History Of Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco

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History of cope

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Matt dipz: I miss this outlaw

Tristan Emmott: I started dipping copenhagen wintergreen at 12 and now every time i smell it i literally throw up now I'm 16 and only dip copenhagen long cut. Tastes like whiskey and leather. I freaking love it.

Vincent Luther: I wonder how many times the dip tower fell.

Sean Luo: Send YouTube a verified badge request

dirt shark 32: So when I started I only chewed grizzly wintergreen but I can't seem to stand wintergreen lately and I'll be getting cope straight so my question to you guys is what's the best to start out on? I'm a bit of a beginner

CrawFishFishing: Mhmmm Copenhagen natty that’s my crap

OSRS BludgeonTime: I'm two months old and I go through 27 cans of Siberia Snus every seventeen minutes.

Nobody freaking cares how young you were when you made the commitment to cancer, just shut up and dip your bad habit in peace like the rest of us do.

Eddie Parks: Dumbass

عاشق الفتك I love the vtc،: كيف تحطه

Redneck nation: Subscribe to me plz if I get 100 subs I will start a dipping channel

Kenneth Calton: I don’t know why I’m telling you this? 😂 When I started there was Copenhagen snuff, Skoal, and Happy Days. It was .69 cents. Soon that crap Hawken came out. Now when I ask for Copenhagen, there is so much of that crap, I have to ask for Silver Top. 🤠

Dan Crouse: Cope straight all the way

__ BLUe - - BLOOd __: ( Warning , smokeless tobacco is the number one case of oral cancer .

Gary Riley: sick as tits

Daniel Hansen: Actually Copenhagen wintergreen first came out in the fiberboard can

sDa7 mDa7: ذا كلو تمباك😲

Ye Ye: I'm 16 and I freaking love long cut and snuff, all my friends hate it so no ones will dip out of my can so I win

Bradley Westmoreland: Copenhagen is now starting to sell snus....

Global Frosty: If I knew I was gonna watch this one I should've thrown in a lip of Copenhagen lc

Global Frosty: I'm crapting rn
History of Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco 5 out of 5

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History of Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco