Echo 1 ASR Review And Upgrade/Silencer

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ueiger CHAVES: this bareel increase the fps?

i just bouth a madbull 499mm 6.03 aps2 barrel. for my asr

PAirsoft: What suppressor is that because I can't find a suppressor that I think will fit

nsb31: @ Mike OD im thinking about doing this to my asr, can you tell me all the parts you put in this  asr and how much all the the parts cost?

Mike Schultz: I got this gun for Christmas a few months ago. They seem to have changed some things in the time since this video. I have never had a problem with my bi-pod. it snaps right in and locks securely. I don't think that upgrading the internals is really needed. Yes they are plastic but they are well built and sturdy, I get 455 consistently, (the guy at the airsoft store asked me what I had put into it and was amazed it was stock) with .20's though I run .32's through it (little heavier so the wind doesn't mess with it as much and even in doors it hits right where i put it.) You can actually load the BB's without the guide by using your fingers. You will need to tighten the butt stock because it comes with a little wobble, but it's easy to get to and with a couple turns of a screw driver it tightens right up. I never had to mess with the hop up, with iron sights I was able to hit a quarter sized target at 160 ft., adding a scope and getting it sighted in, I'm able to hit individual letters printed on the target. This is an amazing gun, right out of the box, and for the price it's a great way to get into airsoft sniping. No I don't work for Echo, I just love cheap guns that equal or out perform more expensive guns. My GBB KJW pistol only cost $50 and kicks harder and is just as accurate as my dad's $150 KWA pistol. I also have an Aftermath MP5 that was about $100, it's more accurate than my Echo1, has a higher fps and rate of fire than my dad's KWA M4 (he's a bit of a KWA fan if you can't tell.) and is extremely light due to it's polymer body, which is amazingly rugged. 

Fluffin: Do you believe that they have changed around the internals since then? 

Phil Bivins: very well made vid. i don't have this rifle, mine is an old well type 96. i picked it up off ebay, used, andi got what i paid for. needs all new internals but thats ok I need a project. i think its going to keep me busy upgrading for awhile. thanks again

jacob lindley: this guy must be from new york

Mike OD: I just realized i have the same colors as the goddam brady bunch BLAH

Mike OD: this rifle is modified is excellent. it never misfeeds. I would recommend it, but to make it a brutal airsoft rifle, you will need to do what I do to all my rifles, and that means customize it

armando quintero: your house looks like back on the 80s and 90s awesome dude

fantasticmrfox23: Hey I have this sniper and it is completely stock. I'm thinking of doing some of the upgrades like you have done here. Could you tell me what spring, spring guide, etc to use? Also would a tight bore be necessary? Just let me know what I could do to upgrade this gun. Thanks!

Noooo1998: go to and lok for sniper uppgrades and click Well mb06 and there is a full cylinder kit for it.

F.E.A.R Airsoft: CAn you inbox me like the ffull list of upgrades with this I would appreciate alot also i subbed and like

Mike OD: i wouldn't use .23's, too light for my liking, I would use at least .28 or .30 with a stock setup

Arcty: Would .23g BB's be good for this gun?

lilhinkle4444: Oh okay. Also, can I just get any barrel for my ASR, or do I have to get a certain one? I want to upgrade my barrel with a tightbore, I'm thinking of going really low like 6.2, 6.1, what do you suggest? Also, if you'd rather me message you, let me know.

Mike OD: if your gun is stock then you have EVERY problem I have had with my gun, stop fooling yourself and fix it the right way

Mike OD: yeah man it can be a real kickass sniper if tweaked here and there

Mike OD: most of the stuff evike .com sells...angel custom parts are just as good as first factory and a touch cheaper costwise, I have both

lilhinkle4444: What site do you recommend?
Echo 1 ASR Review and Upgrade/Silencer 5 out of 5

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Echo 1 ASR Review and Upgrade/Silencer