Tippmann Sierra One Paintball Marker Review Video @ Ripple

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Tippmann Sierra One Paintball Marker Review Video @ Ripple
Tippmann Sierra One Paintball Marker Review Video @ Ripple
Captain Sid Reviews: Tippmann Sierra One / Project Salvo
Captain Sid Reviews: Tippmann Sierra One / Project Salvo
Sierra one paintball gun review
Sierra one paintball gun review
General Overview of the TPN Sierra One AKA Project Salvo
General Overview of the TPN Sierra One AKA Project Salvo

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muhammadirfan b rodzli: nice:D

5055672439: Best looking tipman gun i have ever seen

retardendo: @CatshackReports you seem to know what your talking about so im gonna ask you or anyone else that reads this, can you put e grip on this?

Tha Wabbit: Okay thanks :)

lobomon24: TheEmmanuel Sierra one is the better gun

CatshackReports: @MrSportsfan06 Info located at bfpb.ca

Herbert M. Brunner: Thanks. I've only used it 4 times - never used anything else to compare it with. Added a Cyclone feeder before it's 1st use, and use compressed air. *2nd use (E-grip installed & front stock removed) 1" diameter exposed barrel gives it a suppressed CQB look. *3rd use (swapped the long folding stock with an M4 collapsible - 3"shorter. I use the stock so that matters. Folded stock slams & compresses the Cyclone's rod and can break it. More accurate settings - 3 round bust vs semi auto, 290-300fps

MCFADDENNO3onPS3: what do you think of the Tippmann 98

MysteryMixes: Is it Sierra One in Canada? Here its the Project Salvo.. xD

jordan wheat: Is it the same as the project salvo?

MysteryMixes: @PavelDatsyuk138 no, bravo one is the canadian version of the us army alpha black

ValorXT: @KingIceFtw yea, but its mostly better to use air.

Team Epiphany: oh hahahah I buy my crap here

bush cannon: where r u guys located whats ur number i live near

paintballerman2: The bravo one and serria one are basically 98s with more upgrades

Daimen555: little heavier than most guns but an excellent marker with a kickass design. luv the rails!!

Mohammed go boom: which is better bravo tac one or this ?

Herbert M. Brunner: Q. Why is the Sierra One/Project Salvo (US version) considered a starter marker? Q. In terms of military simulation markers, what's the significant difference between this marker and others within the same military simulation category? Q Are military simulation markers as a whole considered starter markers?

drukenhard: Same gun....just called different names in the US and Canada

Cody Brownlee: seriously? Why the barrel cover?

CatshackReports: TrevorJ171615 ... I use one and find it just as accurate as any other Tippmann marker so my answer is yes selzoner47 The difference would be in the mods and look of the marker, the internals are the same

Alpinex105: sweet thanks guys... finally found a store in richman hill

Jkiller2895: @DAMAN12RB 16 in or 18in

SpecOps1987: I don't know where you paid $210 for yours...... They're $145CAD at Walmart bro.

Redbull Dildo: @SpecOps1987 this is their store.

David Davidsen: Awsome starting marker, but when you get better and demand more from a marker, it just doesnt cut it, but you do get your moneys worth. I recomend getting this marker if your just starting and want a good gun.

McDangles13: @MysteryMixes yeeah, bravo one is the U.S version

DAMAN12RB: can u put a longer barrel on that gun ? if so what length would u recommend

arshia asgharian: yes i live in toronto

tpnsierra1: hey i rememer this guy when i bought my sierra from here awsome buy love it

kvasnicka14: what is the difference between this and project salvo?

ODST619: thanks

wassssssssup245: Hi James Heilman if you get this u can probably put an airsoft m4 mag in there I've seen guys do that

KingIceFtw: Can you use c02 with it?

Tha Wabbit: Which is best, Tippmann A5 basic with stalk and stuff, Sierra one or Alpha black? Help my head is spinning deciding on whitch one!?!?!

bkelleythehive: that is a proget solvo

MATANUI720: it looks like a hk416

CatshackReports: @rejuised You could add a cyclone feed.

Trevor Johnston: is this gun very accurate

Adam Furlani: @BigO4256 if your looking for afordable upgrades and dont mind buying them online then check out ebay. you can get red dot sights for under 20 bucks (brand new), including shipping, and tons of other things. as long as you dont mind the wait for shipping ebay is the perfect place to buy stuff for your gun.

penelope carcamo: can you still shoot it without the big barrel

Joshua Richardson: @bkelleythehive It's the same thing. The Project Salvo is the U.S. Army edition. And learn to spell, Jesus...

ChronicPwnage: holy shiz, im getting this in richmond hill too! WTF!!! ripple industries right?

PublicAwkwardness: @thepcelite wrong person lmfao sorry

PublicAwkwardness: @thepcelite both not that customizeable you wanna find something reliable and customizeable look at tippmans 98, A-5, X-7 but if i had to choose between bravo one and sierra one it would be sierra because i bought a bravo one for my starter gun and it wasnt good at all and now i have a A-5 with e grip

riaan501: @tompaswedenbajs ya man def.

rejuised: hi just a quick question. is it possible to replace the feed neck with a better quality metal one?? i had this neck on my alpha black and i found the nut and bolt kept falling out.

pumpkin1escobar: @LeZuRz about 5 lbs

ChronicPwnage: wow, when i posted that comment i didn't know that the video was by ripple industries!! freaky!

Team Epiphany: oh hahahah I buy my crap here and its not in toronto I live downtown and its like a 30 min drive
Tippmann Sierra One Paintball Marker Review Video @ Ripple 4.5 out of 5

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Tippmann Sierra One Paintball Marker Review Video @ Ripple