History Of Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco

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kenny coughlin: outlawfreak the crap talkers there jealous of u´╗┐

Zac Comer: spits in the brass spittoon then proceeds to tell us how he doesn't spit in it..... ­čśé­čśé­čśé´╗┐

CRAZE x DreaMz: 16 had about everything under the sun except Cope long cut. Think I'll pick some up tomorrow.´╗┐

Dreep Dreep: cope mint sucks pickle´╗┐

trying2killsometime: Of course Copenhagen long cut is original. If you meant wintergreen I imagine you would've said wintergreen.´╗┐

Isaac Gant: Hell nah wish i would have know about this crap talk contest outlaw, you look like the nigga that pull up at macdondals at 530am and ask them if they have any biscuits ol need a dip after my sausage headass looking like you suckin a chimps pickle everytime you pack a lip looking ass, nigga you look like a freakin mudjuge nah but fr you cool keep doing what ya do­čĺ»´╗┐

Javier Luna: Black is my all time favorite dip! Just s little too expensive. But I for sure wanna get some whiskey blend !!´╗┐

Freddy Trejo: can you make more videos on the history of dip it was very cool to know i like grizzly and cope´╗┐

DeerSlayinRedneck100: straights my daily what about yalls´╗┐

Cubbies 23: And Copenhagen Mint didn't come out till exactly 3 years after this video´╗┐

HeavyMetalRedneck: All my friends that dip keep telling me did you hear about Copenhagen Mint? , My friend asked me about Copenhagen Mint yesterday and i told him its been out for 2 years in the south hills part of Pennsylvania and he diddnt believe me. My friends act like it never came out yet, live in Finleyville Pennsylvania and Copenhagen Mint has been on the shelf since spring of 2014 in 3 different stores around me., 2 gas stations and a convenience store.´╗┐

Copenhagen Fresh: Hell fare im 13 and have been dippin copenhagen long cut since i was 5´╗┐

Danny Duff: I never knew that Copenhagen was originally produced in the 'Burgh, I live 45 minutes north of Pittsburgh.´╗┐

mississippi survivalist: I'm 13 and dip grizzly wintergreen NOT POUCHES they are for pussies´╗┐

ISAIAH EVANS: Hey what's up outlaw´╗┐

john plate: what song was playing at 6 min???´╗┐

Matthew Hodges: What is the song that starts at 7:34? I am really digging it, but I cannot find it anywhere´╗┐

Pack a Hammer Catch a Fish: I'm jealous of you fellas in the states. Up here in Canada there's only a couple flavours of Copenhagen and most stores only carry skoal. We do have copenhagen original though. Thank God for that!´╗┐

Matthew Reed: MARCH 2016!!!´╗┐

Matthew Reed: I always have cope black here in Indiana, but no one buys it... I ask for a can here and there, and they always have to pull like 8 cans off the shelf before they get one that hasn't expired.´╗┐
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History of Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco