Porsche 996 GT3 RS Vs. Nissan GT-R @ Nordschleife

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Porsche 996 GT3 RS vs. Nissan GT-R @ Nordschleife
Porsche 996 GT3 RS vs. Nissan GT-R @ Nordschleife
Nissan GT-R vs Porsche GT3 RS on the Nordschleife
Nissan GT-R vs Porsche GT3 RS on the Nordschleife
Porsche 996 GT3 RS - Lovely sounds!!
Porsche 996 GT3 RS - Lovely sounds!!
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Porsche GT3 RS 4.0 vs Nissan GT-R 530 HP decat rolling start 50
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Porsche 996 GT3 RS Road Atlanta Leh Keen.wmv
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Porsche 996 GT3 RS Rally car - with pure sounds
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Porsche 996 GT3 RS Sound On the Track
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2003 Porsche 996 GT3 RS launch promotional video
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Porsche 997 GT3 RS 4.0. GT3 3.8. 996 GT3 Accelerations and Flybys! - 1080p HD
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Porsche 911 GT3 RS (996) 3.6l
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Porsche 996 GT3 (RS) Full Accelerations!

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VivaLaFelix11: 385 Porsche HP vs. 480 Nissan HP and the Porsche can not be shaken off

NewLeafSwag: suck a pencil ferrari 4:41

seafarer9190: Great driving in the porsche, porsche gt3 @ nurburgring is just an overdose of awsomeness!

derbigpr80malossi: GTR KILLS PORSCHE

Dfrogman: That GTR driver is having an absolute blast it seems. Look at him gettin the tail loose on some of those exits! hahaha i love this

jvanegas14: @yg10606 yeah. but that doesn't make the gtr better. although the car looks unsettled, it is incredibly easy to drive fast. the gt3 is much harder to drive, but when pushed to its limits, that car can fly round a track.

terrag51: I think the gt3 driver knows what he's doing. the Gtr guy turns in late and make bad choices. He should be way ahead and he s not.

achtungdryja1981: Why are we suddenly comparing the NUR? edition.I'm no pro.Afd I havent' raced on this track live.I would like to show you how.And I wouldn't need a 4wd drive car to do it either.I just see funny comments like this and it hurts me to see to you guys try desperately to advertise the Skyline. Porsche and Bws have rich long race heritage. Disconnect the front wheel drive on your Nissan racer and turbo and put it up against a racer like Sabine Schmitz.She'd whoop and cream that toy many times.

toyz4bigboys: OK fanboy. Judging from your profile you obviously have a wealth of experience whereas I, having just returned from a week at the Nordschleife dont know what I'm talking about.

spyxskull: the guy drove the GTR sucks......if it was really a race then the porshe should win easily.

Gun Yoon: @bogueji1 totally right. when driven on the edge, GTRs are almost impossibe to catch.

landrover1506x6: Why cant porsche owners accept that there are other super fast track cars out there? You PORSCHE guys are dull and quite sad really. GTR pissed on your bonfire or what! lol

zodiuss: @Exowar01 a masterpiece should be a litle more exlusive though... is nissan actually making money with the gt-r? or is it cheap to help them push their image?

c312eal: i gotta give it to the porsche driver, he keeps up with with the GT-R beast dispite the power difference. Hes a good driver, taking corners like that.

atseez1: anyone notice aremburg cut to the end

bigkckrva: why would i desperately advertise the Skyline? its on video rite? It is what it is..and u act like Nissan dosen't have RACING HERITAGE either?? A Z32 TT won Championship from Japan to the US and its REAR WHEEL DRIVE car! i guess u got to do alot of research on that buddy, and whats up with u against AWD cars? Wheres your complaint on Lambos and Porsche with AWD?? How about a FIA V8 GTR RWD 6 speed manual GTR good enuff?? Bottomline is..Nissan can go RWD to AWD EASILY..so what u gotta say now??

ChesireCat: Get out the way, you bloody .......

alamos8: The GTR is awesomw fast on the fast sections, traction at corner exit seems endless... wow! But somehow didn't like how it entered some corners, seemed not smooth, as if changing direction too suddenly, almost upseting the rear on a pair of ocassions. Maybe just seems so, but the car is outstandingly fast!

danishguy51: At even HP/weight ratio, NOTHING beats a Porsche, especially not on the Nürburgring where I have oce raced myself...(TT)

adamchips69: 2:42 bright green scirrroccco nearly fell over lol

JellyBird12: @LordMaxJa Even the GT3 RS Looses, and even the GT2 has a hard time beating it, it doesnt own it, it Barely beats it, and all that from cars 900lbs lighter, and track prepared...

ryanstavaruk: which only an amatuer would do

SoCalSurfer04: The Porsche driver is unbelievably good. A lot more skilled than the GTR driver. Good little battle though. Wonder what it would have looked like with a newer GT3 RS.

Darren Foley: yer yer yer may be a standard gt-r wait till they have the same power as your plastic crap box the gt-r will eat it for breaky

Dfrogman: That GTR driver is having an absolute blast it seems. Look at him gettin the tail loose on some of those exits! hahaha i love this. Oh and to settle this GTR vs Porsche debate. If you can push both cars to the point where 10 seconds on a 13 mile track means that much to you, then you have every right to argue, but please lets be real here!

AXILEYS: @LordMaxJa But the GTR holds the record of Nürbungring ore not ???

ryanstavaruk: no you dont

achtungdryja1981: Man I'd seen how the british guy was shook even before he saw him. Disconnect the turbo and FWD and we'll see your skate board racer. I don't do research on ricers. Only ricer I like is the Mazda RX-8. Show me a video of a Skyline 2 wheel drive racing a Porsche.I'm saying like on your Skyline vs the other Porsche GT2 on the other page.A 'really good driver" don't complain avout indigestion.HAHA. Lambos are Skylines are fine but both are cars for HANDICAP drivers who can't drive a RWD.

toyz4bigboys: ... to decisively pull away, which if you believe Nissan's claims it should have. This GT3 had NOS laptimes of over 7:50, Nissan claim 7:26 or so for their GTR. This video, both capable drivers, proves that that's nothing more than a lie. the only REAL laptime on the Ring for the GTR that I believe is Sport Auto's 7:39. This video confirms that. The new 997 GT3 is 7:40. All my data points on track would seem to inidcate that that's about right, ie GTR can do around 7:40.

SWENWAR: @LordMaxJa correct!

toyz4bigboys: "We" Porsche owners dont object to there being other great cars, in fact having driven the GTR I think it's a great car at a fantastic pricepoint. I personally would prefer the M3 as I dont like Turbo engines but that's preference. What I think we DO object to is the blatant lies about lap times and how blindly the GTR community believes them. The really interesting thing about this video is not that the GTR is faster than a 2002 Porsche 996 GT3RS, it is how the GTR did not manage... (more)

abrightstarlight: Im sorry guys but that GTR is awesome. I loved the porsche but seriously the GTR is one awesome car and it is a true super car killa. Although the porsche driver is more experienced he still cannot overtake or match the GTR for its outright power and acceleration. If you look on the striaght both cars floor it but the GTR pulls away 5.00 to 7.00, good driving by both! I want a porscher but im seriously gonna get a GTR! well done nissan, awesome no dounbt and cheaper!!

DavidOnBass: Well the porsche has the same traffic.. And it actually seems like it can keep up and on some occation like in 5:02 the Nissan is going as fast as it can in the corner (look at its rear) and the porsche is letting go of throttle because its in the rear of the Nissan. Its a 100hk more in that Nissan if its stock. This is not the fastest porsche and the GT2 is killing it on the track. I know that there is a video on tube where they test the nissan against gt2 on the ring and the porsche is faster

masonizere: @JellyBird12 The GT2 doesnt beat the GTR around Nurburgring, considering the GT2 has 530BHP, weighs 1440 KG and costs $191,700 to the GTR's $84,241 480BHP 1,749KG i'd say the GTR is the better car for all round performance.

Irwin Lim: Thought I just highlight this. This is a 996, not a 997. 996 is 1999-2004 ? 2005 ? Correct me if I'm wrong. This is putting out about 381hp. Nonetheless good video. I would love to be able to drive around the Nurburgring some day.

Dataacid: @LordMaxJa if you want further proof just check for how many racing teams choose the GT-R to race with . . . then check how many porsches there are, reliability matters a lot on the nurburgring.

Michael van der Garde: @karanbazito Dude ! 1.Fix your spelling. 2.Porsche garbage? Are you retarted. 3.Lol GT-R is just slightly faster. 4.Porsche is passion ! Fun driving, like lots of bhp on the rear wheels ! No 4wd and electronic crap wich feels like driving a Toyota Avensis !

adolfo0770: Thats why they had their own game, Need for speed: Porche Unleash. Need for speed: Nissan unleash....? Jajaja Yeah right. But seriously, the GTR is a great car for the money

MrMhfu: who ever hates the GTR .l. suck it really cheap car and way faster than a r8 or lambo

wolfdanger: You know that... Porsche was destroyed... like it or not..

ParaboliqueUK: great video .. i've driven both of these, 2 sensational cars, the best there is, but so so different in every way... a fine bespoke burgundy vs. a can of special brew.. great precise and smooth driving by the RS pilot

karanbazito: the people are so estupid, the people thinks the more expensive is the best but dont -.-" GT-R is better them a porshe(garbage) and have to admit porshe never can toutch the foot of GT-R so you porshe lovers stfu and learn about cars -.-"

sirlonghair: he is using the GT-r like a wholepunch in the trafic I drive like that on the interstate go speed limet til some ricer passes the hang back like a half a mile let him ferrit out radar and move traffic out of passing lane good video like the perspectiv wanna see it with a ZR1 cam think that would be a great race with only the rubber being not stock for safety stock rubber sucks LOL

ryanstavaruk: which lap times are you talking about.. and who was driving? different people i'm sure.. yes.. the nissan is a damn good car.. but no it is not better than the porsche.. although the nissan might be easier to drive for an inexperienced driver.

Matthau San: even with missing almost every apex he's still ahead. With good driver the gtr would have had a bigger lead. I drove my cousin's gtr in southern cal, that is one sick car-the gtr.

paintballstarbucks: the way i see it Porsche was meant for the track, while Nissan only got into it later, and does a good job of hanging with the faster cars

MoSoLable: I love Porsche! 996 is a great car

ich will: the porsche driver ist better, but if both cars had equal good driver, the gtr will go far away

manuel martinez: Boy I hate to see what the new GT3 would do to this new nissan!

karanbazito: @mrmikef10 I dont know, why porshe cant beat the time of GT-R on Nurburgring japanese cars are better man ;)
Porsche 996 GT3 RS vs. Nissan GT-R @ Nordschleife 4.7 out of 5

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Porsche 996 GT3 RS vs. Nissan GT-R @ Nordschleife