How To Download And Install The Tropicraft Mod For Minecraft 1.4.7 (EASY)

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How to Download and Install The Tropicraft Mod For Minecraft 1.4.7 (EASY)
How to Download and Install The Tropicraft Mod For Minecraft 1.4.7 (EASY)
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STABB3DbyJAK3: I don't got a bin 

BoroughDown: I don't have minecraft in my bin folder why?

shadowshine92: It crashed the second time i opened it and i don't know whats going on? (If anyone wants to call me a noob for asking this, i have already downloaded 12 other mods.) :)

AwesomeJaguar118: this is not easy

Christy Weaver: your links don't work right

Rory: I think I just fell in love with you...

Slayadex23 Gaming: whenever i try to dl forge it just says mojang and blackscreens

theabster0: NOOO a fatal error!

artillero511: WTF was that suposed to mean??

Cesar Toral: i clicked minecraftdl it put 1.5.1 it did not put 1.4.7

Raul Delgado: THANK YOU

Th3HaloGam3r: Thanks! That really means a lot :)

WeNoDoVideos: Doesn't work says not implemented

Progamers HD: FOR A freakING BLACK MAN ! =]]

jamie george: me

esp in: 7zip doesn't work even though I installed it

EMIps3xDxD: It says there was a fatal error with loading minecraft and fml :((

aleksander60v: I know.. I can help you with it a other time.. because in the link.. its fail. but i know the right. i help you with it later! see ya

Th3HaloGam3r: Most likely you got the wrong version of forge.

Nicholas Montesano: SCREW MY COMPUTER

Base: As am I, but I paused the video a lot cause I wanted to do everything exact, without doing that, I dont think I could of installed it, so maybe try that.

horirocv: Taree

Th3HaloGam3r: Not sure. You must've clicked the wrong link or something. I'd recommend to just type in minecraft forge on google then download the most recent one.

captain jackson: when i got it was easy but it sad that there was some thing with the fml i have no clue what to do so i had to force updata there for i had no mods

EyeofEnder123: sorry for the last it was lag who cares it worked!

Caryn Morgan: ALL the lols

Th3HaloGam3r: It's my job <3

cLSwipe: Minecraft forge dosnt work! i open minecraft but freak no! and coremods aint there...

Jessica Dixon: downloading this was a complete pain in the ass. i dont want to sound like a jerk but this video didnt help. i just got even more confused.

maybedeniz: Does it work for Minecraft 1.5.2??

Forge_Joke: OMFG IT WORKS :D

Irianna Camacho: I got black screen xo

George Badea: i have i7 :) You have good procesoor,and thanks i's working! i have 60+ FPS ON far.. Thanks man Thanks

andytzaL0L: just because you are a dirty noob doesn't mean you have to post stupid comments!!! :D

VilimLeBacca: It doesnt work right. It has many glitches like when i g to sleep at night its still night when I wake up, i cant make stuff out of those new ores and more. I did all of that you said but still doesnt work right.

Radhesh Salgadoe: my bin in minecraft now shows the archive in the desktop and i cant find it in winrar!!!!!!!!?????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

johnsawake: Hey I figured out what I was doing wrong and fixed it. I got forge working and put everything in the right files. When I tried to open up minecraft again, forge started loading, and then in the middle of it loading it said "A fatal Error has occured". I did not force update because I had TooManyItems installed. Did I mess it up? Do I need to start over? Please reply I am so close to installing the mod.

johnsawake: I have Minecraft Forge universal 6.6.0 for 1.4.7, the most recent version, and it wont work. I dont know why only my minecraft wont work. Also my TooManyItems always disapears after about 2 days. My computer just really hates mods. Whatever I guess I'll just give up on installing this mod because im sure im frusterating you with all my comments about how it wont work.


MingLi Lau: Hi Jenson

artillero511: This is the far best installation tutorial I have ever watched. ( and i watched many ) :)

johnsawake: Remember me? Well I need help (im stupid). When I 7-zip forge and drag the files into my 7-zipped minecraft.jar, it works. But when I open minecraft, Forge is not there. It doesnt say "FML is setting up your minecraft environment", it just loads as normal. Please reply quickly, and ill sub if I can get it to work.

Anita. Glenn: WTF? it ceeps saying 500 Internal Server Error?

PrincessAshley121: Hey guys if you are trying to find an easy way to change your version of minecraft to install this mod go to mcvc(dot).in mcvc stands for minecraft version changer. I've wanting to install this mod but couldn't find an easy way to change my .jar file. I find this site on ijevin's channel who does aether ll mod tutorial and he shared this with his viewers. I was surprised it really works and it's no hassle. Enjoy Tropicraft :D!!!

Th3HaloGam3r: R!

Th3HaloGam3r: :D

Mellissia Lane: my 7 zip doesnt work

Jaennuh: thank you so much !! :D :D

Noah Lackey: Like I deleted the meta-inf and when I go on minecraft it leave the done downloading folder

MrPlatypusfilms: When I opened minecraft up after downloading minecraft forge it crashed.. Help?
How to Download and Install The Tropicraft Mod For Minecraft 1.4.7 (EASY) 4.8 out of 5

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How to Download and Install The Tropicraft Mod For Minecraft 1.4.7 (EASY)