Emergency Lighting System V7 (ELS V7) [GTA IV/EFLC .ASI Mod, 1080p]

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Emergency Lighting System V7 (ELS V7) [GTA IV/EFLC .ASI Mod. 1080p]
Emergency Lighting System V7 (ELS V7) [GTA IV/EFLC .ASI Mod. 1080p]
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TheFearedhorizon: i can never get the vehicle mods to work -.-

Nathan Rochon: how you put els with the car i cant have that help i have the cars or the els mod

Rastaman kuzniewski: how to use this?!

Stefan RB: can you help me? the lights don't bright in my pc, i modified emissive settings in visualsettings.dat but don't works

MusikGangsterx: when i press G no siren is coming.. why?

Ruan Knoetze: hi i just got v7 lights system but how do you get the light menu i rteid pressing j 3 times and hlod alt+m but nothing please can you help

BanditsVCops: Does ELS V7 support the Wired Xbox 360 Controller 

Max Nguyen: Oh hi, A you playing GTA EFLC.If you are can you help me it pleases!!! When I turn on the siren can I turn off the siren but left the lights on? How do you do it? I try to do it but it doesn't work....help me plzzz!!!! Reply back

Mike Munster: Does this mod contain indicators?

Blaster Brown: HEY in that in that impala u had a red and blue side of the lightbar. but both sides where red!!!

MrMegaCarlo: o well every good thing has a bad thing

Axel Van Dyck: I had to play it for like an hour to understand the way it works and I can say, I am very impressed with this one.

xSNIPEDWNRANGEx: PLEASE. Ok so i put the right folders in (ELS folder, els.asi and els.ini) but the cop cars dont have light bars and i cant access the menu. what did i do wrong?

Carrythxd: Game4Video ENB

DySands: ah that is a bummer, i hoped they fixed it this time, or made a option for it. V7 is still epic though haha

Thirdwatchandgta: How do you bring up the light menu? I'm hitting alt m but it isnt working.

hellya2011: i love how the headlights & taillights have patterns of its own now <3

DySands: Does it still have the door problem with the car respawning ever 0.01 second?

DanTheMan: that's hard coded mate it can't be avoided unforunately

SGT WADE: i bet you cannot find out how to get the patterns off of the E. to h or other letters;)

squall0833: so.. does the bug still exists? like.. Crashes on 3 Stars Car is invincible or got recovered from damaged when siren is active with ELS enabled vehicles

Primexfd Dot: siren sounds not running :S

FightingNote: Hey how can we use the Blackouts I have not found that info anywhere?

WatchMoreNow: Hey! How did u disable speedometer and the fuel! ???

ScrimpyData: ELS 7 is awesome! :D I'm also using it :P

Carrythxd: Anybody who has problems with ELS V7 please go to the link in the Description.

InZoge: Anyone who knows how to fix the No-damage problem when ELS is running?

PiteousStudios: For some reason after a bit of playing the information display 'dims out' and i can only push 'g' which turns on the siren and all lights... Then I push 'g' again to turn it off.. I can't use the information display to change the lights.. Restart the game and it works.. Whats the problem??

Zitheny: Carry, I have installed my Dutch Police Pack. But I have my els.ini from ELS V7. But now I have els.ini for Dutch Police Pack, where I need to place it they say EFLC? But I don't have that folder..

Nathan Bernard: If not can I have the link for the cars in the vid

Dom Glock: why the cars doesn't move when siren is toggled on???

EverydayHQ: hey dood remember me xD i watch all your vids

Redhawk: Can you make a tutorial ? It's messed up

ZachFordGFX: I wish my pc could run gta 4 :c

Nathan Bernard: Ok ok god

Carrythxd: For me it is, some ppl has crashes tho

Carrythxd: Please look in the Description of the other video too....

DizloDog: Is there videos on what other mods you have, like your map and radar? thanks

Carrythxd: What the hell are you trying to say? I dont understand a word youre saying because your English is so horrible

Antonio Levy: what are the key to activate v7 els thank you

Carrythxd: It sure is! :D

Nathan Bernard: Els v6 not c6

SPCvergennes2190: This would be great as a POV if the rear bar is completely red!

JaeArk: I have checked the forum post with the problems and i have none of those problems, however the lightbars have completely disappeared from the top of my police cars. Is there any way to fix that? thanks

SPCvergennes2190: Nvm I didn't look at the description. :P

arma2freeee: how ot open menu

Zambrano14: can someone show me how to download this im good at gta but never downloaded a mod EVER and i need the police vehicles TOO. So please help

Nathan Bernard: Will els c6 cars work with els v7

Carrythxd: Yea

Carrythxd: Yes
Emergency Lighting System V7 (ELS V7) [GTA IV/EFLC .ASI Mod, 1080p] 4.6 out of 5

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Emergency Lighting System V7 (ELS V7) [GTA IV/EFLC .ASI Mod, 1080p]