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D. Jones: This guy draws and reholsters his gun incorrectly. You should not sweep your supporting arm when drawing/reholstering from a horizontal shoulder holster, people have shot themselves doing that.

dozitm: I think the site is I had trouble finding it so I googled the holster and that's what came up

Keith H: Love the shirt

Richard Zautcke: I like the Jack Ass Holster...wider shoulder pads for carrying a 45. You did a good job.

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ARMYSFMASTAKILLA: i have a question about a rothco canvas shoulder holster and i cant find any information online about it...not on youtube or google...i already bought it and just cant wait till it gets here to find out..ok well my question is: does it come with a harness and has anybody bought one to tell me?

AllAmericanGuy01: @Bullittstable Are you serious?! What state do you live in? According to the CCW law, you are justified in using lethal force if you feel your life or someone else life is in danger. Someone who says, "give me your money", you're damn right I'm unloading on them. My response, "I felt in fear for my life". Simple as that. I don't know if that guy had a gun or any other weapon and I'll be damn if I wait to find out. I don't have to retreat nor give up my possession, it's law. I was "in fear". Easy
Shoulder Holster 5 out of 5

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