History Of Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco

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History of Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco
History of Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco
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Pearable: did Copenhagen made cigarettes?

chris arnold: never let ur friend take from ur tin cause my frien dumped a whole tin of copenhagen natty and copenhagen straight once while packing and once while taking a pinch

thecodeman16: Hey "chaddy" at least outlaw knows how to wear a hat your freaking maggot and btw he is able to say "packing" unlike you saying palking so before you crap talk get your crap together 

Colton Bradley: how is dip made?

Cliff C: Why do you always have rap in your videos? I dont care what they are rapping about but rap will never be hillbilly!!

Mike Kollstrom: I am a big dipper as well

manofrock07: Copenhagen long cut. Only way to go. That metal lid and cardboard can is absolutely perfect. They can keep their plastic cans to their selves. 

Lane Carr: was the first dude on the mudjug minute gay??? lol

Nick Rodgers: Copenhagen snuff is my all time favorite but when money is tight i settle for some husky snuff or copenhagen wg or grizzly wg

Michael Beeman: Do the cope wintergreen regular can 

Stephen Mickel: I've got a lip of original in and it's pure tobacco and dirt

William Berry: Cope is king. I like the original long cut, black and Southern blend.

jake Bingham: I love these history vidoes. I'm a huge history buff lol. Outlaw is so informational its great thanks outlaw :-) 

Mike Miller: Cope with cope... Dippin Wintergreen right now, awesome vid Outlaw! very interesting to learn a little about the history 

nickasuaras rex: Cope straight is the crap!

winger0612: Holy dip cans. That's prollh a few grand in cans alone

Nicole Kosack: kittys chew long cut cause they can't pack the real stuff.A true chewer doesn't have teeth black washed with chew.I'm tempted to make a video turtorial on how to pack a chew in mouth without a spit bottle.

kushhmonster420: nothing beats the southern blend in my opinion

Kuhl Trappin: what would it cost me for you to send me a log of cope mint?

cole higgins: I'm 14 and I dip Copenhagen lc all the time

amirmac1368: Grizzly is what i like to chew on but i can settle for Cope


Highway318: no southern blend in Wa state yet.

winger0612: Holy dip cans! That's prolly a few grand in cans!!

winger0612: Holy dip cans!!! My god that's prolly a few grand worth of cans behind u

Shanecroakman@gmail.com Idiot101: i may be 14 but i'll dip anything from cope to grizzly freak skoal!! 

5FingerFive: i don't have to knock this kid out.... ill let chew knock his kitty redneck teeth out of his mouth.. pusnecks like this guy make me want to quit chewing. i want the 17:44sec of my life back please...

BallerNation37: Thats my favorite dip

countrydipper: they actually had Copenhagen winter green long cut in the fiber board can before they switched to the plastic 

dannyfrickenboy: Hey outlaw, love ur videos, I was always told from my uncles in western pennsylvania (pennsyltuckey) that spitting tobacco was mainly made popular by the coal and steel miners who couldnt smoke while working in the mine shaft. It sounds good but who knows really? Lol keep up yhe good work man

Grizzley stokers: im just starting out making dipping videos. can you check me out and possibly give some feedback? greatly appreciated!

Ronnie Davis: I used to dip cope wg now I dip Copenhagen original long cut

Caroline Leach: GRIZZLY STAIGHT bitch

WOLFGANG GOLFWANG: COPE southern blend and i just ran out.

ThrillbillyCC: If you remember back outlaw. Copenhagen wintergreen originally came out in fiberboard cans... Which I remember at that time... It seemed to be a lot "burnier". I always thought the fiberboard version was a slightly higher quality and was a lot juicier. Copenhagen is the crap.

Jason Nowicki: I love Copenhagen strait

Josh Neff: got to mudjug dot com bro

Reiley Wooldridge: Hay what is the song in the beginning?

josh hawkins: Just picked up some Copenhagen mint the other day! my new favorite dip!

hank sterling: oh my God! no one cares.

Macon Brown: copenhagen snuff at 5.24

DIXIE Normous: I thought I chewed a freaking lot. Copenhagen longcut is only what I chew

Ryan Beebe: yea its great

Adrian Ayala: Veybf

Zack Brown: I jacked off to this

Nathaniel Semel Bessette: Gross

PwNtHeEFnNOoOB: Long cut is so freaking gross imo

Alec McIntosh: im 15 by da way

TheSturgisStudioz: Any idea, why the Camel Wide Cut Wintergreen is no longer available.. and what did you think of it? if you tried it, Was probably my favorite wintergreen

Dip Strong: Cope straight only way to go !!!
History of Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco 4.8 out of 5

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History of Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco