Echo 1 ASR Review And Upgrade/Silencer

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chronickillification: this guy sounds like emeral

rafaellorena: @Mikeandwendy74 im my opinion you must do a new video for that "how to" .. because im the video we can see more or less haha, imagine i taking the brandnew echo1 and make something wrong haha xD

backroadbutcher: iv heard something about puiting washers around the spring guid to add a little more FPS, do u know anything about that? and if so do u recomend doing it with the upgrade kit?

Soren Bradley: did you upgrade your trigger assembly

Kevin Martinez: @Mikeandwendy74 cant u just tighten the buffer tube

IxSPAWNxKILL: i had mine apart to see why my safety wasnt working. I believe theres small pin thats missing where the spring sits. Is there anyway i can get this replaced or something i can use instead?

fantasticmrfox23: Hey I have this sniper and it is completely stock. I'm thinking of doing some of the upgrades like you have done here. Could you tell me what spring, spring guide, etc to use? Also would a tight bore be necessary? Just let me know what I could do to upgrade this gun. Thanks!

haussie262: I've had this gun for a year now, almost to the day. It has just now started to slam fire. its not the piston or spring huide (I already upgraded it when I bought the gun) I think its the sears. What do you think? Thank you so much, Tim

TheDangerBox: @Mikeandwendy74 Yeah it makes it a truly top level rifle. you can tighten your groupings and get insane distance. the only that worries me about the rifle currently is the trigger housing, the parts seem really weak and i have yet to find reinforced sears.

Mike OD: most of the stuff evike .com sells...angel custom parts are just as good as first factory and a touch cheaper costwise, I have both

Jeffry Moore: Ok, SATA works great. Spring/piston/6.01barrel upgrade is great. Spring tension is nice. Shooting 550 consistently, 465 w/.30 and 415 w/.40. Solid. Wax for vibration next.

Soren Bradley: so do you like the trigger box or its just ok

ToLegit4U: @Mikeandwendy74 Were can you buy a MB05 adjustable stock at?

Mike OD: you wouldn't be the first ;)

Mike OD: yeah man it can be a real kickass sniper if tweaked here and there

hailbrittania: Do you think if i cut the loading end off the tube loader and glued it to the push speedloader it would work?

MrBikerkid69: But you are right about the stock

AirsoftIsFresh: No, gotta check it out. Have you ever been to BattleGroundZ (North Attleboro, MA)?

Trent Lara: How do you take out the inner barrel?

fireflourisher808: @Mikeandwendy74 Alright I think i'll give that a go. Thanks for all your help.

ComeOnPelican91: what kind of speed loader is that? is that the cyma one with the 'pistol mag adapter'?

Mike OD: Absolutely, 30's are perfect for this setup with the factory spring. .20's .and .25's are much too light they fly all over, good quality 30' some mods, and you will have a very nice sniper rifle

Mike OD: I gotta bring this and the minigun to Warzone...ever been there?

Victor Alvarez: i tried what you did with the bipod but i broke the lip of that small metal piece so instead i just wrapped a thin piece of duck tape and it workes fine. It has not fallen even when im running or leaning on it!

lilhinkle4444: Oh okay. Also, can I just get any barrel for my ASR, or do I have to get a certain one? I want to upgrade my barrel with a tightbore, I'm thinking of going really low like 6.2, 6.1, what do you suggest? Also, if you'd rather me message you, let me know.

Jeff Moore: I bought an ASR and upgrade kit. It has a smooth bolt action, but feels to 'tight'. I have taken it down to be sure nothing that was to be tightened is too tight. I used liberal amount of silicon lubricant, also removed excessive grease. The trigger pull is also really hard. I have an bar/vsr-10 clone that has the same spring and when it is charged I can actually have the cylinder so loose/smooth that it will move with gravity. This can not be said for the VSR.

TheSexualGamer: Do you recommend .30 gram bbs for this gun? I just bought it today.

Mike OD: You should open the triggerbox, there could be an issue with one of the springs inside, or the box in general could use some grease where the piston sear pivots. Also check your piston for wear where the sear holds it back when roostered.

MrAirsoftsniper14: I would of bought a new stock instead of a barrel

AirsoftIsFresh: Wow, I live in rhode island too. Small world huh!

akaMyTvAdiction: where could i buy that same barrel at?

Mike OD: @mitchmagic20 thanks for reminding me, Ill do some shooting tomorrow and video it, tomorrows video day, gotta make a new video for my just finished 20,000 round wasteland minigun I just hand built :)

Sketch: Would .23g BB's be good for this gun?

Cameron Johns: well all of you r wrong and who ever is the retard who made this video is completly wrong and the ASR is the best Sniper for the price and as soon as you take it out if the box it is field ready and why would he worry about a silencer and when he said if there are a bonch of people coming after you and he said 2 pepper and how r u going to pepper with a bolt action u retard it is spring and bolt action and it is not full auto or semi auto u retard and yes it is ready after u open

7poppasmurf7: you should be a scout, not a sniper. (tf2 reference)

fireflourisher808: @Mikeandwendy74 yea and i also believe there is a tightbore made specifically for the ASR. anyways thanks for your help.

Jeff Moore: Hi there, on time 4:44 you show the m99's cylinder and bolt handle. That is exactly what happened to mine. As I am using the gun for games, the looks do not matter to me so much (meaning I do not care what the bolt handle looks like). Did you find a resolution/replacement for bolt/cylinder issue? Also on another note. The stock one forces a person to hold the bolt handle far away from the cylinder making a person's force of pull inward toward the m99 (especially if spring is upgraded). Thanks!

Mike OD: @Dangerousflights pair of pliers and it unscrews

haussie262: Thanks. I opened it up and foundnthatnthe trigger box itself had a small crack and the sear couldnt align itself correctly so I have to spend $40.00 tp get a new one...

Jeffry Moore: Seems I am logged into YouTube as SOPreacher and dormflyn..

usernamegoeshard: my ASR came with a barrel extension adapter. Im wondering two important things: one, why does it not screw in the barrel all the way, and two will it be compatible with a madbull gemtech 14mm "outback" barrel extension?

AirsoftIsFresh: How much and where'd you get it? Nice gun.

Mike OD: @usernamegoeshard it should screw in all the way if you give it a cranks, and as long as the silencer has counterclockwise 14 mm threads, the silencer will spin right on

Mike OD: @backroadbutcher There's a couple of ways to do that, washers work good, some people have even run a loop of duct tape round and round the spacer in one spot to crank up the fps. I wouldn't do the duct tape but the washers absolutely. You have to be careful how much you crank the power up, you don't want to tear your cylinder end off.

TheDangerBox: great review. especially loved seeing the video as this is my main airsoft gun i have had it since its come out and everything you've done to yours i have done to mine. I already knew when it was on the way that i was going to wax the barrel in the place thanks to your snow wolf vids ,and already had a silencer custom made thanks to your silencer vids. so it was really great to see you get it and do all the stuff i had done already inspired by your previous videos.

TheDangerBox: @Mikeandwendy74 Yeah it is just unbelievably uncomfortable not to mention unstable. if i play all day the stock tends to wobble a lot and the buffer tube is a pain to tighten because it's backwards. pain to get a screwdriver in there with the plastic body in the way.

Mike OD: @sk8r9871 the cap at the end of the barrel will is a normal thread lefty loosy righty tighy :)

Soren Bradley: did you upgrade the trigger box

kimjoh560: @Mikeandwendy74 From what I gathered so far pretty much everything in this gun is APS2 compatible, with the exception of the Hop-up chamber, which is similiar to the type 96, and the trigger assembly, which seems to lack a higher quality alternative completly. Sadly, from browsing various forums I got the impression it's broken trigger boxes is the most common issue with the gun. What kind of Cylinder did you put in there?

doubletrouble04: you suck assssss
Echo 1 ASR Review and Upgrade/Silencer 4.4 out of 5

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