History Of Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco

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History of Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco
History of Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco
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Pearable: did Copenhagen made cigarettes?

dip guy: I'm 14 and when I started dipping when I was 12 ever since I started dipping I was always dippin in Copenhagen original

Mike Rotch: I don't dip snuff, but I respect your passion and expertise. If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing right!

Mason Headley: Pittsburgh is like 25-30 mins away from my house

Russell Adams: Love the old brass spittoon. Brought back memories. When I was younger I remember my Grandpa had 4 of them on display next to his old console tv. Never used any tobacco to my knowledge,but loved antiques. The ones he had were 4 different sizes. When he would get home from work or whatever he was doing that day he would divide his change in them. One for quarters,one for nickles,one for dimes and one for pennies. 

montagecrazy4u: What!! Wheres copenhagen GAY! 

chris arnold: never let ur friend take from ur tin cause my frien dumped a whole tin of copenhagen natty and copenhagen straight once while packing and once while taking a pinch

dip guy: I love copenhagen original

hamid a: You should try the copenhagen snuff tobacco that goes upp the nose! yes sniffing tobacco!

Cliff C: Why do you always have rap in your videos? I dont care what they are rapping about but rap will never be hillbilly!!

Garrett McMillan: Where do you live.?

DefinitionOfGaming: I prefer snuff but lc packs better 

chandler Miller: Just had my first dip Monday and I can't handle it I've never had a cig or nothin I respect all of y'all that can do it cause I got light headed as freak!

Trenton Cornett: I'm only 11 and been dippen for six months and only Copenhagen wintergreen 

Colin Gregory: dude you are hilarious haha 

smokey lee: Diiip coperhagen wintergreen is all u need got my lipped packed watching king of the hill

Eli Drew: Southern and Hickory are my favorites. Some times I like some of the Welfare Bear's Wintergreen.

porter crawson: never mind. I like the music but you cant hear the words. I have o.c.d so it kind of annoys me.

manofrock07: Copenhagen long cut. Only way to go. That metal lid and cardboard can is absolutely perfect. They can keep their plastic cans to their selves. 

Nick Rodgers: Copenhagen snuff is my all time favorite but when money is tight i settle for some husky snuff or copenhagen wg or grizzly wg

the dip man: I am a big dipper as well

Duke Nukem: Autotune country=Tremendously gay

Michael Beeman: Do the cope wintergreen regular can 

William Ratliff: We got Copenhagan bourbon in 2001 at Ft. Campbell Ky. I remember because I was dipping it in the field. Then when I went to Germany, we couldn't find it, and then black came out sometime later. So I guess you guys didn't get anything like that.

Zane Jensen: Copenhagen strait is the best!!!!!!


Stephen Mickel: I've got a lip of original in and it's pure tobacco and dirt

William Berry: Cope is king. I like the original long cut, black and Southern blend.

jake Bingham: I love these history vidoes. I'm a huge history buff lol. Outlaw is so informational its great thanks outlaw :-) 

McKenzie Kyzar: my thought on warning labels is why a warn us about the product we buy the product and we understand the "potential" dangers no need for a warning label of course when you get someone like Obama in office it goes down

Mike Miller: Cope with cope... Dippin Wintergreen right now, awesome vid Outlaw! very interesting to learn a little about the history 

thecodeman16: Hey "chaddy" at least outlaw knows how to wear a hat your freaking maggot and btw he is able to say "packing" unlike you saying palking so before you crap talk get your crap together 

Nate Lawerence: Alright so before I watched this video I waited to my momma went to bed then packed a fat lip of Copenhagen LC then said hey I wonder what the history of dip is so I looked it and this was the first video to come up ... I love this video ! But anyways how do I send a crap talk video ?

SuperTugz: Didn't realize it all started in my hometown of Pittsburgh! Go Pens!

loral johnson: Back then it wouldn't give you cancer

nickasauras rex: Cope straight is the crap!


winger0612: Holy dip cans!!! My god that's prolly a few grand worth of cans behind u

kushhmonster420: nothing beats the southern blend in my opinion

porter crawson: what the hells up with the music? is it his? if it is, no hate on him. but its kind of annoying.

Nicole Kosack: kittys chew long cut cause they can't pack the real stuff.A true chewer doesn't have teeth black washed with chew.I'm tempted to make a video turtorial on how to pack a chew in mouth without a spit bottle.

loral johnson: I'm 12 I dip red seal wintergreen I'm on my grandpas account

winger0612: Holy dip cans! That's prolly a few grand in cans!!

winger0612: Holy dip cans. That's prollh a few grand in cans alone

mtpair14: Does anyone remember getting Copenhagen wintergreen in a fiberboard can? If I remember correctly, back on 2009, my first dip of it was in one and that was the best taste ever! The plastic cans seem to change the flavor some. 

Cory Gundrum Jr: Have you done history over Stokers? If not it's really good cuz it's made with molasses and it's very sweet and it has a good taste. Try Stokers Mint and Wintergreen if you haven't tried Stokers 

Jordan Beck: Hey I got an important question I was wondering who the the singer of the song you were listening to because that was some FRIKIN good music and so if you could comment his name please 

Zackary Byrd: quick question do they still sell cope series dips and if so where can i find it

cooldude1227: Yo outlaw, have you tried snorting snuff before?

michael johnson: im almost 16 and i dip and long cut and snuff definately lead the pack by far
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History of Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco