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soft stool: You sound outta breath there fatty! Not use to the air up that high? Prob use to sittin all day! HAHAHAHAHHAA No searches huh? What they gonna find sum crumbs under ur tits? Maybe a few cookies in ur pockets? Oh I know that hidden candy bar holster in ur boot with a Twix in it!´╗┐

soft stool: freak fatty thems sum big ole moobs ya got! Got urself a pert rack! How can u reach over thems bitch tits to grab yo gun?´╗┐

Arbknight: Another Merican fat freak.....way to represent your country´╗┐

nwp nawolps: boooom fatttiii booom booom

viclis11: Guns are not toys....

Keith H: Love the shirt

ssimon64: This guy draws and reholsters his gun incorrectly. You should not sweep your supporting arm when drawing/reholstering from a horizontal shoulder holster, people have shot themselves doing that.

Sounds4theInfowar: Submission to the Safety Sallys @ 1:26

GoldTeamDusty1: It seems like it would bounce around a lot if you're running?

clydethekiller: @PrinceVegeta1984 anyone that step up and asks for your money pull your gun and scare the crap out of him then hit or pistol whip him. dont be a punk bitch

slydog122: wouldnt have to hold the gun holster to pull ur gun out if u attach the anchor straps to your belt

theclinger: @fraytownfights Don't feed the trolls...

502deputy: $150 too much Goul&Goodrich has one just like it looks the same for around $70 bucks made of leather.

Atheist because of Evidence: most definitely. even if the guy did have a knife or something i would most likely give him my wallet anyway. i would just have to judge my chances at that time. i dont carry money on my person anyway.

UrbanArmed: LOL... ninja :)

ARMYSFMASTAKILLA: i have a question about a rothco canvas shoulder holster and i cant find any information online about it...not on youtube or google...i already bought it and just cant wait till it gets here to find out..ok well my question is: does it come with a harness and has anybody bought one to tell me?

John Anon: @stinkyweasel1311 Yup you need something that is comfortable and dependable for everyday wear. Something that won't be a hazard to you or snag or be a hindrance in defending yourself.

AriR6R: nice review but the greater danger to you isn't someone trying to rob you its your weight. hit the treadmill

miramster: Great Vid, thanx for sharing...

lucasmorter: whered you get that shirt? i need one in black lol

joechat: I don't know where you live but someone asking for your money doesn't give you the right to shoot them. That was clearly explained to me when I got my carry permit.

Engineer245: I have a Master's Holster to fit my Walther 380 and I really love this thing. It is a nice molded fit just for my weapon. I am not a square edge gun type person,,, I like rounded edges. I used to be machinery repairman for a company licensed to make Walthers for Interarms. We still used several ancient German pieces of equipment and parts were not available any more so I had to weld, braze and fabricate all the replacement parts. Nice Video Man!!!

Richard Zautcke: I like the Jack Ass Holster...wider shoulder pads for carrying a 45. You did a good job.

mallet72: @stinkyweasel1311 It's like buying an expensive motorcycle and buying a bicycle helmet with it.

AllAmericanGuy01: @Bullittstable Are you serious?! What state do you live in? According to the CCW law, you are justified in using lethal force if you feel your life or someone else life is in danger. Someone who says, "give me your money", you're damn right I'm unloading on them. My response, "I felt in fear for my life". Simple as that. I don't know if that guy had a gun or any other weapon and I'll be damn if I wait to find out. I don't have to retreat nor give up my possession, it's law. I was "in fear". Easy

SaginawGS: @joechat and badguys dont just walk up and ask nicely, no, in the real world and not in some PC course, they use a knife or gun or threat of violence and that how it is

LeadSlinger89: @LAYITLOOSE doubt it. unless the airsoft gun was the exact same dimensions as the real gun that it is based off of. this holster is molded perfectly to every detail, nook, and action on the gun, so the airsoft gun would have to be pretty much dead on...also, when you first get the holster, it is VERY would probably break a plastic airsoft gun while trying to get the leather broken in good.

CarlTrooper: good review i am trying to get my pistol now, (NY... will take over a year) and I want the brown leather holster like Bruce Willis ha looks hot tho

LAYITLOOSE: @LeadSlinger89 thank you

HalfBreedMix: H&K USP FTMFW !

Wolfyz1: Yet another good video was waiting for a shoulder holster vid from you.

SmokeSome WEED: Thanks to Mc Donald's...

John Smith: If someone is standing very close to you and is carrying a weapon, it is best to give them what they ask for. Worry about your weapon after the assailant steps away. This is a much safer approach.

stinkyweasel1311: Very true. Too many people will drop $500.00-$800.00 + on a top of the line handgun and then buy a $10.00 nylon holster and a $12.00 Wally World belt.That just dosen't cut it. You don't need a $600.00 custom made holster with shark skin trim,but come on people,the holster and belt are just as important-they are the support system for your gun.If you can spend good money on a gun,then you can spend a little more on a good quality holster and belt.

Rodchesterlol: @Rodchesterlol shoulder holsters are not worth it.

Rodchesterlol: I took my laptop to the range, in the time it took you to draw your weapon after reaching for it I drew mine (hk usp .45 full size) out of my iwb ctac holster and got 2 accurate shots off at a target 15 yards away.

LAYITLOOSE: is this for airsoft guns as well?

SaginawGS: @militarysims no tiedowns included, but they are cheap and available

Lonewolf6565: @BowToMySkill shut the freak up....

John Anon: @TheMadBonger 21 foot rule being that if he has a knife (and is openly threatening with it/ brandishing) at twenty feet he can be on me within 2 SECONDS and stabbing me. Giving money when being threatened with a weapon is double plus dumb and an excuse to be stabbed as if he can grab my wallet, he is dangerously close (on my part). Obviously a person could be much nearer than 21 feet before initiating a situation where you are under threat but its food for thought to not underestimate a knife.

Bullittstable: Just keep in mind that "hey, give me your money" doesnt justify a lethal response. If its with a gun, knife, club, huge dude, ninja, etc, then its game-on. Sweet holster. Expensive gun needs a good holster.

corpselikeangel: @PrinceVegeta1984 I would draw my firearm only if he has a gun pointed at me, if someone confronts you at gunpoint, you within your legal right can draw and stop the threat!

SaginawGS: @MsLaptopman When one deprives you of money, they are depriving you of the time and effort it took to get that money/property, that you earned w/ your hard work. If bad guys dont want to get killed or injured, they should stop robbing people and actually work for their money legitimately

dozitm: I think the site is I had trouble finding it so I googled the holster and that's what came up

JSRacing804: Nice Vid I was looking into buyin one of these it looks really tight does it fit around your body? im a bigger guy like you so i just wanted to make sure it didnt flop around too much and was tight enough..I have an older one that attaches to my belt but I dont like that one..

Joe Upton: Where did you get your shirt? would love one myself.

snarlingrabiddog5150: I have one of these new in package for a Sig 229 with the double mags and one for a S&W Model 19 new in package. I hate them. They suck for concealed carry. I went with a Milt Sparks Versa-Max. I'm not slamming the holsters, they just suck for true condealed carry and are not practical. If you're an off-duty cop, MAYBE. They are not for CCW carriers. Just my opinion. If you want one or two new in package with all papers, 125 each plus shipping.

jacksanderson23: thts concealing a weapon even if its protection on the street bitch i'll arrest ya kid already tracking ya

bboyslyp: would the magazine accidentally fall out of the gun is in that position? because the mag release is pinched between your arm and your left rib i think

speedinquest: @stinkyweasel1311 Yea just like the same idiots that buy a 18,000 dollar motorcycle. Then buy a 40 dollar helmet.
Shoulder Holster 3.8 out of 5

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