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Carb Adjust on Poulon Pro 42cc Chainsaw
Carb Adjust on Poulon Pro 42cc Chainsaw
How To Easily Fix A Chainsaw That Bogs Down By Adjusting The Carburetor
How To Easily Fix A Chainsaw That Bogs Down By Adjusting The Carburetor
TOOL REVIEW - Carburetor Adjusting Tool For Small 2 Cycle Engines
TOOL REVIEW - Carburetor Adjusting Tool For Small 2 Cycle Engines
Tuning the carburetor on The Poulan Wild Thing Chainsaw
Tuning the carburetor on The Poulan Wild Thing Chainsaw

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bob lololol: Nothing wrong with a Poulan Chain Saw, I've had my P3314 for 8 years and it has never let me down!!!

fernando j. gonzalez: whats the name of the place to get the special screwdriver?? to regular the carburador... thanks

randle guill: Good job explaining this.
There is no way to make it clearer.
my saw is running .
Thank you.
I do not understand how you acquired 57 dislikes.
people are weird.

gail: DONY..PLEASE RESPOND..I have an OLDER POULAN 2050 chain saw..its starter cord is really hard to PULL, ESPECIALLY WHEN I PULL THE CHOKE OUT..My neighbor got it to run, but only with the choke out, then it died.. WHY IS the STARTED CORD so hard to pull? I'm going to pull my arm off!! With Spark plug out, the cord pull really carb, filter, gasgets. PLEASE ADVICE!!! THANKS GAIL

Johnny Bones (iLLest0ne): the L is for the low end and (idling) and the H is for the high end (full throttle)

duje amizic: Hello donyboy my frend has Husqvarna 350 chainsaw and we worked with her yesterday and we have problem sound is bad and he doesn't know what to do.I need adviece to how to problem fix that he can work wit chainsaw without this problem doesn't happen again

william feutz: I have a poulan 2900 saw it will run but it will not idle. I have checked the carborator its Clean and the fuel lines are fine any suggestions

Allrock123: also a very good idea to check the spark screen on the muffler for carbon plugging , this will restrict the exhaust this slips by a lot of peoples thoughts when they have a bad running saw.  use care to not adjust the carb mixture too lean on any 2 cycle engine always err on the slightly rich mixture side

Chevy Man !: I have a Poulan 2000 chainsaw Walbro carburetor . it spits out gas when it's running and quits .u think it's getting to much fuel.

Brant Young: So my poulan will idle on full choke, then when I switch the bar on, it craps out after 2 or 3 seconds of full throttle. Anything helps, I am completely new to chainsaw game.

Bigpoppa5656: Thank you Donny. my craftsman was bogging bad and not idling good after a fuel line replacement and sitting for about a year I cleaned the carb cleaned the muffler but it was the Low adjustment now it's screaming again. appreciate it bud.

kevin Harmony: donyboy, Your videos are great!They are very instructive an the audio is high quality unlike most others.Keep Up the good work.Thanks. This video prevented me from tossing ny saw out!

Roger Smith: How many splines are on the adjusting tool? I know they sell several tools with different amount of splines.

Kyle Young: isnt the L screw for idle and H for wide open?

Jas ward: my friend has a chainsaw that will idle for a second then cut out, it starts quite easily every time but it will not rev, I don't think the engine has any damage because of how easy it will start, I have changed the spark plug, the low and high screws have been messed about with, that is obvious by simply looking at them as they are messed up. how can I sort this out myself? I am good with two stroke engines but have never worked on a chainsaw

SrPOWNSALOT: Hi Donny I have an echo cs 302 chainsaw, it's an old chainsaw but runs. What's the best way to adjust the high screw? Is the Low screw only for idling or its for power performance as well? Thanks bro

Dean: Thanks for the vid. I got this saw three years ago. Never pulled it out for the first year, and when I did it never ran. I had people who said they could fix it, but they never could. All I did is screw them all in and then back out one and a half turns. Then a slight adjustment on the high and it works great. ....Then I ran out of gas. LOL. But I just wanted to say thanks. You were a big help.

Don clark: Thanks for the video, took two turns in on low and runs great

lip libert: Donyboy, I have a Poulan 3816 with a Zama carb. and it wouldn't start so I took carb apart sprayed everything down with cleaner. Put it all back together and it won't start. It won't even try to start if I spray ether into the carb. After many times of taking the carb apart and trying different things including changing the fuel lines I turned the adjustment screws all the way down and it started! It runs great on full throttle but that is all. Tried turning the adjustment screws during full throttle and no matter which one I turn it dies after 1 full turn. Any ideas? Thanks!

bobby williams: how would i go about adjusting the idle on a older style poulan chainsaw and adjusting the carburetor it is a poulan super 25?

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