith0802: At 0:34 seconds into the video there is something attached to the trailer what is that? I can't figure it out lol

Ask The Pro DJ: gay music

HeySweden!: Hey there!

I have one of these boats too. What have you found works best for organizing fishing poles? Any custom rod holders?

And how safe is it to drill into the RAMX material?

Tim LeDoux: Just curious, How did you get around the Music censorship? If I use music that YouTube doesn't say is ok they won't show my video.

Peyton Duryea: What stickers you got on your boat?

Sunny W: Could you tell us how you got your wires through the inside of the hull? Did you split your boat by removing rivets and separating the top and bottom? I am using pop rivets to attach eye for bungee cords and my depth recorder X-4

Wil Wade: Hey is that tan color stock or did you paint it?

Keith Hunter: Nice boat upgrade, where did you find the trailer ?.

kinkorev: Actually purchased a 10 ft bass hunter the other day for $200. With a  small outboard (2-5hp), around how fast would you BALLPARK ESTIMATE I could go? Could I approach 10mph? Love your vids for ideas...your boat is the crap, my friend. :)

tfultz100: Sorry my responses have taken a while.

kinkorev: Hey buddy, thanks for your response. LOL been awhile since I checked back. Tell me how durable do you think these things would be for rocky, timber- filled creeks?  Also, do you know anything to beef the bottom of these boats up, such as truck bed liner etc.? Thanks allot... you're something of an expert on getting the most mileage out of these boats, so your feedback is important to me.

Michael C: The song/music sounds like just like John Lennon!

Bo Wiltshire: I was thinking about purchasing one of these boats. Is there any problems that you have had with yours? Anything I should maybe be worried about?

Rent To Own Blueprint: What shaft length on your trolling motor do you have? I am looking to buy a similar boat and want to purchase a motor with the proper shaft length.

Don Mayer: I see down below that your trailer was from Tractor Supply, however, I see that you modified it. Where did you buy the side supports and other attachments? Thanks.

Don Mayer: What is the make of your trailer and where did you buy it?

tfultz100: My trolling motor has a stainless steel pin through the mount in the front for whatever reason. I just hook my boat-buckle to it.

Norman Ferguson: very nice little set up...would u consider this boat better then a jon boat or not

Arkansas Piper: How can i reach you? I need some info.... Jay
Pelican Bass Raider 10E 5 out of 5

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Pelican Bass Raider 10E